Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 3: Color


Takes place after a "Zeo Beginning Part II"

While the new threat of King Mondo and the Machine Empire was certainly the main issue that bothered Adam these days, he had another problem to currently deal with – he owned no green clothing. After almost two years as the black Power Ranger, Adam's closet was having a identity crisis given his transformation to the role of the green Zeo Ranger. Thankfully Tommy and Rocky had the same color calamities as he did, and therefore the Ranger boys could take on this fashion challenge together. And then there was Tanya from Africa – the new yellow Zeo Ranger – who had never even set foot in a mall. Adam chuckled, thinking that even the site of so many shops might make the talkative Tanya speechless for once. This was one mall crawl Adam was actually looking forward to.

Tanya felt a little apprehensive as she sat with Adam in the back of Rocky's red jeep, which the new blue Zeo Ranger planned to repaint immediately. Not only was this her first trip to a "mall," but Kat had gone with her parents to ballet show in Los Angeles for the weekend, leaving Tanya to go on her first clothes shopping expedition in the U.S. with three boys. She had so much to adjust to: a new home, new friends and that her quest to complete the Zeo Crystal had caused her to jump seven years in age.

"Hey, you alright?" asked Adam, putting his arm around her. "You look a little yellow, pardon the pun."

"Is THAT the mall?" squeaked a wide-eyed Tanya, starring at the sprawling complex.

"Don't look so intimidated," laughed Adam, squeezing her shoulder in support. "Compared to one of King Mondo's monsters, the mall is something you are going to want to take on."

Inside, Rocky and Tommy made a beeline for the sporting goods store. Adam started to follow, but noticed Tanya had paused by the window of a dress shop to stare wistfully at a long-sleeved yellow sweater. Adam smiled at her naiveté and walked back toward her.

"Love at first sight?" asked Adam, coming up behind Tanya and causing her to jump in surprise.

"With who?" asked Tanya, blushing deep red and averting Adam's gaze.

"The sweater?" asked Adam, flashing her a shy grin.

"Oh yeah, of course!" said Tanya, trying to recover. "How could I have been so lame?" She mentally smacked herself as she gazed into Adam's adorable, chocolate eyes. "We didn't get to wear sweaters a lot in Africa."

Adam smiled at her naivety; it was absolutely endearing. He all of a sudden had an urge to buy her every single yellow outfit in the mall. "Well then you've got a lot of shopping to make up for," Adam said, grabbing her hand and pulling her into the dress shop.

"But what about Rocky and Tommy?" asked Tanya as she followed behind Adam who seemed overly eager for a boy to look at dresses.

"They'll call if they miss us," assured Adam. "Now let's look for that sweater in your size."

Adam later waited outside the dressing room as Tanya worked her way through a pile of yellow clothes. "Well, how do I look?" asked Tanya emerging from the dressing room.

Adam's eyes sprung open. Tanya was without a doubt the most beautiful fashion disaster he had ever seen. She wore – all of the same glaring shade – a yellow sun hat, yellow furry boots, a yellow polka dot dress shirt, and last but not least, around her waist a tight, yellow tube top that she had mistaken for a skirt. Her long, shapely legs were striking, making the green Zeo Ranger morph into a deep shade of crimson.

"You look hot," exclaimed Adam causing Tanya to grin cockily. Adam quickly regained his composure. "No I mean, with all that neon yellow on you, you'd give all the guys who stared at you in Angel Grove cataracts."

Tanya grinned. "So you think American guys will think will think I'm attractive."

"Well I know one that already does," thought Adam wistfully to himself. Instead, he just shrugged bashfully. Tanya smiled widely.

"You know Adam, I really have liked getting to see your true colors," she said.

"What colors?" asked Adam puzzled. "My color's green."

"I meant the many shades of your personality, Sweetie!" laughed Tanya. "I like spending time with you, Adam."

"She called me Sweetie!" The words in Adam's head tasted better than candy. He smiled. "I like hanging out with you too, Tanya," said Adam shyly. "We should do it again soon, but next time I think you should go shopping with Kat."

"Why?" asked Tanya curiously.

Adam laughed. "You're wearing a tube top as a skirt!"

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