Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 4: Spellbound


Takes place before "The Shooting Star"

"And finally this is the new study center," said Kat gesturing into a room with comfy couches and tables for doing work. Tanya shook her head, slightly overwhelmed from her tour of Angel Grove High.

"Man, I hope I can remember my way around here," said Tanya nervously.

"Don't worry, we're all here to help you!" assured Kat. "Besides, you have a lot of classes with Adam so he can definitely be there to guide you around. So what do you think of Adam," asked Kat slyly noticing her friend blush at the mention of the green Zeo Ranger.

"He's such a sweetie and real good-looking too," commented Tanya. "But he's so shy. It's hard to tell what he's thinking," continued Tanya as Kat nodded. "He's fights so courageously against the Machine Empire and yet I still don't feel like he has the confidence to say what's on his mind a lot of the time," sighed Tanya.

"Like whether he's interested in dating our yellow ranger?" posed Kat slyly, but Tanya wasn't listening. She was too busy mesmerized by an outrageously cute, curly-haired boy down the hall in a yellow and purple shirt who carried a baseball bat.

"Kat, can I please get you to look over my history homework for a minute?" interjected Tommy as he walked up with Adam. "I can't remember the various dates for the Civil War battles."

"Figures," said Kat shaking her head. "I'll see you guys later," said the pink Zeo Ranger as she walked into the study center with Tommy.

"Earth to Tanya," said Adam as he waved his hand in front of her face with no reaction. "What's go you so spellbound?" asked the green Zeo ranger.

"The guy with the big bat, who is he?" asked Tanya enraptured. "Never mind! He's coming this way," said Tanya excitedly, smoothing down her yellow pleated skirt.

"Hey Adam! Still working on your game?" greeted the baseball player as he eyed Tanya. "And aren't you going to introduce me to your adorable friend here?"

Adam felt his smile fade. "Tanya, this is our resident baseball star Shawn. We play together on the Angel Grove High Team. Shawn, Tanya just moved to the U.S. from Africa."

"Figures, you're definitely an exotic beauty," said Shawn, taking Tanya's hand and pressing it to her lips. Tanya smiled a mile wide as her stomach did flip-flops. Here was a guy, unlike Adam, definitely not afraid to say what was on his mind. "Charming and confident," exuded the yellow Zeo Ranger. "Could Shawn be any more magical?"

Adam on the other hand definitely felt like he had gotten the bad end of some love hex. Tanya would now never be romantically interested in him. She was completely spellbound by another guy.

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