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Chapter Two

At work the next day, Dory was actually looking forward to seeing what this new model looked like.

He chatted up Lucy, maybe she could be his date to Gabe’s and Vaungh’s wedding. A loud voice said, “shit! Am I late?!”

He turned and saw a blond boy around his age dressed in a black coat with silver circles on it. His hair was dishevelled by the wind outside and he had a coffee in his hand. His nails were painted a nude colour and dark green eyes that were bright with life.

Lucy laughed, “right on time, Rose. Let’s get you into hair and makeup.” He was whisked away and Lucy turned to Dory and said, “a cutie, huh?”

Ambrose was pretty for a guy, just like Gabe was. A small build with slightly feminine features. When Dory saw Ambrose again he had headphones in and a face full of makeup that made him look oddly pretty.

He looked up from his phone, “you’re new.” Was he talking to Dory? As if reading his mind, Ambrose tittered, “yes, you.”

“Oh, I’m Dory Calhoun.”

“Oo, an American. Sexy.” Ambrose dropped a wink with his fake lashes. “I’m Ambrose but I prefer Rose. What’re you doing in London, Dory?”

Dory stared at him, “Um, I’m here for school.”

“Rose! Wardrobe is ready for you!”

He stood up, his head reaching Dory’s shoulders, “that’s my cue.”

While Rose was getting dressed, Dory went to help only to find Willy on the verge of a mental breakdown. “Where the fuck is this wanker? Huh?! He was supposed to be here half an hour ago!”

Willy turned and look relieved to see Dory, Dory took a step back in apprehension. The look on his boss’s face didn’t look good for Dory. “Thank God, it’s you! I swear you’ll be paid extra—”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, “what do you need?”

“A male model! There was supposed to be a model painted as a statue for Rose to pose with but he didn’t show up. Please, Doria! I’ll pay you the model’s wages along with your wages for today.”

Weak to the money, Doria agreed and was immediately dragged to the makeup and roughly stripped of his clothes. He wore skin-tight, off-white briefs and his entire body was painted the same colour making him look like a marble statue.

Lucy snickered, “well aren’t you a strapping fellow.”

“I’m totally going to botch this.”

“Don’t worry, you just have to stand there while Rose poses. You’ll be like a coat hanger.”

Rose walked up behind them, “well, I am one damn fine coat.” Dory’s jaw dropped, he wore nothing but a blanket of red silk and he didn’t look the least bit embarrassed or uncomfortable. “Then again, you’re a hot hanger.”

They were called to the set and thankfully the paint hid Doria’s blush. He was directed to do stiff, statuesque poses while a naked Rose practically climbed all over him. Lights flashed and Doria did his best not to blink.

Rose’s bare skin was felt scalding against his own, wearing nothing was quite chilly after all. The model’s nose was pressed under his jaw, his breath tickling Dory’s neck. With that being the last photo, Ambrose hopped down from the pedestal and Dory could finally move again.

“That was fun,” Rose said as he pulled on a pair of sweats, going commando. Dory avoided looking at him as he used baby wipes to wipe off the smears and smudges of white paint from Doria’s paint job. Despite being so slender, Rose looked fit, not exactly scrawny.

The photographer clapped Dory on the shoulder, “you did excellently. You and Rose looked stunning up there. Are you certain you don’t want to be a model?”

Running a white palm over his hair which was stiff with paint and product, “I’d much rather be behind the camera.”

The small model walked up to him, his eyes travelling him with a smirk. “An aspiring photographer?”

“That’s my major,” Doria said determinedly.

Lucy walked over with Doria’s clothes, “we’re going drinking, want to join us, Dory?”

Smiling with his perfect teeth, “love to. Quick question, is there any place I can rinse off?”

“There’s a hose, it’s not very private—”

“That’s fine with me,” Dory interrupted. He just wanted all the paint off him, it felt suffocating and hot. He was led to the hose which was literally a garden hose they used to clean off the floor.

Lucy scurried off so he could clean up while Rose leant against the wall with steamy eyes. “Are you going to watch?” Dory asked.

“Why? Are you shy all of a sudden?” Rose asked as his eyes locked onto the briefs that Dory had hooked his thumbs in the waistband to take them off.

Rolling his eyes, “of course not.”

His smirk widened, “you don’t mind a gay bloke eyeing you naked?”

Of course, he minded it. Dory felt like ants were crawling over his skin as Rose’s eyes clung to him, practically eyes fucking him. However, he hated the feeling of paint on him more, and let’s face it, Dory knew he was a fine specimen of a man.

He stripped off the briefs and tossed them away, standing in his naked glory as he turned on the water and began wiping away all the paint, the water turning a cloudy white as it hit the floor and slid down the drain.

The entire time, Dory felt Rose’s eyes on him. Holding a ringing phone, “Mr America, your phone is ringing. Says it’s Gabe.”

Quickly grabbing the phone and dropping the hose, Dory answered, “hey, Gabe, everything okay?”

“Yeah, I was going to let you know that I’ll be flying into London next week for a conference. How could I visit without seeing my best friend?”

“Just you? No Vaungh?”

Laughing, “Archie has class, so yeah, just me. Anyway, did I interrupt anything? What are you doing?”

“I filled in at a photoshoot, I’m rinsing off now.”

Rose was still loitering nearby with a smirk. Gabe laughed, “you modelled?”

“I sure did. When will your flight get in?”

“Next Wednesday at six.”

“Are you staying at a hotel?”

“No offence, Dory, but your place is tiny. I’m staying at a hotel.”

Laughing, “you got me there. I’ll see you next week.”

“Yeah, look forward to it.” He hung up and Dory handed the phone back to Rose so he could finish getting the remainder of the paint off his legs.

Rose asked, “your brother?”


“Lover?” He asked teasingly.

Spluttering, “absolutely not. My best friend.”

“Is he hot? Gay? Both?”

Rose stared eagerly, Doria scoffed, “he’s getting married soon, to our other best friend’s older brother.”

“So you don’t have an issue with gays. Are you gay? Bi? Heteroflexible?”

“Straight,” Dory said through gritted teeth.

“Bummer,” Rose glanced at his dick, “you would’ve been a good shag.”

Rose handed him his clothes and walked off, Dory was questioning what the actual fuck just happened.

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