Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 26: Scars


With the three, childhood friends reunited, the night had been like old times in an ironically unpleasant way for Adam, Aisha and Rocky. Just as after Adam had been dumped by with his first girlfriend, Sarah Diaz, Rocky and Aisha upon seeing Adam heartbroken at the airport had immediately come over to his house with the emergency ailments lessen the wound of break-up: ice cream, pizza and a pile of Adam's favorite horror flicks. And just like last time, Rocky had eaten all the pizza and proceed to fall asleep on the floor during the halfway through the "Time Warp" musical number in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, leaving Adam and Aisha to bond talking late in to the night about life, love and relationships.

Adam felt horrible that he'd dragged them into his misery over Tanya's departure on their first night back in Angel Grove, but Rocky and Aisha had insisted on being there for him just like the amazing, supportive best friends he'd always knew them to be. Despite his lovesick depression, Adam was genuinely thrilled to see them… especially Aisha. Her enthusiastic, energetic personality hadn't changed since the two years he'd last seen. She'd only grown more beautiful. And right now, Aisha was living up to Adam's recollection of what a good person she was to talk to in these types of situations.

"How can Rocky fall asleep during a movie named after him?" chirped Aisha, interrupting Adam's reverie.

"I don't know," laughed Adam, noticing how good with felt to smile with Aisha. "You're the one that dated him. Or would 'dating him' be the correct phrase?"

"I guess we're still trying to figure that out," smiled Aisha sheepishly. "We haven't really talked about it yet. The most important thing to us right now is making sure you're ok."

"Seriously, I really can't thank you guys enough for being here," said Adam.

"Are you going to tell the rest?" asked Aisha, pointing to a Polaroid picture of Adam with Tommy and the other former Zeo Rangers.

"Tomorrow, although I'm sure Tanya's already talked to Kat," muttered Adam ruefully as he noticed Tanya in the ranger cast picture. "Since toward the end Tanya wouldn't talk to me about anything. How am I going to get over her, Aisha?"

"Even if we're in L.A. or Africa or that Aquitar water planet that Billy ended up on," began Aisha. "We're always here for you, Adam."

"Tanya wasn't," replied Adam resentfully, starting to choke up again. "And she was the one who supposed to love me most."

"Oh Adam," whispered Aisha, wrapping him in a supportive hug. "Well then I'll always be here for you."

Aisha slowly sat up from Adam's arms and sweetly kissed him on the top of his forehead. They were so close together, Adam realized, and Aisha was so wise and wonderful. Before Adam even consciously realized it, he was moving his lips toward hers.

Sensing Adam's intentions, Aisha slowly turned her head to the side to block his advances. "Adam," started Aisha uneasily. "Let's not do this."

"Because Rocky's right there?" asked Adam, pointing to where their friend was dozing on the floor. "Or because you still have feelings for him."

"I don't know," sighed Aisha. "I don't know what is going to happen with me and Rocky. I don't know what's going to happen with you and Tanya, but I know… that wasn't going to help you feel better."

Adam knew she was right. It was going to a lot more than the next kiss to heal the deep scars Tanya had inflicted on his heart. As much as it was going to hurt for awhile, Adam knew time was what he really needed get past the break-up and forget Tanya. As he turned back to the Rocky Horror movie, Adam prayed that his own time warp to ease his pain would be begin soon.

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