Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 7: Knight


After "Ranger in the Outfield"

Tanya's friends really were her heroes. Upon seeing her upset after her break-up with Shawn, Kat immediately organized a movie night at their house to celebrate Tanya's first win as a pitcher on the Angel Grove High baseball team…. as well as her liberation from a boyfriend who didn't support her. Tanya thought back to earlier in the afternoon, moments after winning her first game.

Flashback to earlier in the day

"That was a nice game, although you almost blew it," said Shawn to Tanya as she pulled away from Adam's celebratory hug.

"What are you talking about?" said Tanya angrily.

"She only had a one run lead!" argued Adam, coming to her defense.

"Yeah!" said Tanya.

"And our offense didn't give her anything!" Adam continued.

"Come on, we won this game by luck," said Shawn, starting to get in Adam's face. "Forget it. We'll just talk about this later," Shawn said to Tanya.

"No I don't think so," said Tanya firmly. "See ever since I've joined this team, you've given me nothing but negative attitude. If you can't support me, I don't think there's anything we have left to discuss," said Tanya angrily. "Period."

"Well fine," said Shawn irritably. "If that's the way you want to play it," retorted Shawn looking at Adam, "that's cool with me."

"That was awesome," said Adam as Shawn walked away. "I'm proud of you."

"Yeah, it was a good game, wasn't it?" replied Tanya half-heartedly.

"Not the game," said Adam. "You stood-up for yourself, and that was really cool."

"And I also lost my boyfriend," said Tanya looking at Adam downcast.

"He didn't deserve you," said Adam firmly.

"Thanks Adam," said Tanya after a few moments. "You're the best," she said, pulling him into another hug as their friends ran over.

Tanya's friends, especially Kat and Adam, had really come to her rescue after a emotional day: her first baseball game, breaking up with her first boyfriend and not mention the latest attack by the Machine Empire. Tanya was unbelievably grateful for how Adam was always supporting her and her decisions. He admired the fact that she was able to stand up for herself instead of seeing her confidence as a threat the way Shawn did. Tanya knew she was incredibly lucky to have Adam as a friend.

Adam meanwhile was starring at Rocky incredulously as the blue Zeo Ranger stuffed down his sixth slice of pepperoni pizza. "Do we have anything around here for dessert?" asked Rocky through his full mouth.

"Rocky, if your stomach explodes, I am really not looking forward to cleaning up it," teased Kat.

"After being swallowed by a baseball monster today, I thought you'd want to take it easy on your stomach," joshed Billy.

"I dunno Rocky, with all this food you've eaten, maybe we should go for an extreme work out tomorrow," joked Tommy. "We'll start with a 10-mile job around Angel Grove Park, followed by an hour of weightlifting, and then a 20-mile bike ride."

"Are you guys saying I look fat?" whined Rocky in mock injury. He ripped off his shirt, revealing a chiseled set of abs, and began to exaggeratedly model in front of Kat's full length mirror. The whole gang laughed.

"Oh Rocky, you're such a hottie!" gushed Adam, pretending to swoon. "I can barely contain myself!" effused the green Zeo Ranger, running over and jumping on Rocky's back. Surprised, Rocky piggy-backed Adam unstably around the room before toppling over face first.

"Ooooo, my stomach," moaned Rocky. By the now, the entire room was roaring with laughter.

"I take that means you don't want any ice cream?" asked Tanya between giggles.

"Blueberry please!" perked up the blue Zeo Ranger quickly. Everyone groaned teasingly.

"Does chocolate sound ok to everyone?" asked Tanya. The gang nodded, and Tanya walked off into the kitchen to ready six sundaes.

"So Rocky, how about a little bench pressing right now?" said Tommy, grabbing Kat and trying to lift her in the air.

"Put meeeee downnnnn!" squealed Kat as Tommy and Rocky swung her like a hammock in her own living room.

From the other room, Tanya laughed as she pulled out the chocolate ice cream, sprinkles, whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

"Need some help?" asked Adam, wandering in. "I know how to use a can of whipped cream."

Tanya burst out laughing, as it suddenly dawned on Adam the more intimate implications of that comment. Embarrassed, Adam grabbed the cherry in Tanya's hand and popped in his mouth before realizing what he just did was even worse. By now, Tanya was laughing so hard, she'd slid to the floor. Adam couldn't help but burst into laughter as well. They both grinned at each other.

"I never got to thank you for all the support you gave me these past few days dealing with the baseball team and with Shawn," thanked Tanya appreciatively. "You've really been my knight in shining armor."

"That's what friends are for," shrugged Adam smiling. "Friends," thought Adam sourly to himself. "We'll always be just friends."

Adam tried to think of something to say as they put the sundaes together in silence. Around Rocky and the others, he could easily be a goofball, but with Tanya, his shyness always seemed to kick in a lot more often

Just then, Adam felt something hit his nose. Tanya, holding the can, laughed as Adam looked cross-eyed at his nose now dripping with whipped cream. "Oh it's on now!" warned Adam playfully pelting the yellow Zeo Ranger with sprinkles. Tanya shrieked as Adam chased her through the kitchen and back into the living room where Billy and Tommy grabbed him and tried to hold him back from his candy attack on the yellow Zeo Ranger. Tanya laughed as Adam playful struggled against his fellow rangers. She liked seeing Adam let loose like this. Tanya wished he'd let this side of him come out more often.

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