Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 27: Time


(Takes place a year after the last chapter in conjunction with the Power Rangers in Space episode "Always a Chance" where Adam comes back to help Carlos regain his confidence as the Black Space Ranger.)

Adam traced the outline of his original, black power coin encased in his Mastodon morpher. Even though he had put his life at risk earlier that day when he had once again become the Mighty Morphin' Black Power Ranger, it was all worth to Adam. Not only because he had helped show Carlos that his place really was as the new black ranger and with the rest of the Space team. It was also that with so much change in his life over the past year, becoming a Power Ranger again had oddly comforting to him.

Although Aisha had quickly forgiven him for trying to kiss her the night he and Tanya had broken up, she couldn't keep anything from her ex-boyfriend and third leg of their longtime trio. Rocky had been furious at first with Adam for making a move on his ex-girlfriend with whom he had been hoping to remove the past tense title. But all was forgiven as soon as Adam had bought Rocky his favorite triple cheese, bacon cheeseburger with chili fries and large, chocolate milkshake. Adam knew the monstrously expensive meal was a small price for him to pay when balanced against his stupidest of actions that almost had cost him both his best friend.

More importantly, Rocky in the end had gotten what he wanted. Aisha shortly after had moved back to the States and decided to attend fashion design school in Los Angeles where she could be close to Rocky. The two were now in the process of rekindling their romance, and Adam couldn't be happier for his friends.

Besides, Adam too had moved on. Even he couldn't believe it when he found on the rebound himself dating of all people… Shawn's ex-girlfriend, Veronica. While their personal connection wasn't as deep, Adam found it somewhat refreshing to be in a relationship that wasn't as emotionally intense all the time. Plus with Veronica, Adam had discovered a new reason, more physical reason for why he'd always preferred dominating women.

Ironically, Veronica was the only person from his old high days he was still in close in touch with. Aisha and Rocky were not the only ones who had moved away. Kat had gone to London to study ballet with the Royal Academy, and Tommy was pursuing a racecar driving career. Although lately the former red ranger had begun to express an interest in paleontology, which Adam found rather odd.

It was like all his friends had moved on from each other, and here Adam still was still in Angel Grove working at the stunt show and living in his old apartment. The apparent he was supposed to have been sharing… with Tanya.

Tanya Sloan. As much as Adam wanted to pretend that he was over her, he still found it hard to let go of everything that they'd shared together. It was just difficult thinking about how happy his life had been with her around. He missed the pleasure of hanging out with someone who always made him smile, the comfort of talking to someone he trusted, the security of snuggling with someone who truly cared about him. Then again, Adam suddenly remember, Tanya was none of those things toward him right before they had broken up.

Still that didn't' change the fact that she was the first one who Adam wanted to talk to right now about having become the black ranger again earlier that day. Whenever something truly monumental happened in Adam's life, his immediate reaction was always to reach for the receiver to call Tanya. Unfortunately, she had changed her phone number and e-mail address upon moving to New York City, making it impossible for Adam to hear her voice again.

At that moment, Adam was rocked from reverie by the ringing of his phone. Putting his morpher down the table, Adam picked up the receiver. "Hello?" he answered.

"Hey Sweetie," Adam heard a girl in a bright but shaky voice respond.

Adam's jaw dropped as he literally almost dropped the receiver. "Tanya?"

"How's it going?" asked Tanya a little awkwardly, but still laughing at Adam's shocked tone.

"Man, you are like the second blast from my past I've had today," replied Adam, also chuckling.

"What do you mean?" inquired Tanya with sincere interest, and with that Adam began to tell her all about helping Carlos and becoming the black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger again.

"… and then they all ran over and hugged Carlos," as Adam finished re-telling the episode. "I smiled, but then just kinda left. It's their team now."

"Is it still had for you to let the ranger thing go?" asked Tanya. "I know it is for me, especially when I see the monsters on TV, and I feel so helpless not being able to do anything."

"Yeah, but even more, it's just been hard not having everyone…" Adam cut himself off, not feeling confident or comfortable enough to tell Tanya how much he missed his friends, and especially her.

"I miss the gang, too," cut in Tanya.

"Yeah, that's what I meant," said Adam surprised. "Guess you still know me pretty well."

"I guess I do," laughed Tanya before both broke into an uneasy silence.

"So…" started Adam.

"So, yeah anyway," hurried Tanya. "I'm going to be in Angel Grove doing a show at a club this weekend, and I wanted to know if you come watch and maybe grab a bite to eat together after. We could catch up and stuff."

"You mean an hour on the phone together tonight wasn't enough for you already?" teased Adam.

"Aww, Adam you know I could never get enough of you," joked Tanya affectionately, before realizing the more possible romantic connotations of what she'd just said. "I mean," said Tanya as she tried to play if off, "We've been friends for such a long time."

"Friends," repeated Adam.

"Yeah," said Tanya, her voice warbling. "Friends. So will you come?"

"Just give me the place and time," replied Adam.

But the other information Adam knew he would have to wait to find out: how things would be between him and Tanya be once reunited after all this time.

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