Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 18


My body was hot all over. He wanted me to kiss him? "I can't we're not facing the same way." I said.

He chuckled. "You can just straddle me, get a better excuse or admit you're a nerd."

A growl left my lips. I shifted around until my legs were on either side of him. Then I lost my confidence again. I can't believe I'm straddling him in the dark! My hands rested on his chest, I wonder if he can feel them shaking? My knees were starting to hurt digging into the elevator floor. I needed to get this over with quick.

"U-um, just don't move."

"Ok." I felt warm hands rest on my waist. "Now I won't move."

I rolled my eyes, taking a deep breath. "Just be still." I placed my hands on his shoulders, ignoring how clamy they felt. He stayed perfectly still as I started to lean in. This was it, I was actually going to do this. I was going to kiss Jax.

I was close enough now that I felt every time he exhaled. I licked my lips, tilting my head to the side and closing my eyes. And that's when the lights came on and the elevator doors opened. I stumbled off of him, landing on the floor.

He stood up, dusting himself off. "Maybe don't take so long next time." He winked at me before striding out.

I got off the ground following behind him, not making eye contact with anyone. I'm sure my face was flushed. "Where the hell have you been!?" I looked up, spotting Damian sitting outside his office. What was he doing here?

"What do you want?" Jax asked him, pausing at the door. I wasn't sure if I'd be in my old office so I was just going to follow him until further notice.

"I heard some interesting news about you." Damian smiled at him. Jax looked back at me, making him look as well. "Oh hey Trojan girl." He beamed. Here I was hoping he'd forgotten who I was.

"Hi." I gave him a small wave.

We all crowded in his office. Jax took a seat behind his desk and Damian took the chair across from him. I just stood awkwardly next to Damian, even though he patted his lap inviting me to sit down.

"Please share what you heard brother." He stated casually.

Damian smirked. "Apperently you're engaged."

I instantly stiffened. Jax leaned forward now, intrigued. "Father told you this?"

He nodded. "First mother, she's extremely excited about the news. Now I'm just wondering why are you lying about being engaged?" His father is telling people about the engagement? Does that mean he actually believed us? My eyes connected with Jax's.

He raised an eyebrow, "Who says it's a lie?"

"I've been around you for the last three years, there is no special lady in your life." Damn he was on to us, well Jax.

"You're right, besides Sophia of course." He leaned back in his chair, watching his reaction.

Damian swiveled around in his chair to look at me, then back at Jax, before bursting into laughter. Um ok "Now I see what's going on here, you're trying to take over."

For the first time in my life I saw a flash of panic in Jax eyes. "We'll discuss this later Damian."

Damian smirked. "So your future wife doesn't truly know what she agreed to then? How much danger she could possibly be in. What a great way to started a marriage, on nothing but lies. Maybe I should enlighten her." What was he talking about? What danger? Oh my gosh, would his dad kill me?

Jax shot to his feet, slamming his fist down on the desk. "Dammit Damian I said not now!"

"What danger?" I asked.

Jax looked at me, his gaze softening slightly. "You're not in any danger."

"Not yet." Damian coughed.

"Get out." He ordered. I started making my way to the door. "Not you." I stopped, face flushing.

Damian got up smiling. "Always nice to see you brother." He stopped when he got by me. "Don't trust him until he's told you everything." Then he was gone. Told me everything? What was Jax keeping from me?

I was nervous now that we were alone. It's clear he was keeping something big from me, big enough to put my life in danger. "Jax?" I watched him as he stared down at his desk. What was he thinking about?

"Are you in or out?" He asked suddenly, looking up at me, pining me in place with his dark eyes.

"What?" My mind was all over the place right now. To the point that his words were barely registering.

He came from behind his desk, walking to me. I flinched when he reached his hand out, he instantly withdrew it back, frowning. "Do you trust me?" He asked.

"No." There was a flash of hurt in his eyes. What did he expect me to say? He's been lying to me since I met him.

"I promise I'll keep you safe."

"Keep me safe from what?"

He sighed, "I shouldn't have dragged you into this, I didn't truly think about the consequences till now."

"What consequences?" What exactly did I agree to?

"My world isn't as black and white as it seems. I have enemies, lots of them. You don't get to live my type of lifestyle and expect not to make any. And once they get word that you're my wife. You'll become a target." Now I was slightly afraid. A target? People will want to kill me?

"But I'm not your real wife! Or fiance!"

"That's another thing, if you agree to be my fake fiancé again we'll have to make it legit." His voice was serious, as were his eyes. This was no longer a joking matter.

"What do you mean? What are you saying?"

"We'll have to get married, and fast. It's the only way I'll be able to guarantee your safety."

"But the only way I'll get in danger is if I pretend to be your fake fiance again. I can just walk away right now. In fact I am, you're clearly delusional and taking this way too far. I didn't sign up to do this long term." I shook my head. What was he thinking? Become his real wife!? We didn't even like each other, he wasn't even attracted to me! I was heading out his office when his voice stopped me.

He chuckled darkly, "That's the thing, you've already pretended, my father and mother believe you're my fiance. That's all it takes. Your life is already in danger, I'm offering you my protection."

I looked back at him, fury in my eyes. "And I'm declining it." I stated, before leaving the room.

Who the hell does he think he is? 'I'm offering you my protection'. The only person I needed protection from was him. I growled angrily as I walked to my car. I probably shouldn't just leave work, but as far as I'm concerned I'm done working for that maniac. Opening the door I slid inside. I decided to park in the garage today, much more privacy.

I jumped when a hand smacked against the glass. "Open the door Sophia." Jax stood there, an angry look on his face. When did he walk up? How didn't I hear him behind me?

"Leave me alone!"

"Open the damn door!"


He was breathing hard on the other side, I was glad this window was between us. "I'm just trying to protect you."

"I don't need any protection. Just get out of my way." I started the car up, I'll drive over his feet if I have to.

He sighed. "Don't make me do this."

"The only thing I want to make you do is -ah!" I screamed covering my face as the glass on the window shattered. There was the sound of unlocking before I was yanked out the car. "Let me go!" I could feel a few cuts on my arm from the glass.

He pushed me against the car. "Why must you be so stubborn?" I didn't get a chance to answer him, because his mouth closed over mine.

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