Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 8: Secrets


Takes place after "Every Dog Has His Day"

"That was amazing the way you trained Smokey to be a watch dog for the police department," enthused Tanya. "What's your secret for being so good with animals?"

"Just a lot of love and hard work I guess," grinned Kat as the girls walked over to grab a table at the Youth Center. "What are you up to this afternoon, Tanya?"

"I have baseball practice in fifteen minutes," replied Tanya. "I am supposed to meet Adam here so we could walk over together."

"Speaking of Adam, do you think you two might get together now that Shawn's over with?" asked Kat. "Sorry if that was really forward, I just really get the sense Adam has a secret crush on you."

"Really?" responded Tanya, flattered. "Dear sweet, supportive Adam," she thought. "But he just doesn't have that charm and charisma the way Shawn did."

"Adam's really great, and I've always thought he was cute from day one," sighed Tanya confused.

"But?" asked Kat.

"Shawn was very arousing to be around if you know what I mean," said Tanya, looking knowingly at Kat. "I am just not sure I feel that same physical chemistry when I'm with Adam," sighed Tanya swirling her thumbs. "But what about you, girl? Which one of these Angel Grove High guys is lucky enough to have you crushing on them?"

"Well, he's sort of a secret," began Kat hesitantly to her best friend.

"Who's a secret?" asked Tommy, coming up behind Kat and causing the pink Zeo Ranger to blush deeply. Tanya looked at Kat curiously. "Could it possibly be Kat has a crush on Tommy?" she thought to herself surprised.

"Tanya, Adam's calling you," said Tommy, startling the yellow Zeo Ranger from her reverie.

Tanya looked down at her watch. "We're going to be late to baseball practice!" panicked Tanya out loud as she raced after Adam who was already running out of the Youth Center toward his car.

"I know," worried Adam. "And if we don't hurry Tanya, we're going to have to run laps!"

A while later, Rocky saw his two friends dashing toward the baseball field. "Oh no, Coach is going to see that their late!" thought Rocky to himself. He grabbed his bat, tossed a ball into the air and hit a well-aimed shot that just missed Coach's foot.

"Rocky!" yelled Coach, turning away from where he was discussing bunting with the second baseman. "What the heck was that?"

"A well-timed disruption to keep my friends from having to run 20 laps for being late!" thought Rocky to himself proudly as Tanya and Adam dashed on to the baseball diamond.

"Adam, thank goodness you're here," said Coach as he saw his top hitter on the field. "I want you to work with Rocky on improving his sense of direction after I have a long talk with him. For now Adam, take Tanya over to the batting cage as see if you can warm up her swing. Now Rocky," said Coach pulling him over.

"You owe me!" mouthed Rocky over his shoulder to Adam and nodding toward Tanya. Adam shot Rocky a pointed look, though secretly he was grateful for his friend's intervention.

"Coach is right though," said Tanya as she and Adam walked off toward the batting cage. "My swing never really has gotten going. I'd really appreciate your help, Adam."

"Well then let show you my secrets," said Adam, waving his bat like a magic wand.

"You goofball!" laughed Tanya as Adam came around behind her. Wrapping his arms around her, he put one hand on her hip and the over over her arm. "Now the force behind the swing comes from your shoulders," began Adam.

Tanya however wasn't paying attention. When Adam placed his hands tightly on her waist, she was surprised to feel shivers going up her spin. Adam was so close up behind her that she could feel his six-pack abs through his light t-shirt. He lightly but sensually massaged her arm as he guided her arms through the swing. Her body tingled from his sensitive touch.

"Do you feel the difference?" asked Adam. Tanya felt her body go hot. She looked up into Adam's sweet eyes. He was smiling down at her. Tanya felt a flush rise through her checks.

"Tanya?" called Shawn. "Tanya? Tanya!" his voice growing in impatience as he noticed his ex-girlfriend wrapped up in the arms of his teammate.

Tanya reluctantly pulled away from Adam. "Yes, Shawn?" asked Tanya, annoyed at the presence of her ex-boyfriend.

"Looks like things are heating up here," Shawn said sarcastically. "Your swing I mean. Coach wants you to work on the pitching mound now. Adam, you're to work with Rocky on batting."

"See you later Tanya," said Adam smiling shyly.

"Yeah, I can't wait," responded Tanya looking back longingly at Adam. "Kat isn't the only one with a secret crush now," thought Tanya excitedly.

"So, you going to work that same way with me on batting?" teased Rocky, startling Adam out of his romantic daydream. "I just can't get my bat around that knuckle ball."

"How about I give you a knuckle sandwich instead?" exclaimed Adam instead, grabbing his friend's head under his arm and rubbing his fist into the blue Zeo Ranger's head.

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