Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 23: Take My Hand

Take My Hand

Takes place during the episode "Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (Part 2)

"Come back here you little stinkers!" shouted Elgar as he towered over the four, miniature Turbo rangers as the size and width of a pencil.

"I was thinking about trying to loose some weight, but this is ridiculous!" thought Tanya to herself as she followed her friends behind an air vent. She and her friends had started out the day running a park cleanup day, trying to help save the earth. Now it was she and her fellow rangers who needed saving.

Divatox had shrunk the Turbo rangers down so small that the only vehicles they would be piloting at this size would be toy cars. Only Justin had managed to avoid being captured. To make matters worse, Divatox had taken the four rangers prisoner on her submarine and cast a spell on them so that they would slowly turn into tiny, Turbo flies. Tanya was all about trying out new styles, but real-life wings and bug-eyes was a little too extreme for her.

"I'll squash you like bugs!" threatened Elgar as he chased after the rangers.

"If we don't think of something fast that might actually come true!" worried Tanya to herself as felt a pair of antennas begin to sprout from her helmet.

"Aww, stand still will ya?" begged Elgar as he stomped his foot down hard, barely missing Tommy as the miniature red ranger ducked behind the air vent. "I don't believe this! You can run, but you can't hide!"

"Oh yeah?" retorted Tommy defiantly. "Don't worry guys. We'll get out through this," said Tommy to his teammates, although the red ranger at that moment didn't have single seed of inspiration to how he could save himself and his friends.

"Why you! I outta…" growled Elgar as he tried unsuccessfully to grab the rangers who had backed themselves all the way in to the tiny corridor between the wall and the air vent.

"Come on Elgar!" complained Divatox impatiently.

"Let's see what you get out of this!" boasted Tommy. "Heiya!"

"Owww!" cried Elgar as Tommy's kick hit hard his hand. Elgar immediately pulled his hand back from behind the air vent. Shaking his hand in pain, Elgar wailed for a few seconds before starting to suck his aching thumb.

"Alright," said Adam, relieved that Tommy had bought them some time. "Nice kick!"

"Thanks," replied Tommy as he looked around their hiding space behind the air vent. "It looks like they can't reach us in here."

"Oh no, look!" cried Tanya, turning around to see Divatox looking at the rangers menacingly through the slits in the air vent.

"Why fight me little people?" taunted Divatox. "You can't win!"

"Look out!" warned Tommy as Divatox's monstrously long tongue came swooping through the slits of the air vent.

"Yummy," mused Divatox, drawing her tongue back briefly. "Mighty Morsel Power Rangers. Guess who's coming to dinner?"

"Tanya!" screamed Adam, frightened as he saw Divatox's tongue wrap around the yellow ranger's waist.

"Ahhhh, let go of me!" cried Tanya in a panic, feeling all her strengthen quickly drain as Divatox's tongue squeezed the breath from her body.

"Grrrr," growled Divatox as she tried to pull Tanya back through the slits of the air vents and into her mouth.

"Help!" gasped Tanya as her friend held on to her for dear life.

"This should take the bite out of her," said Tommy firmly as he pulled out his Turbo Blaster gun and fired a round of shots into Divatox's tongue that set Tanya loose.

"Owwww!" groaned Divatox as her tongue snapped back into her mouth, and she fell sprawled on the floor.

"I have just the thing to help!" offered Elgar, running over with a bucket of water and throwing it on his queen's burning tongue. "Ahhh, did you guys feel the rain?" asked Elgar, laughing awkwardly as he saw Divatox's face grow doubly angry as she sputtered water off her face.

"Rygog!" Divatox screamed to her second in command. "DO SOMETHING!"

"At once!" responded Rygog as he let out a monstrous yell and came barreling toward the air vent.

"Are you ok?" Adam asked Tanya, touching her arm concernedly as the yellow ranger lay hunched over in pain.

"I still…can't….breath!" wheezed Tanya as she took in oxygen through heaving gasps.

"Take my hand," urged Adam comfortingly. Tanya put her gloved hand on top of where Adam's was resting his on her shoulder. Adam's calm and collected presence at once made Tanya feel better. Even though she and Adam had still been arguing non-stop outside the Command Center, Tanya was reassured to know her boyfriend was still there to hold her hand when they were really in a bind.

"Maybe we can escape through the pipes?" Tanya heard Kat suggest as the pink ranger pointed to one running against the wall behind the air vent where they were hiding.

"Let's try it!" agreed Tommy, as he and Kat aimed their Turbo Blasters at the pipe. "Fire!"

Tanya reached for her Turbo Blaster to help, but as she did felt herself begin to fall to the ground in exhaustion. Adam immediately grasped her arms to keep her upright. On the verge of passing out, Tanya held Adam's hands tightly for support.

"Don't let go, Tanya," said Adam softly.

"Hurry!" Tommy yelled to Kat as he looked up and saw Rygog beginning to move the air vent away from the wall in order expose the rangers.

"I never thought we'd be bite-sized snacks for Divatox and her goonies," groaned Tanya.

"We're way too high-quality cuisine for Divatox to munch on," joked Adam. "Don't worry. Just like any problem we've encountered in the past, we'll get through this together like we always do."

"You mean that, Sweetie?" asked Tanya softly, making Adam realize she just wasn't talking about their current height crisis.

"Just take my hand, and we'll make it through anything together," reassured Adam, leaning his head against hers. At that moment, they both felt light against their faces as they saw in horror that Rygog had torn away the air vent and left the rangers with no place to hide.

"Heiya!" cried Tommy, kicking in the opening he and Kat had created with their Turbo Blasters in the pipe.

"Get going guys!" ordered Tommy as Tanya, followed by Adam, crawled into the pipe.

"We're free" thought Adam happily to himself. "We made it! If we can get through this mess, there's nothing Tanya and I can't face together."

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