Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 19: Yield


Takes place during the PR Turbo episode "The Whole Lie"

Adam Park in the early August heat brushed his black, long locks out of his face. His new, lengthy hair served as a visual marker of how much time had passed, but also as a symbol for how much he and his friends had grown during the past eight months.

Cleaning a red convertible at the Angel Grove baseball team carwash fundraiser, Adam glanced over at his girlfriend of almost a year – Tanya Sloan. The perky, African beauty had squat down to wash the lower parts of the car, adorably sticking her tongue out to the side of her mouth as she scrubbed hard at a dirty spot. Her pigtails bobbing vigorously as she cleaned away, Adam couldn't help but chuckle at how cute his girlfriend looked. "I'm the luckiest guy alive to be with a girl like Tanya," he thought tenderly to himself.

Although much had changed for the rangers since the holiday season, Adam and Tanya's declared love for each other was a feeling that had lasted them both throughout the new year. They had gone through in recent months their most monumental times in their lives together: gaining new Turbo ranger powers, graduating from Angel Grove High School and getting their first real-world jobs – Adam as a stuntman at a local show and Tanya as a DJ at the Angel Grove radio station.

The group had said good-bye to Rocky and welcomed young Justin Stewart as the new blue ranger. They all missed Rocky terribly, Adam especially, but were happy that their former teammate was living out his dream opening a karate dojo a few hours away in Los Angeles. Plus, Adam knew that Rocky was stoked about going over soon to see Aisha in Africa. Adam was sure the temperature in the Sahara would feel hotter than usual for Rocky and Aisha when the two, former rangers were reunited.

But that he and Tanya remained an unbeatable team was the one constant in Adam's life; most recently as they worked together to put on a successful stunt show for the radio station where she worked. They had even talked about moving in together, Adam happily noted, and lately had been apartment shopping as a couple in Angel Grove. Yup, Adam Park thought his life was just about perfect. And for him, it all started with Tanya Sloan.

Adam was literally dashed out of his reverie as he felt a spray of soapy water smatter across his sweaty face. Tanya, having splashed Adam with her sponge, giggled in response to her flirtatious mischievousness. Adam didn't wait for a second invitation. Immediately plunging his sponge into the water bucket, Adam proceeded to chase Tanya around the carwash trying to get her back.

"You can't get me!" taunted Tanya, laughing playfully as Adam attempted to catch her.

"Sorry to break it to you baby, but you're going down!" retorted Adam defiantly, tackling Tanya to the ground behind the school and out of sight from the carwash. Adam squeezed the saturated sponge over Tanya's laughing face, watching his girlfriend shriek good-humoredly as the soapy shower cascade over her nose and down her cheeks.

"Ok, ok, you win!" yielded Tanya affably to Adam as she lay on the grass out of breath.

"You can't get me!" sang Adam, mimicking Tanya's earlier – yet ultimately empty – taunting as he sat triumphantly on his girlfriend's stomach.

"Don't rub it in," replied Tanya in mock anger, smacking her boyfriend on his butt with her soapy rag.

"Feeling naughty, are we?" teased Adam, wiggling his eyebrows comically. However with her handsome boyfriend straddling her waist, Tanya wasn't in the mood to joke around at all.

"Come here you," growled Tanya flirtatiously, wrapping the wet rag around Adam's neck and pulling her boyfriend down on top of her.

Tanya had been dating Adam for almost a year, and lately she found it growing difficult to keep holding herself back when it came to her physical interactions with him. As she passionately kissed her boyfriend, running her hands under Adam's shirt and along his muscular back, Tanya really wanted to take their relationship to that next level of intimacy. They loved each other. Heck, they were even going to be moving in together. Tanya had fully forgotten what they were waiting for. Adam seemed to remember though when she started to undo his belt buckle.

"What's wrong?" asked Tanya, steaming from sexual frustration. "Why'd you stop it?"

"Because we're in a public place with children around," replied Adam only half-teasing as he sat down beside his girlfriend. "Besides, they teach us no sex in school."

The irony of the joke didn't slip past Tanya. "Do you… not want me like that?" asked Tanya in a vulnerable tone as she bit her lip and drew her knees to her chest.

"It's not like that at all," assured Adam, stroking Tanya's cheek in an effort to brush away the hurt look on his girlfriend's face.

"Then what is it?" asked Tanya again as annoyance started replace her feelings of insecurity.

"I just want it to be the right time, that's all," responded Adam, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck which Tanya knew to be his nervous gesture.

"And when will that be?" queried Tanya impatiently.

"When we BOTH feel ready," replied Adam, making it clear to Tanya that he still wasn't.

"Ok Adam, I get it!" ceded Tanya a bit too-defensively.

Adam chuckled at Tanya's grumpy face. She still looked so pretty even when she pouted. "I just want our first time together to be romantic," explained Adam, kissing Tanya quickly on the lips. "Now we better stop slacking and get back to helping out at the carwash."

"Ok, Sweetie," yielded Tanya. "Sweetie," she thought to herself sourly. "That really does describe Adam in our relationship. I guess he will never be that guy to spontaneously throw a girl down the floor and start making love to her."

As the couple once again set to work scrubbing the red convertible, Tanya found herself wishing Adam was a little bit less romantic and a little more passionate like herself. Then again, another part of Tanya was glad Adam hadn't succumbed to her sexual desires… especially with the news she had to tell him. News that Tanya knew Adam wouldn't take well.

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