Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 21: Distraction

Takes place during the Turbo episode "Weight and See"

Adam couldn't believe he was spending his one weekday off from the stunt show helping Justin plant tide markers at the beach. Then again with the way Adam's relationship with Tanya had been breaking apart as of late, it's not like he had anything better to do.

He and Tanya had both apologized to each other after their big, blow-out argument over her album deal and impending move to New York City. And while even their closest friends wouldn't have detected anything out of the ordinary with the long-time couple, Adam's interactions with Tanya had gradually grown increasingly volatile. Their relationship had become comparable to a fractured teacup: still somewhat functional despite obvious cracks on the sides.

And just like a broken teacup was only used as a last case resort, such was how Adam and Tanya had begun to treat their relationship. Since their arguement, Adam noticed that they had both been finding reasons to avoid spending as much as time as they usually did with each other. So here Adam had found himself at the beach helping out with high school science projects. It was sad, Adam noted to himself, but he almost preferred Justin's company over his girlfriend's given the way he and Tanya recently had kept picking stupid arguments with each other. Deep down, Adam knew their endless bickering of late was a cover-up for the two of them having to deal with the larger issues of their future together as a couple.

"Ok, marker number two," Adam heard twelve-year-old Justin Stewart say. "Dry at three P.M."

Adam half-heartedly finished hammering his tide marker into the sand and tossed away the rock he had been using as a mallet. "Ok, this one's ready," Adam told Justin as he walked back toward the young ranger.

"Cool," replied Justin. "I just have to plant one more time marker, and then I'll be done. Thanks for helping me out, Adam."

But Adam wasn't paying attention, having been distracted by a beautiful, strawberry blonde woman walking toward him on the beach. "I guess Tanya isn't the only girl who looks good in yellow," Adam thought coyly to himself as he noticed the way the woman's skimpy, sunshine-colored bikini accentuated her slender physique.

"Wait, is she actually checking me out?" Adam thought happily to himself as he saw the stunning woman smiling as she and her younger, female companion came closer. "I guess this afternoon hasn't turned out to be a total waste after all."

Shrugging in his typical, girl-shy manner, Adam managed to gather his guts and give the gorgeous beauty a wave. Seeing her giggle and smile back at his flirtatious gesture, Adam grew dreamy as his eyes helplessly followed the attractive woman down the beach.

"I bet she would never leave me to move to New York City," mused Adam to himself, feeling resentment toward Tanya surface within him again.

"Adam, hey Adam, hey Adam!" yelled Justin, waving his hands in front of the clearly-distracted older ranger.

"Oh, no problem," said Adam cheerfully as his eyes still lingered on the beautiful beach bunny. "You can ask me to take you to the beach anytime."

"I guess if I have to do science homework, measuring the changes in the tide is not such a bad idea," commented Justin, as he noticed the very cute, younger girl who was with the woman Adam had waved at. No one was more surprised when than Adam though when the girl turned around and waved at Justin, who happily returned the greeting.

"In fact, maybe I should make this a long term project," Adam heard Justin say eagerly.

"What are you looking at?" scolded Adam as he shielded Justin's eyes from the two bikini-clad babes, worried at the thought of twelve-year-old Justin already at the age of being interested in checking out girls. More so though, Adam was horrified – considering he had a girlfriend – of having been a bad influence on the younger ranger.

"Alright, where do you want to put this one?" asked Adam as he held out another tide marker, keen to get both Justin's mind – as well as his own – focused back on their real business at the beach

"How about the tide pools on those cliffs?" suggested Justin.

"Ok, let's go," replied Adam as they set out toward the rock ledge.

"You seemed to really be interested in that older girl back on the beach," brought up Justin casually.

"What's it to you?" asked Adam a little defensively.

"Well, as Tanya's boyfriend, should you really be hitting on other girls?" inquired Justin innocently.

"Relationships are complicated," sighed Adam. "You'll understand that when you grow up."

"What's to understand?" responded Justin undeterred. "If you love Tanya, why would you be flirting with other women?"

"You really are too smart for your own good," joshed Adam, although the fact that the younger boy had brought up Adam's bad behavior only made him feel even more guilty and stressed over his current situation with Tanya.

"That should do it," said Justin as he planted the last tide marker.

"Yup," agreed Adam. "Now we've just gotta sit back and wait for the tide to come in."

"Don't get too comfy," Adam her a sinister voice announce. "The tide may be coming in sooner than you think. You better be careful rangers! You wouldn't want to be caught down here during a high tide now, would ya?"

"The tide doesn't start for hours," retorted Justin as he regarded the calculator-costumed alien who was accompanied by a hoard of Piranhatrons.

"I'm Numbor," introduced Divatox's newest monster. "I can adjust anything that's measured."

"What do you want here?" demanded Adam.

"Let's just say you're going to have to wait and see," goaded Numbor. "This should keep you two busy!"

The "two" literally kept Adam and Justin busy as they dodged the large-scale, numeral-shaped explosive.

"It looks like your problems are multiplying!" taunted Numbor.

"He doesn't know how accurate his calculations really are," thought Adam bitterly to himself as he prepared to take on the Piranhatrons. Added to Divatox's almost daily attacks, Adam now had to factor in his deteriorating relationship with Tanya to the problematic issues he currently had to solve in his life.

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