Autumn's Journey

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Police academy was easy enough, now Autumn has to face more challenges being a cop of Dallas PD. The past has a way of entering her life once more.

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Here is a re-cap just in case you have not read Autumn's Light yet. I do suggest to read it first though, lots of things will be brought up from there.

You remember the days you were happy. You remember the days you almost died too. If that wasn’t the case, your life would have dull memories.

As I stand here the day after my college graduation, I reflected on the events that led me here. Cheerleading was my life and football was my twin brother Bryce’s life. We built our family around our love for the game. However, four years ago it all shattered apart. During a game at my old high school in Montana, my best friend Sam’s boyfriend Jared became jealous and enraged after I held Sam back from him. After he had abused her the night before. It ended in tragedy. Sam was killed and I was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed. The memory still triggers in my mind to this day.

After moving to Texas, I thought my life would settle down. It had other plans for me. My dad was appointed Police chief and in charge of a drug ring that was circling around our high school. I tried to live a normal teenage girl’s life. I went back to cheerleading, had the quarterback as a boyfriend, my twin brother that held me together, the best friends anyone could ask for. Then one heartbreak after another happened. I found myself in the middle of the drug problem.

My dad was shot, I was cheated on, my best friend slept with my boyfriend no less. Regretfully I tried to kill myself. But, after that moment of surviving my life had a new purpose. I found my boyfriend Ryder, who was always there for me from the friend zone that I gladly promoted him from. My dad recovered. Oh, wait, I’m skipping an entire important person.

Axel Lyon. An undercover cop that was assigned to our high school. He saved my life more than I’d like to admit. He was the most infuriating person I’ve been around but also the most cunning. He watched out for me, we worked together to figure out who was dealing. My brother got involved and things took a spiral. I ended up catching the school’s head mean girl Evie and the school’s loner Blake being the side dealers.

No one expected for our head administrator Ms. Gale to be the one in charge of the whole operation. I was shocked too, while she held a gun to my head. Thankfully, my dad had an amazing aim and saved my life.

After those events, Bryce and I left town to Dallas to go to college. We both went into the Police Academy, following in dad’s footsteps. Bryce also signed up for the military and has been in it ever since. I enrolled in college to get a criminology degree as well as the Police Academy.

I graduated with that degree yesterday.

Enough catch-up, here’s the next part of my story.

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