Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 22: Honor


Takes place anytime after the last chapter and before the Turbo episode "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers." Chapter flashes back to events from the Zeo episode "Game of Honor."

Walking along the beach, Tanya angrily kicked her foot into the sand. This was the third night in a row Adam had postponed their dinner date, because he had been "held up at work." Two months ago, Tanya had been questioning how much Adam wanted to hook up with her. Now, she was wondering whether he even wanted to hang out with her at all.

Sighing miserably, Tanya found herself looking up at the rock cliff where she and Adam used to go when he wanted to work on his kung fu sword fighting skills. Things were so much simpler between them back then. Back before jobs and work and careers… and possibilities of long-distance relationships. Back when they had still put each other first…

(Flashback to the episode "Game of Honor where Tanya looks on as Adam practices for his upcoming kung fu tournament on a rock cliff above the beach)

"Amazing," breathed Tanya as she watched with admiration as Adam moved like an agile amphibian through his sword routine.

"Great," continued Tanya to herself happily. She was so absorbed in wonderment watching Adam practice that she did not notice two people snidely walking toward her on the beach.

"Hello Tanya," she heard an all-too-familiar male voice greet.

"Hello Shawn," said Tanya coolly, turning around to see her ex-boyfriend who she'd dumped for his egotistical pride. As Tanya eagerly turned back around to continue watching Adam, she heard Shawn's female companion cough conspicuously to make her presence known.

"This is Veronica," said Shawn, picking up the hint. "My NEW girlfriend."

Tanya spun around pissed off, but tried at least to keep her voice polite. "Hello Veronica. Nice to meet you."

"I'm sure it is," sneered Veronica, sizing Tanya up as she clung possessively to Shawn's arm.

Tanya glanced down at the ground in annoyance, wishing Shawn and his trophy-girl girlfriend would go away. Pursing her lips, Tanya looked back at Shawn and waited to see if he had anything else to say. She certainly had no interest in continuing a conversation with a boy who, unlike Adam, treated girlfriends like armbands rather than best friends.

"So what are you doing here Tanya?" demanded Shawn, raising his eye brows at her disdainfully.

"We're training for the tournament," responded Tanya, glancing up at Adam relieved as she saw him coming down from the rock to her aid.

"We?" asked Shawn rudely. "What are you going to do next? Join a football team?" he questioned mockingly, turning to Veronica as they both laughed at his joke that more closely resembled a jeer.

"I just might," replied Tanya boldly. "But for now, I'm lending moral support to Adam."

Tanya knew Shawn was still bitter back when she had joined the Angel Grove High School all-boys baseball team that he and Adam had both been on. It had been Shawn's unsupportive attitude to her baseball talent that had caused Tanya to break up with him in the first place. And right now, Tanya was not about to give into Shawn's ridiculing machismo act to pacify his own wounded ego.

"That's nice," said Shawn as Veronica put her hand on his shoulders. "It's good to have a supportive girlfriend."

"I'm sure it is," shot back Tanya, totally disgusted that she would be put on the same level as Veronica when it came to being a good girlfriend.

But now Tanya had to sit back and wonder. By taking the album deal and moving across the country, had she dishonored her commitment to Adam? Had she now become as bad as Veronica?

Meanwhile across town, Adam lay guilt-stricken in his bed. He felt completely horrible about lying to Tanya: he hadn't stayed to work late at the stunt show that evening. Adam was just sick and tired of trying to fix his broken relationship with Tanya.

Rolling over on his bed, Adam turned to look at the photo of him and Tanya that had been taken after he'd beaten Shawn in the kung fu tournament. From watching him practice at his favorite rock cliff at the beach to cheering on the sidelines at every one of his matches, Tanya had backed him at every phase of the competition. Back when they had still been each other's number one source of support…

(Flashback continuation of the scene referenced earlier in this chapter)

"Hi Veronica," replied Adam coolly. "Shawn. Just thought I'd get some practice in before the competition."

"Yeah, I guess we both had the same idea," replied Shawn threateningly. "But don't bother practicing, Adam. Wait till I unleash my secret weapon. When this tournament is over, they're going to make a Power Ranger," boasted Shawn hauntingly, turning just in time to see Veronica swoon on his arm.

"What secret weapon?" questioned Adam concernedly, choosing to ignore the irony in Shawn's Power Ranger jab.

"Now if I told you what it was, it wouldn't be a secret," responded Shawn condescendingly. "Now would it, Adam?"

"Well Adam has his own secret weapon," cut in Tanya, jumping to her boyfriend's defense. "It's called honor."

Adam felt ashamed, considering the way he had been lying to Tanya lately and even hitting on other girls at the beach. No matter how angry he was at her for her taking the album deal and moving to New York City, Adam knew it was no excuse for him to be treating Tanya with disrespect. Had he become as bad as Shawn?

At once Adam recommitted himself to trying to fix his relationship with Tanya, hoping that once again he could become the man she saw as having so much honor.

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