Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 12

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“Take your shoes off at the door.” I glared at his back as he opened the front door. I didn’t even want to be here, and now I wasn’t even allowed to wear my own shoes? As I walked inside, I took a quick look around. For a guy living alone, his house was tidy. I wonder how his bed room looks. “you can change in the bedroom upstairs to the right.”

I nodded listening to his instructions, I grabbed my bags and headed upstairs. When I got to the top, I was amazed to see there was more than one bedroom. Did he live alone? Or did he rent out the rooms? I don’t think he’d need the extra money. Maybe he just liked options on where to sleep.

There were three doors on the right. What an idiot, he didn’t even tell me which door. I guess I have no choice but to look in them all. I grinned as I pushed open the first door. It was a mini gym. Well that explains his body. I closed the door back, peaking over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t get caught snooping. I frowned when I tried the second room, only for the door to be locked. I pressed my ear against, maybe I’ll hear screams of the innocents on the other side. Sadly, it was quiet, he must’ve duct taped their mouths closed, I grinned at my thoughts.

Trying the last door, I was relieved and also disappointed that I found a regular room. I walked in closing the door behind me. I walked around the room taking note of everything in it, and any possible escape routes. It had a nice bathroom suite stocked with all the latest top brand soaps. There was a wall to the left full of different sized towels. The shower itself was gorgeous. It was one of those showers that had the sliding door, didn’t have to worry about a curtain. I walked fully into the bathroom picking up a bottle of soap, it was for women. Did he have this stocked before I came? Or is this the room he sends his victims after a wild night? Whatever the reason, I decided to take a shower. I grabbed a wash cloth and some strawberry scented soap as I turned the knob on the shower. I put my hand under the water nodding in satisfaction when it was at perfect temperature. The only downside to this bathroom was the lack of door connecting it to the bedroom. Lucky for me the shower wasn’t see through.

I quickly stepped out of my clothes before jumping into the shower. I let out a long sigh, feeling the stress from today washing away as the water ran down my back. There was just something about showers that always made you feel peaceful.

“Are you hungry?” A scream left my mouth as I placed my hand over my lady parts. Even though he couldn’t see me, it was just a natural reaction. Always cover your business. I looked through the glass to see him standing in the doorway.

“Can’t you see I’m in the shower?” I hissed.

“Yes I do, even though I only informed you to get dress.”

“So then get out!”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to join you?” he walked up to the shower, grabbing the sliding door handle. I squeaked grabbing the handle as well, keeping the door closed.

“Get out you pervert!” he laughed walking away from the door. I watched him, making sure he didn’t try anything.

“I was only trying to help.” He continued laughing as he left the room. This is why you never go to a man’s house alone. They’re such perverts.

I finished scrubbing my body quickly before getting out. I grabbed a dry towel wrapping it around me as I made my way to the room. I peaked my head around the corner, making sure sir pervert wasn’t waiting for me on the other side. When the coast was clear I sprinted to the bedroom door locking it. I walked back over to the bed dropping the towel when I realized I was in a dilemma. I didn’t have any under garments to put on. I was definitely not putting the ones I just took off back on after a shower. I bit my lip realizing the only other option I had was to go commando. But it was too risky, especially with the long split I knew the dress had. Unless I wanted to show all my business to his family, I needed to find another option.

As I was thinking over what to do, there was a knock on the door. I grabbed my discorded towel off the floor wrapping it around my body once again. I opened the door slightly, peaking my head through. “Can I help you?” I asked Jax.

He smirked at me. He brought his hands from behind his back holding a matching black lacy set, I blushed. “Just thought I’d bring you these.”

“Where did you get this?” No way was I wearing one of his side chick’s old underwear.

“From the clothing store, just like everything else.” He raised an eyebrow at me. Like he knew what I was implying.

“Thanks.” I reached out to take it from him, only for him to yank his arm back.

“Maybe you should come out and get it.”

“No way!” I reached for them again.

“Do you want to make us late for dinner? One thing my father doesn’t like is for me to be tardy.” He said.

“Ok then give me the underwear and we won’t be late.” I growled out.

He stood there with a thoughtful look on his face. Was he seriously going to make me come out the room in nothing but a towel? I’m pretty sure that’s some form of sexual harassment. After a few seconds he handed them to me. I gave him one last glare as I slammed the door in his face, locking it.

I made my way back over to the bed, dropping my towel once again. I slipped on the panties, surprised that he got my size right. Or whoever gave him the underwear got my size right. After clasping the bra on I reached for the dress. I held it up looking over it again. I can’t believe something this expensive was going to be on my body. The money spent on this dress could’ve paid off my rent for several months. Rich people were so lucky. I slipped the dress on ungrateful it didn’t need to be zipped up.

I stood in the full-length mirror checking myself out. The salon curled my hair to perfection, it set in soft curls stopping at my shoulder. Surprisingly the shower didn’t mess it up, nor did it ruin my makeup. They gave me a smokey effect with some dark red lipstick. The red made my black hair stand out dramatically. I looked mature and hot at the same time. I didn’t think that was even a thing. I grabbed my phone snapping a picture of myself to send to Aly. She was going to flip.

