Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 19

He pressed his body up against mine, deepening the kiss. I moaned, opening my month to his invasive tongue. He let out a sound of approval gripping my hips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, tying to mold us into one. He soon caught on and hoisted me up. I made sure to secure my legs around his waist.

I can't believe I'm making out with him again. Aren't I suppose to be mad at him right now? What was I mad about again?

My brain was in a fog. Only knowing one thing and that's I wanted to be closer. I needed to be closer. I made sure to voice this the moment he broke the kiss. Making a trail of them down my neck. "Jax," I moaned.

He grunted, sucking on a spot between my neck and shoulder. Definitely leaving a mark there. "I should take you right now." His tongue glided down my neck. "For making me break that glass."

My core heated up at his words. "Do it." You could hear the want in my voice.

He pulled back to look at me, before crashing his lips to mine once again. This kiss was rough and needy. The kind of kiss you get right before wild sex. My stomach filled with excitement and nerves. This wasn't the most ideal place to have sex and I'll probably regret it later, but right now I didn't care.

I reached for the button on his jeans, only for his hand to stop me. "No," No? I thought we had come to an agreement. "When I take you, it won't be against a car." The look in his eyes was full of promises.

I was still breathing hard when I replied. "What if I don't want you after this?"

He grinned, pressing his lower half against me. I moaned, feeling him run against my core. "You will."

That cocky bastard."Just becau-" I stopped, distracted by the sound of squealing tires. We both looked up as a sleek black car came speeding our way.

It wasn't until they slowed as they passed us that either one of us reacted. "Shit!" He swore. I watched as the window rolled down, and I was now looking at the barrel of a gun. My eyes widened. Jax instantly moved back, making me drop to the ground, just as a gun shot went off.

I screamed, covering my head with my hands, my elbows digging into more glass. I felt a heavy weight land on my back, as more shots went off. Oh God they killed Jax! "Relax baby I'm right here." Oh did I say that out loud? More gun shots went off as I cowarded on the ground.

Eventually the gun shots stopped and the weight was lifted off me. "You can get up now." Uncovering my head slowly I tried to calm my shaking body. Even though he said I could stand up, all I could do was lean against my car. "Take deep breaths." He squatted down in front of me, placing a hand on my shoulder.


"I said take a deep breath."

I stopped, taking a deep breath. "Did we just get shot at!?"

"Yes we did." He stated calmly, like stuff like this happened everyday.


He looked around, like someone might hear his answer. "Not here." He grabbed my arm suddenly, examining my elbow. "I need to take you home and get this cleaned up. We'll talk there." For some reason my heart skipped a best when he said home. I know he didn't mean like our home, but still.

"Ok." I let him help me up. It was then that I noticed the gun in his hand. I sucked in a breath, he noticed and put it in his back pocket.

My eyes darted around the parking lot. I looked at my car notching a few bullet holes in the side, where I had been standing moments ago. "Oh God." They actually shot at us! Did Jax back? Could that have been the other shots I heard?

My hand was shaking too much as I tried to open the door. "I'll drive." I nodded at him, walking around to the other side. Once inside my car I felt a lot safer.

The ride to his house was silent. I was still shaken up by the drive by. Why were people shooting at us? Is this the danger he was talking about? People shooting at you in parking lots in broad daylight? He was right, I no longer felt safe. What would have happened if he wasn't there? I would probably be dead.

Sobs erupted out of my mouth before I could stop then. Jax's head snapped in my direction, surprise written all over his face. "Hey we're almost there, I'll make you some hot chocolate or tea. That sounds good right?"

I wiped my face trying to stop the tears, but they just kept coming. "I don't want any stinking tea."

"Ok so hot chocolate it is."

I turned to glare at him. "It's the middle of the summer Jax."

He grinned at me. "So? Who's to say we can't still drink it."

I shook my head at him, sniffing. We pulled up to his house and instead of parking up front, he went into the garage. If I wasn't so shaken up I'd be nervous about being here again. Especially I offered him my body not too long ago. My face heated up remembering it. Even traumatized I was still embarrassed.

I followed him through the house. "Go sit in the living room, I'll bring your drink to you." I nodded, luckily I remembered the layout from my last time visiting here. I bit my lip nervously as I sat on the couch. What was he going to tell me? Did he owe people money? "Here." I looked up startled, to Jax standing there. I didn't even see him walk up.

"Thank you." I took the mug of hot chocolate from him as he sat on the table in front of me, our knees touching. He waited until I took a sip before he started talking.

He looked me in the eyes, face straight as stone as he uttered his next words. "I'm your husband."

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