Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 20: Album


Takes place after the Power Rangers Turbo episode "The Whole Lie" and refers to events from the Zeo episodes "Game of Honor" and "Song Sung Yellow" amongst others from that PR series.

"That's great news, Rocky!" exuded Adam over the phone to his best friend. "Tell Aisha I say hi, and I can't wait to see you both soon!"

"We'll see you in a little over a month," responded Rocky excitedly. "Angel Grove, we're coming home!"

At that moment, Adam heard a knock at his bedroom door. "Someone's here Rocko, so I'll talk to you later. Take care, man!" finished Adam as he hung up the phone. "Come in!" yelled Adam to the person at the door.

Tanya came skipping into Adam's bedroom, bringing a smile to her boyfriend's face with her bubbly demeanor. "Hey Sweetie," said Tanya, giving Adam a quick kiss before picking up a picture frame resting on the nightstand by his bed. "Aww, I love this shot of the two us!"

Adam grinned as he glanced at the picture Tanya was holding of them. It was right after he had won the Angel Grove Kung Fu tournament where he had beaten Tanya's ex-boyfriend Shawn in the final round. After the three of them had made their peace with each other, Shawn had taken this photograph of Adam holding the first place trophy up in the air as he kissed Tanya, who had wrapped her arms happily around her boyfriend's waist. Adam had never seen himself as happy as he was in this photograph that encompassed the two most important achievements in his life: his martial arts skills and his relationship with Tanya Sloan.

"I've never seen you smile as much as the day you won the kung fu tournament," mused Tanya out loud, echoing Adam's inward mindset as they both regarded the photo."

"I was just thinking the same thing," responded Adam. "And I couldn't have won that tournament without your support."

"Aww, thanks Sweetie," cooed Tanya, giving her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. "So anyway, I came here to tell you in person some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?"

"The good news," chose Adam, who often preferred to overlook problems as long as possible.

"Well the good news is the carwash raised enough money to keep the Angel Grove High baseball team on the field," disclosed Tanya cheerfully as she plopped down on the bed beside her boyfriend.

"That's awesome!" replied Adam, employing the phrase that he used when he was happiest. "Speaking of good news, I forgot to tell you. Rocky is coming back in about a month to Angel Grove for a visit. And Aisha's coming with him!"

"That should be fun," responded Tanya half-heartedly. "Too bad I probably won't be around to see them," she added under her breath.

"What did you just say?" said Adam, scooting closer to his girlfriend and putting his arm around her shoulders supportively.

Tanya sighed anxiously. She had been withholding from Adam the biggest development in her life of late. And Tanya knew the longer she continued to put it off, the worse Adam's reaction would be. "I guess there's no time like the present," Tanya thought nervously to herself.

"Adam, remember when you gave me time in a real recording studio as my holiday gift so that I could make a CD demo of my songs?" began Tanya. "Well, I sent a copy to Vincent Nova at SC Records."

"Wasn't he the guy who tried to sign you to a recoding contract back in high school when we were Zeo rangers?" questioned Adam.

"That's the one," confirmed Tanya. "Anyway, he loved the demo and still wanted to sign me."

"Tanya, that's awesome!" repeated Adam again, giving her a humungous hug. "Are you going to take it this time?"

"Well actually," began Tanya, avoiding eye contact with Adam. "I already did. Since Dimitria's been talking about us looking for our replacements, I figured I could start up my singing career again soon after we retired from Turbo ranger duty."

"I can't say I'm not going to miss seeing you everyday," commented Adam honestly. "But Los Angeles isn't that far away. We can still see each other every week."

"Adam, I'm not going to be in Los Angeles," said Tanya softly. "The contract required that I move to New York City to record the album."

To Adam, this devastating blow felt worse than being punched simultaneously by dozens of Divatox's Piranhatron foot soldiers. He and Tanya had always been the reliable couple; the ones who never argued and always were by each other's sides. Adam knew at that moment Tanya needed him to support her big move.

"When are you leaving for New York City?" asked Adam, trying hard to swallow for Tanya's sake his personal feelings of disappointment.

"Mr. Nova hasn't told me," replied Tanya. "It could be a day, a week, a month, maybe even not till next year."

But all that raced through Adam's mind upon hearing Tanya's response was that his girlfriend basically was going to pick up and move across the entire country at moment's notice. Adam's normally sweet and sensible demeanor was overtaken by his fear of losing Tanya through long-distance dating. His fear that their relationship would meet the same doomed fate as that of Tommy and Kim's.

"I can't believe you would make a decision like this without telling me," said Adam curtly, jumping off his bed and standing with his back facing Tanya.

"I know I shouldn't have waited so long to tell you about the album," pleaded Tanya. "You've got to believe me when I say this was the hardest decision I've ever had to make. But Adam, I have to follow my dreams."

"What about our dreams, Tanya?" responded Adam angrily, losing it as he whirled around to face his girlfriend. "We had plans. We were going to move in together. We were going to put on another joint production between my stunt show and your radio station. We were," Adam's voice cracked with emotion, "We were thinking about getting married. That used to be our dream. YOUR dream!"

"And it still is!" answered Tanya, frustration filling her voice. "But Adam, I need you to understand. If I don't go to New York City to record this album, it will be something I'll always regret!"

"Regret more than leaving me?" retorted Adam tersely. He knew it was the wrong thing to say, but right now he wanted to wound Tanya as much as her decision to move had hurt him.

"That's not fair Adam!" yelled Tanya enraged. "I've ALWAYS supported you! When you wanted to win the Kung Fu Tournament to have the martial arts spotlight on you for once instead of Tommy, I stood by and watched as you trained for hours on end. When you wanted me to join the high school computer club with you, I did. When things didn't go smoothly with your '60s era stunt show that my radio station was sponsoring, I didn't give up 'cause I knew how much the project meant to you. And now, I'm going after MY goal of putting out an album, and you can't for once support ME? Or is what's important to me not count when interferes with what you want?"

"So is the move to New York City the bad news you had to tell me?" asked Adam annoyed.

"No!" shot back Tanya bitterly. "The bad news I was I had bought us tickets to see the White Stripes in concert this weekend, 'cause I know their new album is one of your favorites. But now I have to go with my mom to her office party so I can't go to the show. Here!" scoffed Tanya disgustedly, throwing the tickets at Adam. "You get what you want again. Happy?"

Adam was feeling anything but happy as Tanya ran out of his bedroom and slammed the door.

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