“Hurry up.” Jax banged on the door making me roll my eyes. I grabbed my purse off the bed and slipped my phone it, making my way to the door. I pulled it open about to give him a piece of my mind for rushing, but he wasn’t there.

I held my dress up to see my feet as I made my way down the steps. “Wow, who knew it was possible to make you look good?” I looked up as Jax watched my every movement. Suddenly I felt self-conscious as his eyes drank me in from head to toe. He didn’t look too bad himself. Dressed in an all-black tuxedo with a red bow tie. Did he wear that to match my dress? His hair was messy as always, but it still looked good on him. How could someone so cruel look so yummy? I swear it's always the mean ones that’s hot.

“Stop staring!”

He smirked, “I can’t help it, when will I ever see you look this beautiful again?”

I blushed at his words. How could he make something so sweet also sound like an insult? “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” I mumbled. He pulled his phone out and I assumed to text someone but instead there was a snapping sound. My eyes widened. “It’s a joke!” I watched him smile in satisfaction as he put his phone away.

“Ok, let’s go.”

“Delete that!”

“Contrary to what you may believe Ms. Deblanco but I’m your boss, not the other way around. You don’t get to tell me what to do.” He held the front door open for me and I made sure to step on his toes. “I’ll be sure to take that out of your check.” He growled.

There was a limo waiting out front for us again. Does he ever travel in a normal car? This time when I slid in there was no small blonde lady waiting. Jax got in behind me, taking a seat right next to me. “There’s enough room for you to sit over there.” I pointed to the other side of the limo.

“I need to discuss something with you before we arrive.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “And then you’ll move?”

He rolled his eyes. “Yes, I’ll move.”

“Ok, go on then.”

“We need to kiss.”

I blushed. “Should’ve known you were going to be perverted.”

He rolled his eyes again. “If you’re going to be my pretend fiancé then you can’t be scared to kiss me, in front of others. If I ask for a kiss and you blush, they’ll know something is up.”

“Why do I have to kiss you? Can’t we just pretend like we make out?” My heart was beating fast in my chest. I could feel my back getting hot and hoped I wasn’t sweating in this expensive dress. He wanted me to kiss him? As inviting as his lips looked, I didn’t think it was a good idea. For one he was my boss, and secondly, he was a jerk. My mom taught me to never kiss jerks.

“Do I look like the type to make out with my girl in private? Plus, my father will want proof, and you’ll have to play your role.”

“Well we’ll just kiss when he wants proof then.” I was trying every excuse to get out of making out with him in the back of a limo.

“Sophia look at me.” I rolled my eyes as I turned to face him. Only for his lips to crash onto mine.

He kissed me gently at first, carefully. He hesitantly placed his hand on my waist, like he was afraid any movement would cause me to pull away. But I wasn’t pulling away any time soon. I moaned against his mouth, and that’s when he started kissing me harder, deeper, with an urgent need I’ve never known before. I pulled him harder against me. He groaned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms were around me, gathering me against him on his lap.

I tangled my hands in his hair, tugging on it slightly. And that’s when the limo decided to come to a screeching halt. I slipped off his lap falling to the floor. He looked down at me in surprise, and I’m sure I had a similar expression on my face.

We both broke out in laughter. There was a knock on the partition. “We’re here sir.”

He held out a hand to help me off the floor. “I think we got the kissing part covered.” He smirked at me. I blushed as I grabbed his hand. Indeed we did. All I wanted to do was finish what we started. Why did kissing him make me feel so alive? When he was literally sucking the breath out of me. Curse the limo driver. He's never heard of slowing down to a stop?

Jax opened the door waiting for me on the other side. I slipped out making sure to fix my dress once my feet touched the ground. “Don’t be intimidated by my father, he’ll try his hardest to intimidate you.” he whispered in my ear, grabbing my hand as we headed up the steps of the grand house. His hand in my mine helped me feel a little secure, but not much.

Unlike Jax’s modern home, this place was a mansion. It was at least five stories tall painted in colors of gold and white. When I looked behind me, I noticed the limo had driven up a long-gated driveway.

Jax knocked on the door once, before a guy dressed like a butler opened it. When I saw the butler that’s when I knew I was in way over my head. I didn’t belong here; these people were beyond rich. And rich people were always pricks and liked to look down on people like me.

Before I could turn and run back to the limo, Jax tugged on my hand, pulling me forward. “Steve, nice to see you.” he addressed the butler, walking in.

“The pleasure is always mine sir.”

I looked around the foyer mesmerized by the huge chandelier hanging above my head. I wonder if it fell on me would I be able to sue them?

There were two staircases, one on the left and one on the right, leading up to the second floor. “Wow, you grew up here?” I asked.

“It's not as special as it looks.” He mumbled. I turned to ask him what he meant, when a short gorgeous model came walking over to us.

“Jaxxy! My boy it's been so long.” She called out, speed walking. Did she really just call him Jaxxy?

“Not long enough,” I elbowed him in his side. Whoever this woman was she clearly missed him. From the resemblance I’m guessing she’s his mother.

“Mother,” he pulled her into a hug, then turned to me. “this is Sophia, my fiancé.” Time to play my role, or possibly get fired.

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