Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 17

I shot up in bed, when did I fall asleep again? Looking over the left side of my bed was empty. Where was he?

I got out of the bed to go check the kitchen. Rubbing my eyes I rounded the corner, but he wasn't there, nor in the living room. He just left?

I went back to my room to check my phone. Maybe he left a message or something, maybe even a note. But after much searching I've come to the conclusion that he just left, with no explanation.

Sighing I started climbing back in bed, until I remembered the time on my phone. Shit! I'm two hours late. I rushed to my dresser, grabbing my work clothes I had shoved to the back.

Taking the quickest shower of my life, I was clean and out of the house in seconds. Late on my first day back.

"Come on, come on." I was waiting in the lobby for the elevator as it descended from the fifth floor. Why was it going so slow? "Finally." I mumbled shuffling in, jabbing the close doors button. Just as it started closing a body slipped in. "Jax?" Wow and he complains about me being late.

"Ms.Deblanco? Late as always I see." He crossed his arms leaning against the wall.

I rolled my eyes. "And who's fault is that?"

"As an adult you don't make excuses, you accept fault and fix the problem." He pulled out his phone. Were we not going to discuss what happened? Maybe now wasn't a good time.

"The problem is you." I mumbled, watching the elevator numbers get closer to our stop.

"What was that?"

"Noth-" I braced myself against the wall as the elevator started shaking, before coming to a screeching halt as the lights went out. A silent scream left my mouth as I darted over to where I last saw Jax. "What is going on?" I wasn't a fan of the dark, and being in pitch black was like a nightmare. I couldn't even see in front of my face. But the warm body I was currently pressed up against brought me a slight amount of comfort. Even if it belonged to the devil himself.

"I think the elevator is broken."

Suddenly a crackling sound surrounded the elevator. "Attention employees and guests, we are currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Please do not panic, we shall have it up and running in 30 mins. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"Great." Stuck in the elevator for the thirty minutes with one of my enemies. Could this day have started off even better? There was shifting behind me until I felt a breeze on my back. "What are you doing?" I panicked, was he moving away from me?

"Sitting down." His voice came from somewhere below me. I instantly dropped down as well. "Ow."

"What!?" Please don't tell me there's a spider in here. I scooted back more against him, to the point that I was now sitting in his lap. I didn't care how inappropriate this was, I was scared.

"You elbowed me in my nuts." He groaned. "Why the hell are you on my lap?" He growled out, making me shiver.

I cleared my throat. "I don't like being in the dark."

He sighed, wrapping an arm around me. I felt him moving us back until we were leaning against where I assume the corner of the elevator was. I leaned my head against his chest, getting comfortable. "Sorry." I whispered.

"For what?" He replied just as quietly. Almost like if we spoke too loudly we'd ruin this bubble of comfort around us.

"About your balls." I was glad he couldn't see me, because my cheeks were burning.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure they still work." We fell into silence after that. I felt now was a good time to bring up last night.

"So...why did you call me last night?" He was quite for a minute, I thought maybe he didn't hear me.

Then he sighed. "I knew I could trust you."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not everyday you see the CEO of a company getting shit faced alone, people will assume. And I knew you wouldn't tell anyone." Is it weird that he's right? I really wouldn't tell anyone, I hadn't even told Aly. "Social drinking is fine, but when you're doing it alone its a problem."

"Oh." So he called me because he trusts me? I felt a light fluttering in my chest at that. "But why were you drinking?"

"That, is a conversation for another time." There was an undertone of seriousness to his words.

"How long do you think we've been in here?" It felt like an hour.

"I'd say a few minutes." I nodded. As we waited I unconsciously traced patterns on the back of his hand. The back of his hand was smooth but the front was rough. I was surprised he let me touch him, I mean sure I was on his lap but maybe that's were he drew the line. "I never thanked you for coming to get me, and the medicine for my hangover." He spoke.

"To be honest I only came because I thought you were Aly." I admitted. Had I known it was him the bartender was calling for I would've hung up.

"You're a good friend then. I would've hung up." He chuckled, His laughter vibrating against my back.

"Well lucky for you I didn't."

"Lucky indeed." He sighed, his arm tightening. "Although I could've done without the snoring."

My eyes widened. "I don't snore!"

He laughed, "Oh you very much do. Such an ugly quality to have. Is this why you're single?" And the jerk was back.

"Who said I was single?" I felt him stiffen at my words.

"So the guy from the movie theaters? You guys are a thing? Doesn't really seem like your type."

"What seems like my type?" I was very curious about his answer.

"You know, some computer tech that plays world of warcraft."

I shifted around to where I thought his face was. "Are you saying I'm a nerd!?"

He sucked on his teeth. "Are you saying you're a nerd?"

"Don't try to reverse psychology me!"

"Prove you're not a nerd then." He challenged.

I rolled my eyes. "Sure, how?"

"Kiss me for the first time."

My cheeks heated up in the darkness, "I've kissed you before."

"No, I've kissed you both times. You need to kiss me."

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