Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 9: Dare


Before "The Puppet Blaster"

"So you'll pick me up tomorrow afternoon, and you can teach me more about kung fu," said Tanya appreciatively to Adam. Not only was she happy to be improving her martial arts skills, but it gave her more time to spend with Adam.

"It's a date," said Adam. Tanya looked up at him quickly. "Sooooo," said Adam blushing, trying to think of something to play off the situation.

"Are you two making out or something?" called Rocky from Kat's living room. "I want my chocolate chip cookies!"

"At least Rocky doesn't have any trouble saying how he feels," thought Adam. Tanya tried, flirting, to catch Adam's eye, but the green Zeo Ranger had already dashed into the living room carrying the cookies. Adam's shyness was one of the qualities Tanya found endearing about him, but it also made her wonder if he really did have feelings for her.

She sighed and walked into the living room. Tommy was chasing after Rocky, who had stolen the entire plate of cookies while Adam, Billy and Kat poured over the movie bin.

"I'm so sick of watching movies," complained Rocky, stuffing another cookies in his mouth much to Tommy's dismay. "Let's do something more exciting!"

"How about we play truth or dare?" suggested Tommy mischievously. He and Rocky high-fived, not waiting for the others to respond.

"Hey Rocko, truth or date?" asked Tommy.

"I'm no chicken!" cried Rocky. "Dare!"

"I dare you to give me the rest of the cookies!" grinned Tommy. Rocky pouted at being outsmarted and handed the plate over to Tommy as the others laughed.

"I think Rocky's stomach does more thinking than his head," teased Billy.

"My turn!" said Rocky perking up. "Billy, truth or dare?"

"I actually know how to use my brain Rocko," joked Billy as Rocky made a face. "I'll take truth."

"Alright, have you ever hooked up with one of your fellow Rangers?" asked Rocky mischievously.

"Ummm," said Billy blushing hard. Everyone gasped semi-dramatically.

"I knew it that one time I walked in on you and Trini in your lab!" shouted Tommy

"No comment," said Billy averting his eyes and grinning widely. "Your turn for the hot seat Tommy. Truth or dare?"

"Dare, being the fearless leader that I am," said Tommy with much bravado. Billy sent a pillow flying in his direction.

"I dare you to kiss Kat," said Billy slyly.

Kat and Tanya exchanged glances, as the pink Zeo Ranger blushed and grinned shyly.

"No way man," said Tommy shaking his head vigorously. "I got a girlfriend that I love being loyal to me. Speaking of which, I was supposed to call Kim back an hour ago."

Tanya saw Kat's disappointed face as Tommy left to go call Kimberly Hart, the former pink Ranger, in Florida. Billy however was undeterred.

"Truth or dare, Adam?" asked Billy.

"Dare," said Adam, drawing surprise from his friends.

"I know you and Rocky have long loved each other," teased Billy. "I dare you two to make out."

"Heck no!" exploded Adam and Rocky at the same time, making disgusted faces. Everyone laughed.

"Alright Adam, how about giving Tanya a little peck on the lips?" asked Billy.

Adam felt his heart stop from a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Tanya looked over at Adam questioningly, hoping wildly that the green Zeo Ranger would have the guts to finish the dare. Adam, turning red and smiling shyly, started to move toward Tanya when Tommy burst back into the room.

"Kim qualified for the Olympic regional trials!" shouted Tommy excitedly. The boys immediately forgot about the game of Truth or Dare, hassling Tommy for more info about Kim.

Though Tanya was disappointed Adam didn't do his kiss, she did feel a sense of excitement. Adam had started to walk over to do the dare. Tanya was certain now that Adam definitely was attracted to her the same ways she was to him.

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