Love and sacrifices

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Trust is like a glass. It will shatter into pieces once it breaks. Even if you try to put the peices back together, the cracks will never disappear. Ava was 13 years old, when her parents got divorced. For the past ten years, she has been living with her mom and two siblings. She never got a chance to say goodbye to her dad, which left too many questions for him in her mind. Since then, she has built a wall around her, not allowing any of her father memories to break through. Recently she got a new job, where she finds the love of her life-Ashton. She discovers the unthinkable reality of the relationship between her father and Ashton that shreds her into pieces, which creates more misunderstandings in her heart and leads to being heartbroken again. Will she ever get the answers for her questions? Will she be able to forgive her dad and break the wall that she has built for him? Will she accept the truth of Ashton? And most importantly, will she ever be able to trust again?

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Chapter 1

"Wake up Ava, it is your first day of work you don't want to be late!" That is my beautiful but sometimes scary mom (and my alarm clock too), screaming from downstairs.

I groaned at the thought that it is morning already and reached for my phone to see the time. My eyes widened at the sight of my phone "it is 7:30am. SHIT! I am going to be late on my first day!"

With that thought, I jumped out of my bed, ignoring the comfort and the coziness of it and went straight towards the washroom to have a nice warm bath, to be fresh and clean on my first day of work, shrugging off the fact, that I could actually be late and leave a bad impression on my new boss and colleagues.

After the bath, I came out of the washroom and stared at my cupboard thinking what to wear, with a towel wraped around me.

Yes, yes I know what you are thinking that, what kind of a girl is she, who is not even prepared for her first day of work?

Well sorry to say but I am like this. I like to leave things for the last minute, just consider it like a bad habit.

After putting on my clothes, I looked at the time. HOLY MACARONI! Only 15 minutes left, I better hurry. With that thought, I quickly dabbed some makeup on my face, to look presentable and quickly rushed downstairs.

On the way downstairs, I crashed into my younger brother, who was soon found on the floor while I grabbed the wall to keep my balance.

The sight of seeing my brother on the floor was so hilarious that I couldn't keep my laughter and bursted out laughing, while grabbing my stomach as hard as possible.

"AHHHHHHH!...why are you laughing, it's not funny. MOM! Ava pushed me and I got hurt" yeah that's my annoying younger brother, Alex but I call him Al, he is a bit of a snitch type you could say.

"AVA!!" and moms favourite. "Why did you push your little brother?" mom said, with her voice getting clearer and louder as she came nearer.

"Mom, I didn't push him just accidentally bumped into him" I said frowning. "No, she did it purposely mom" he said putting on the best puppy face.

"No I didn't"

"Yes you did"

"No I didn't"

"Yes you did"

"Ok! enough Eva! be nice to your little brother, he is only 12 years old. Now apologise" she said, folding her arms, across her chest.

"But mom, I didn't do nothi-"

"thats it. No talking back to me young lady" mom said giving me one of her scary glares.

"Fine" I said groaning. "Sorry Al"

"it's ok" he said, saying in his most fake sweet voice infront of mom.

"Good" mom said walking back towards the kitchen. I followed her behind and sat on the kitchen counter, with my elder sister beside me, waiting for my breakfast to be served.

"Sara Can you please drop me to work. Pretty please" I said putting on my best puppy face, that I just recently learned from my annoying youger brother.

"No" she said with no emotion. "Please I am running a bit late and I don't want to be late on my first day of work"

well if you are wondering, why I don't have my own car is because I crashed it last week while doing reverse parking, which was an absolute bad idea and now it's with the mechanic getting fixed.

"Well that's your problem then" she said without making a single eye contact.

"Ok then, I will tell mom that you snuck out of the house at 3:00am to party with your frie-" I black mailed her.

"SHHHHH!! Mom will hear you" she said covering my mouth with her hand.

"Fine. What do you want?" She said in frustration.

"A free car ride from home to work and work to home, until my car gets fixed"

"Ok" she said rolling her eyes.

"Mom, I am getting late, I should better head to work" I said grabbing my apple and munching on it.

"Wait!" my mom shouted and came towards me. She gave me the sweetest kiss on my cheeks and wished me good luck.

With a smile, I exited the house and sat in Sara's car, as she is now, basically my new driver.

The first thing she said when she entered the car was "dad called yesterday. He was asking about how you and Al were doing" she said starting the car.

Our parents got divorced 10 years ago, when I was 13 years old. He just left us, without even saying goodbye and for that, I will never be able to forgive him.

As far as I remember, we had a pretty good relationship with each other, he was like my best friend or could say my partner in crime, but to know that he suddenly left, without saying anything was really hurtful.

I used to cry to sleep very often thinking, why would he leave his family like this? Was I a bad girl? Did I do something wrong that he is angry about?

He called us on special occasions but I never talked to him, because talking to him was like, opening up my wounds again and digging his memories out of my brain, which honestly, really hurts.

"Why did he even bother asking? Why does he care, whether I live or die and plus, Doesn't he has his own family to look after, that he cares a lot about?" I said looking in front, admiring each and every view that I could see outside the window, to distract myself from the tears pricking in the corner of my eyes.

"Hmmmm...but still, that does not change the fact that he is our father, Ava" she said, stopping the car. I looked outside and here I was in front of a huge luxurious office for my new job.

"Bye, don't forget to pick me up otherwise your secret will be out to mom" I said opening the car door, ignoring whatever conversation we just had and closed the door behind me.

Before entering the luxurious office, I made sure that my dress was on fleek. I was wearing fishtail black skirt as they were contour at my waist, brimming around my hips, and narrow at the knees.

On the top, I wore white multi button formal shirt that went perfectly with the skirt.

I sighed and entered the grand office which looked pretty expensive and marvellous.

As I was admiring each every view, I bumped into something hard and masculine, that smelled incredibly good.

Our gazes met and it was just like a movie scene. He had light blue eyes, that locked my eyes into his. The colour of his eyes reminded me of the ocean.

His hair was perfectly combed upwards and suddenly, I had the urged to run my fingers into it (yeah, I am very creepy)

He was wearing a vest coat of a, white and blue combination which made his eyes colour even more noticeable and visible.

After I was done admiring him, I realised that both of my hands were on his chest while, his hand were on my waist, which send shivers down my spine.

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