Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 5: Friends


Takes place during "The Shooting Star"

Adam powered a roundhouse kick into Tommy, sending the red Zeo Ranger tumbling to the floor.

"Man, either you're very pumped up to mash the Machine Empire today or something really bothering you," commented Tommy.

Adam shrugged as he pulled Tommy up from off the floor. Tanya and Shawn had now been dating for about three weeks. While the rest of the gang was all hanging out at the Youth Center as usual, it was conspicuously obvious that a certain yellow Zeo ranger wouldn't be showing up that afternoon.

"Anything on your mind?" questioned Tommy.

"Not that I want to get into," muttered Adam. While Tommy and Adam were teammates and good friends, Rocky was the only one who Adam dared talk to about things like crushes. Well and Aisha, but she wasn't here anymore. Damn, Adam missed her.

"Let's just run through that sparring routine we came up with last week," suggested Adam, hoping to get his mind off things he couldn't control – namely Tanya with Shawn and Aisha in Africa.

The set ended with Adam rolling over Tommy's back. "Couldn't have gone better!" Adam thought happily as he and Tommy high-fived.

Meanwhile Tanya's afternoon couldn't have gone worse. There were so many aspects of Shawn's personality she loved: his fun-loving personality, his charisma, his adorable smile, the cute way he tapped her shoulder then swung to her other side. His outspokenness and outgoing personality matched hers exactly the way she'd want from someone she was dating. Unfortunately, Shawn's readiness to cheat in order to make the grades he needed to play baseball was not something Tanya was so fond of.

"Can I talk to you guys for a minute?" asked Tanya walking up to her friends. "It's kind of important," she said anxiously wringing her hands.

"Of course, what is it?" asked Kat concerned.

"I have a problem," said Tanya. "I don't know where to start."

The gang all looked at each other, and then at Adam. Inside, he knew this was a time to put aside any romantic feelings. Tanya clearly needed advice. Right now, Adam needed to be the friend she knew she could count on.

"Listen, whatever it is, we're your friends and we want to help," said Adam stepping forward and comfortingly placing a hand on her shoulder.

"I know you do, Adam," said Tanya gratefully. In Tanya's eyes, Adam may not have Shawn's outward confidence or charm, but he was more loyal than any friend she could ask for.

Suddenly, the ominous beep rang from their communicators.

"Oh man," said Tommy anxiously, gesturing for the group to follow.

"Hold that thought," said Adam as Tommy anxiously hustled the gang into an empty hallway in the Youth Center.

As Adam followed Tommy, he knew whatever romantic feelings he had for Tanya would have to wait as well. Shawn was Tanya's boyfriend, while he was just her friend. So for now, Adam would have to be content with trying to be the best friend he could be to the girl he was, despite his best efforts, completely falling for.

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