Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 2: Quest


Takes place during "Hogday Afternoon Part II"

Aisha's words echoed in ten-year-old Tanya Sloan's head: "Yes, I knew I was making the right choice. Somehow, this is where I feel I belong. This is the answer to my quest."

Ever since her parents disappearance, Tanya never felt like she fit in at the village. Yes everyone welcomed her with open arms and looked out for her, but Tanya always felt she was destined for something bigger. Now as Aisha handed her the Zeo Crystal, Tanya knew bringing this piece of the precious talisman to Angel Grove in America was the answer to her lifelong quest to belong to something bigger.

Grasping the Zeo Crystal, Tanya felt its magic flow through her. Somehow, she trusted Zordon – granted though he was a floating, humungous head – when he said the power would protect her.

"I'll make you proud," Tanya whispered to Aisha was she was teleported away. Tanya was determined to be successful in her quest and new life the same way she knew Aisha would flourish in her.

In what seemed like a flash, Tanya felt herself landed at the futuristic Command Center. She had never seen such brightly colored lights or such complex gadgets. Before her stood a robot and an older blond boy, who Tanya labeled from Aisha's description as Alpha 5 and Billy respectively. Behind them, there stood four kids her own age: three boys and a blond-haired girl. The black-haired boy, she noticed, was especially cute.

"Very cute," thought young Adam to himself now that Tanya was before him in person. Her wide face and curious brown eyes were particularly attractive, and she carried herself with a sense of pride.

"This is for you," said Tanya bowing as she handed her piece of the Zeo Crystal to Billy. The fact that Tanya looked so honored to be participating in the quest to complete the Zeo Crystal made Adam like her immediately all the more.

As the completed Zeo Crystal spun in the machine, Tanya fell backwards as the world began to shake. She felt her body morph: her limbs becoming longer, her face becoming wider and her chest becoming more developed. In seven seconds, she had suddenly become seven years older.

"Tanya?" asked the blond-haired girl.

Trying to adjust to her matured body, Tanya rose slowly. Looking into the concerned and caring faces of the now older rangers, Tanya couldn't help but smile and feel at ease.

"After everything that's happened today, I know it's going to take awhile for me to get used to things," responded Tanya.

"Don't worry," assured Adam smiling. "We'll be there to help you every step of the way." Helping Alpha to his feet, Adam knew he was looking forward to helping Aisha's beautiful new friend feel comfortable in her quest as part of the Power Ranger team.

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