Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 24: Fight


(Takes place after the episode "Passing the Torch Pt. 2")

"If we can get through this mess, there's nothing Tanya and I can't face together."

Who was he kidding?

Adam had been trying to track down his girlfriend since that last battle where they'd been turned into bite-sized rangers, and Divatox had tried to eat Tanya for a snack. Yet the yellow ranger had been avoiding him since for weeks, only recently reconfirming her existence a day before they were scheduled to go camping for their two year anniversary. Yet the biggest annoyance to Adam had come when he had arrived at the camp site with yellow roses in hand and discovered that Tanya had decided to bring a long a chaperone for the trip in the form of twelve-year-old Justin Stewart.

Perhaps it was Adam's annoyance over the presence of a third party on their anniversary. Perhaps it was that Tanya had forgotten to bring toilet paper on the trip, and they all had to use leaves to wipe after going to the bathroom. Or perhaps it was that both of them had tripped into a patch of poison ivy while scrounging for firewood. Whatever the reason was, Adam and Tanya had not stopped bickering with each other the entire trip to the point of arguing over things as stupid as the correct way to put up a hammock. Even Justin had remarked out loud at one point that the longtime couple were not acting a lot like lovebirds.

But then Divatox's Flamite monster had attacked, the rangers had as usual saved the day although the most dramatic moment had come after the actual battle was over: the ceremony in which the four Angel Grove graduates finally turned over their Turbo powers to a new generation.

Adam had known for a while he was going to choose his star soccer player Carlos Valertes as his successor to the green Turbo ranger powers. After coaching Carlos for months now as a coach for the Angel Grove High soccer team, Adam had seen that despite Carlos's initial cockiness the young man was not only athletic, but decisive and intelligent as well. Adam was positive he had picked the right guy for green.

At Adam's encouraging, Tanya had chosen for the yellow Turbo ranger position Angel Grove High's head cheerleader Ashley Hammond. Tanya didn't know her all that well – the singer and the cheerleader had not hung out in similar circles – but Adam had assured his girlfriend that Ashley was a person of compassion and integrity. Plus he knew Carlos and Ashley had a thing going, and Adam liked the idea of continuing the legacy of ranger romance between green and yellow Turbo teammates.

Kat at the last minute had luckily found aspiring singer Cassie Chan to be perfect as the new pink ranger. Tommy too just in time had filled the role of red by naming Theodore Jarvis Johnson – better known to his friends as TJ – to lead the new team. With Justin continuing on as the blue Turbo ranger, Adam was sure the Power Rangers would remain unstoppable in the battle against evil.

Yet looking out over the past and present rangers mingling with Zordon, Dimitria and the two Alphas in the mix, Adam couldn't help feeling a twinge of sadness that everything was coming to an end. Adam loved being a ranger, protecting the people and planet he cared so much for. Yet little did he know that his ranger duties wasn't the only cherished aspect for his life that was about to be over.

"I can't believe our ranger days are finally done," murmured Adam as Tanya dropped him off in front of his house.

"You've been doing this since back when you were black," said Tanya, putting a hand comfortingly on his shoulder. "Back since the Mighty Morphin' times. It must be hard for you to let it all go."

"Well at least I still have you," replied Adam, starting to squeeze her hand affectionately before Tanya jerked her arm away suddenly. "What's is it?" he responded in confusion.

"Adam," began Tanya hesitantly. "The reason I wasn't around a lot before the camping trip is because I was packing up my stuff. Vincent Fox is going to help me start producing my record next month in New York City."

"Oh," was all Adam could manage. "You should have told me earlier your move was finally happening. Well at least we still have a month together, right?"

"I'm leaving tonight for New York tonight," whispered Tanya nervously, out of guilt not able to look Adam in the eyes.

"And you're just telling me this now?" asked Adam incredulously.

"I didn't know how to tell you!" burst out Tanya loudly. "It was too hard."

"Ok," replied Adam, reverting back to his introverted nature. "Have a great time."

"So that's it?" questioned Tanya in a tone mixed with both sarcasm and sadness. "This is good-bye? You're not going to even come with me to the airport tonight?"

"I've got things to do," fibbed Adam lamely, looking away so she wouldn't see how he was hurting. "Besides, Aisha is arriving from Africa soon," he added, which actually was true.

"Adam," pleaded Tanya. "I love you."

"You have a funny way of showing it," whispered Adam resentfully under his breath.

"After everything we've been through together, I can't believe this is how you want to end it," said Tanya sourly.

"I ended it?" asked Adam as he exploded into wounded rage. "You're the one who made decisions about our future together, never letting me in what was going on until the last minute. How can I support you if you aren't open with me?"

"This coming from the boy who didn't even have the guts for months to tell me that he liked me," retorted Tanya snidely. "Don't talk to me about not being an open person!"

"That has nothing to do with you picking up and leaving us for good," shot back Adam harshly.

"Oh yes it does," disagreed Tanya. "You can't even tell me what you're really feeling about right now. Tell me that you don't want me to go."

"I won't do that," said Adam firmly. "Not only because making this album is your dream, but because I don't really want to be with a girl who doesn't respect me enough to tell me the truth."

With that and seeing Tanya looking like she had been punched in the stomach, Adam slammed her car door shut and flew inside his house. Adam didn't look back at his ex-girlfriend once… not until he was back in his bedroom and had picked up the photo the two of them had taken after he'd won the Angel Grove Kung Fu tournament last year. Seeing the two of them so happy and in love in that picture made Adam at that moment want to hurl.

Instead, Adam in anger hurled the photo against the wall; the shattering glass frame echoing the shattering of his heart.

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