Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 6: Green Eyed Monster

Green-Eyed Monster

Takes place during "Ranger in the Outfield"

"Today is Tanya and Shawn's one month anniversary," thought to himself Adam glumly. Despite his best efforts, the Green Ranger had turned into a green-eyed monster when it came to thinking about Tanya's relationship.

"Hey Shawn," said Kat brightly as the Angel Grove's baseball captain pulled up a seat at the table where she, Tanya and Adam were studying.

"Hey guys," muttered Shawn.

Hearing her boyfriend's voice, Tanya immediately looked up from her books. "Hi!" she said happily; her eyes brightening upon seeing her boyfriend's handsome face.

Adam smiled a non-verbal welcome to Shawn. He glanced over a Tanya. Upon seeing her doting gaze on her boyfriend, Adam smile quickly faded as he ducked his head back into his books. Plus, from Shawn's irritated tone, Adam wasn't about to be surprised if Shawn was still bitter from that morning over being struck out by his girlfriend on the baseball diamond.

"Adam was just telling us about Tanya's try-out," said Kat. "You must be really proud."

"Yeah," said Shawn quickly, taking a seat. "But I'd be more proud if she struck somebody else out."

Was it Adam's imagination, or did Shawn purposely look at him during that last comment? "Shawn and I are baseball teammates, but does he see me as competition for Tayna?" Adam thought to himself surprised.

Tanya replayed the words over in her mind, refusing to believe them. "But I'd be more proud if she struck somebody else out." Only a few moments ago, she had been perked up to see her boyfriend. Tanya now felt like a deflated balloon from Shawn's cruel words.

"I always go out of my way to be at Shawn's baseball practices and games, and I didn't even like the sport up until now," thought Tanya to herself angrily. "Is it too much to ask that he support me when something really awesome like this happens?"

"Come on, Shawn," said Tanya, looking down upset. "You've been struck out before."

"Not by anybody I was dating," replied Shawn smartly.

"They way she was throwing nobody could have hit off her," said Adam, offering support for Tanya.

"Nah, I could have hit," retorted Shawn. "I just wasn't concentrating."

"Can you give me some credit Shawn?" pleaded Tanya, growing more upset. "I must have done something right for the coach to ask me to join the team."

Adam glanced around the table uncomfortably, trying to think of someway to reach out to the feuding teammates/couple.

"Look you did alright for a practice, but tomorrow's game is going to be very difficult," explained Shawn. "I just hope you're ready. That's all."

"She'll be ready," said Kat, growing tired of Shawn's discouraging attitude. "Come on Tanya. Bye Adam." Tanya was too upset to offer any response, looking to her boyfriend with betrayed eyes before grabbing her yellow backpack to follow Kat.

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