Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 15

It's been a week since that dreadful day. A week of job searching. A week of endless crying and buckets of ice cream. “I think you should come out with Brad and I, take your mind off of things.”

I continued filling out the application on my computer as I replied. “I don’t have time to hang out Aly, I need to get a job. If I can’t afford to pay my rent next month, I’ll be forced to ask my parents for money, and you know that’s the last thing I want to do.” I’ve filled out multiple applications, but no calls back.

She sighed. “One night is all I’m asking, I’m sure the applications will still be there when you get back. Plus, Brad has been asking about you non-stop, I think he may be crushing.” She flopped down on the couch across from me.

My fingers paused on the keyboard as I peeked over my laptop. “He’s been asking about me?”

Aly smirked, seeing that she finally had my attention. “Oh yes, he’s been very worried about you.”

I bit my lip trying to make a decision. “Fine, just tonight.” She grinned. “But you have to promise not to bother me anymore after that until I get a new job.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine I promise.”

“So, where are we going? What did you guys have planned?”

She shrugged, “Just a movie, there’s a new scary one out he’s been bugging me about seeing.”

I laughed. “Doesn’t he know you hate scary movies?”

“Apparently not.”

“What time does it start?”

She checked her watch. “In two hours.”

“Good, gives me time to fill out more applications.”

“I still can’t believe he fired you.”

I shook my head at her. “We don’t ever speak of him again, especially not in my apartment.”

“Not even if I refer to him as he who shall not be named?” I glared at her as she laughed.

“When did you say you were leaving?”

She rolled her eyes, getting up from the couch. “I know when I’m not wanted, I’ll be by to pick you up.”

“Why can’t I just drive myself?”

“It’ll be easier if we all just car pulled.” I didn’t want to inform her on how that actually made it more complicated. Considering she lives on the other side of town and will have to drive to come get me and take me back. But hey at least I get to save gas. I got up to lock the door behind her once she left.

Now that I know Brad is going to be there maybe I should actually put in an effort to look nice. My usual attire of sweats and a long t-shirt just won’t cut it. I should also maybe add a little bit of my makeup, a shower wouldn’t hurt either.

I closed my laptop carrying it into my room. Tossing it on the bed, I went to my closet to get something to wear. I don’t want to look too dressed up because Aly would definitely comment on it. But I don’t want to under dress either.

Digging through my clothes nothing seemed right. Was I overthinking this? I mean it was just a movie. Plus Aly would be there so its not like we’d be making out or anything. My cheeks warmed thinking of the last time I made out with someone. No Sophia don’t go there, forget him.

I settled on red skinny jeans and a black shirt with ruffles. Throwing it on the bed I made my way to the shower.

I applied one last layer of lip gloss before making my way to the door. Aly texted me five minutes ago that they were around the corner. Slipping on my shoes I made my way downstairs.

Just as I stepped off the last step Brad’s car pulled up, perfect timing. I was making my way to the backseat when the passenger window rolled down. “Get in the front!” Brad’s deep voice rang out. Get in the front? Was Aly in the back? I shrugged, sliding into the passenger seat. I instantly checked the back for Aly, only to find it empty. “She said she couldn’t make it at the last minute, something about an appointment.” Brad explained. That sneaky snake! There was no appointment, she did this on purpose.

“Um…that’s ok, we can still go enjoy the movie, right?” I tried to pretend I was calm but on the inside, I was freaking out. At this point it was basically a date. I should’ve dressed better!

He smiled over at me. “Exactly what I was thinking, just make it a date.” He winked. Oh god I think my heart just stopped. I smiled awkwardly at him, before looking out the window.

“I mean it doesn’t have to be a date if you’re not comfortable with that.” He sounded nervous, making me relax slightly. Good I’m not the only one.

I peeked over at him, watching the way his hands gripped the steering wheel. “I’m ok with that.”

He let out a breath. “That’s good to hear.” The rest of the ride was silent after that, a comfortable silence. When we pulled up to the movie theater my nerves once again returned. He parked the car and we both got out, walking side by side.

Should I hold his hand? Do people hold hands on a first date? God why was I acting like such a virgin.

As if he read my mind, I felt a warm hand slip into mine. I looked over at him, he smiled down at me. Making my heart warm. “Want some popcorn?” he asked once we purchased our tickets and was standing at the concession stand, still holding my hand.

“Yes, and a hotdog.” I went to pull money out of my wallet, but he stopped me.

“I got it.” I smiled gratefully at him. If I didn’t know the type of guy Brad was, I would think he was paying because he knew I was jobless. We made our way to our seats, right in the middle of the theater.

“That honestly was scarier than I thought it would be.” I said as we walked out of the theater.

Brad laughed. “I could tell, I thought my arm was going to lose feeling by how hard you were clinging to it.”

I blushed, smacking his arm. “You said it was ok.”

He smirked, throwing an arm around my shoulders. “It was more than ok. What guy wouldn’t want a beautiful girl clinging to him?” I bit my lip at his compliment.

“Ms. Deblanco?” My head snapped to the side, seeing Jax standing there in all his sexy glory. What was he doing here?

“Jax?” he was holding two drinks in his hand, which meant he wasn’t alone.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, looking between Brad and me.

“Seeing a movie like everyone else.” I glared. If it wasn’t obvious, I was still salty about him firing me. I grabbed Brad's arm hoping to lead us away from him.

“Do you mind if we talked for a minute? Alone?” he called out after us.

I stopped, hesitating. “Isn’t that your old boss? Maybe he wants to offer you your job back.” Brad said. Yeah, I doubt that very much. “I don’t mind waiting over here.”

“Fine, I’ll make it quick.” I handed him the popcorn, walking over to Jax. “what?” I was way pass pleasantries.

“Who is that?” I was confused for a moment, not expecting him to ask that.


He rolled his eyes. “The guy you’re all googly eyed with.” I blushed at his words.

“That’s Brad, not that it’s any of your business.” I stated, crossing my arms.

He nodded, jaw clenching slightly. “Is he your boyfriend?”

I growled, frustrated. “What did you want to talk about? Cause if you dragged me over here just to ask questions about my love life then I’m leaving.”

He glared at me, opening his mouth to say something, then closed it. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he was going to insult me. “You’re still annoying as ever.” He growled out.

“That’s it, I’m gone.” I started to walk away, only to feel a cold hand wrap around my arm.

“I’m trying to offer your stubborn ass your job back.” He said through clenched teeth. “but you have to answer my question.”

I was shocked, he wanted to give me my job back. “What question?”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

I opened my mouth to answer, just as a female walked up to us. “Babe, the movie is about to start. Who is this?” she looked over at me as she stood next to Jax, a bucket of popcorn in her hand. He instantly released me, taking a step back. He picked up the drink he sat down.

“An employee of mine.” He told her. They looked perfect next to each other. She was drool worthy just as much as he was. I felt like a rock standing by her. So, this was his type. “I’ll see you Monday Ms. Deblanco.” he called out as they started walking away. I was beyond confused, why the sudden change of heart? Why was he offering me my job back? And why did I feel an ache in my chest seeing her with him?

I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder.“Ready to go?” Brad asked.

I nodded. “Yes.” I’ll think more about this at home.

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