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Lettie's Cowboy

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Chapter 2

I watched him fold his hands back on the table. He had some pretty big hands and following his arms up those looked pretty dang big to. Wow whee I bet it would feel nice to be wrapped up in those arms. I stopped and shook my head. Whoa there Lettie, you don’t know a single thing about this man.

“Well Carter whatcha doing in a place like this dressed like that?” I asked bringing myself back to the real world.

“Oh actually I was going to ask you about that.” He stopped there and I raised an eyebrow when he didn’t continue I used my hand motion him to continue.

“Oh yes. I was wondering if you know of a hotel I could stay in for the night?” I blinked at him. Most people like him didn’t stay long in our little town. They maybe stayed a few hours and then mosey on out of here.

“Well we have a little inn down the street here called Morty’s. How long you plan on staying?” There it was the question eating me alive.

“Oh well . . . Forever I hope ma’am.” I was shocked.

“If I can find work that is and a place to stay.” He said as I tried to recover.

Giving him one more look over I smiled and said “As what a lawyer?” he slightly cringed at my words and my smile dropped.

“No ma’am.” I cut him off by sticking my hand up.

“Now enough with this ma’am stuff. I am only nineteen do I look like some old ginny to you?” I put my hands on my hips and huffed. He shook his head no.

“Now again my name is Lettie. Say it with me. Lettie” He just laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Sorry Lettie but no I will not be working as a lawyer.” I waited patiently for him to finish.

“I am going to be a rancher.” At that point I am pretty sure he had to duck because my eyes bulged out of my head. Kinda like they do on those cartoons. Which I couldn’t be for sure because well they were out of my head at the time.

“You wanna be a rancher?” He nodded his head.

“No offense there cowboy but you don’t look like no rancher to me.” He nodded his head and a grim look came over his soft and handsome features.

“Well I am certainly going to try.” With that he stood up and pulled his wallet out paying for the food.

“Goodnight Lettie.” He walked out the door and before I knew it my feet were carrying me out with him.

“Wait up Cowboy!” He turned around his hands tucked inside of his pockets. I didn’t see any bags around. Did he come here with just the clothes on his back?

“Listen you wanna be a rancher? And you need work right?” He nodded his head a confused look on his face.

“Well be at the Moore’s Ranch at six a.m. sharp. Ya hear? Now don’t be late because he can’t stand that. I know the man well and I will put in a good word for ya.” I held my hand out for him to shake. He stared at it for a moment and took it shaking my hand. I gave him directions to Moore’s Ranch and left him standing on the sidewalk. Going back into the diner I walked to the back and grabbed my bag. I stopped and looked in the mirror hanging on the wall. Green eyes stared back at me. My red hair was sat on top of my head in a messy bun, my skin had a slight tan which I was proud of. Sighing I walked out of the diner and headed home. If this all went well Pa would have a ranch hand to help him now.

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