Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 22

"Brad?" He was sitting there tied to a chair. Face so bloody I could barely recognize him. But there was no doubt in my mind it was him. "Oh god," He was out cold. I took a step forward, only for an arm to go around my waist and another over my mouth. I squirmed as I was dragged back and up the steps. Once he released me, I turned on him. "What the hell? Why is my friend tied up in your basement? What did you do to him?"

"Calm down Sophia."

"I will not calm down! Until I have answers. What is going on?"

He sighed, "I didn't want you to see that." Of course he didn't! That's why he was in the basement. "What were you doing down there anyways?"

I glared at him. "Answer me!"

"You remember the guys that shot at us? Well your friend works with them. I'm not sure when he started or what his motives are. But for right now he's the enemy."

I scoffed. "The only enemy here is you! Im calling the police." I pushed pass him to go in the kitchen.

I didn't make it far before he grabbed me. "Stop acting like a child Sophia! Your life is in danger, I'm not taking any chances with any one."

I snatched my arm out of his grasp. "Brad would never hurt me!"

"And how are you so sure? You didn't even know your father was in the mafia. How would you know if someone meant you harm? These are trained killers we're dealing with, they'll do whatever it takes to complete their mission. Including pretending to be someone they're not." He growled out.

"If brad is a killer than Aly is one too! Everyone in my life might as well be a killer!"

"Aly is safe." I stared at him. "I had her checked out." He explained.

"Y-you what?" This man was crazy, I was stuck in a house with a mad man! "You know what? Nevermind, I'm leaving." I could hear his footsteps behind me as I walked to the front door. He didn't say anything, just followed me. I grabbed the handle but the door didn't budge, dammit I forgot it was voice activated. "Let me out." I faced him. He stood there, a look of anger on his face.

"Front door, open." The locks clicked out of place. I frowned, he was just going to let me leave? I knew he was lying about my life being in danger. I shrugged pulling the door open. "Sophia," I looked back at him. "Be careful." He warned.

I scoffed, slamming the door behind me. Now I needed to find the local bus stop and get as far away from him as I can.

I used my phone to locate the nearest bus stop. It was ten minutes away on feet. I looked back to make sure Jax wasn't following me, when it seemed clear, I started speed walking down the street. I needed to get to a police station! Alert them with what's going on. But first I needed to call Aly. I clicked her name waiting patiently for her to answer. She needed to know that physco has her cousin locked in his basement. After the fourth ring I swore, she must be busy.

I was three blocks away when I started getting this weird feeling. It felt like I was being followed, like someone was directly behind me. I whipped around, but no one was there. In fact no one was anywhere, the street was completely empty. Reasons I didn't like rich neighborhoods, you hardly ever saw anyone outside.

I sighed, continuing my walk. I was just paranoid, not everyone was out to get me.

It was two blocks later when I realized I wasn't just paranoid. I could now hear footsteps behind me, walking in time with mine. Panic overtook me, I tried to subtly peek over my shoulder. Someone dressed in all black with a hood over their head was behind me, walking at a swift pace.

Fear gripped me by the throat as I pulled out my phone. It rang three times before he answered. "I think someone is following me." I whispered /yelled.

"Where are you?" He demanded.

"Five blocks away from your house." Beads of sweat started to drip down my face. I was scared, and nervous. Why didn't I just stay with him? Maybe he was right about Brad.

"Stay on the line, I'm coming." I could faintly hear a door slam in the background.

I was so focused on the phone that I wasn't paying attention to what was in front of me. The phone slipped from my hand as my foot got caught on a rock. My eyes widened the moment I started falling. "Shit." I used my hands to catch myself, wincing when they scraped against the ground.

I didn't have time to assess the damage, the footsteps were now directly behind me. I flipped over landing on my butt, scooting far back towards the grass. I covered my face as the figure got closer. Oh God, I'm about to die! I held my breath waiting for the moment they'd attack.

The moment never came. I removed my hands to see the figure had walked by, completely ignoring me. I let out a deep breath, then a short laugh. I was scared for nothing!

"Sophia? What's going on? I'm almost there, I can see you." I heard from my discarded phone. I looked to the left to see him at least two blocks away. I leaned out to grab my phone, only for a hand to go around my mouth.

I tried to scream, but it was muffled. Another arm went around my waist, dragging me back across the ground. I thrashed in their hold, kicking my legs out and flailing my arms. But it was useless, the person continued dragging me. The further the sidewalk got from me the more I panicked.

"Stop moving!" A voice hissed in my ear. A male voice. Just as I thought all hope was lost, Jax came sprinting right towards us. Oh thank goodness! I widened my eyes at him. "Dammit! Guess I'll try again next time princess." I was released and my body fell to the ground. I groaned when my head smacked against the grass.

Jax stopped next to me, not bothering to chase after the guy. "Shit," He swore, helping me up.

I threw my arms and legs around him the moment I was standing. "Jax!" I breathed out a sob against his shoulder. Just moments ago I was trying to get far away from him, now I felt I couldn't get close enough.

"Shh," He patted my back, walking back towards the direction of his house.

"H-h-he tried to kidnap me!" His arms tightened around me, but he didn't respond. I could feel the anger radiating off him. He was furious, at who I wasn't sure.

The door opened to his house and I never felt safer, even though not too long ago this felt like the least safe place to be.

He set me down gently on the couch. I watched him walk towards a wall and pull his arm back, sending his fist right through it. I jumped back in shock. "Jax?" I whimpered. He was breathing heavily, his forehead pressed against the wall.

"You're staying here tonight, no objections." It was a statement and not a question. I knew I wasn't going to be allowed to leave again, not after what just happened. "I shouldn't have let you out of my sight." He growled out lowly. I wasn't sure if he was just thinking out loud or actually talking to me.

I got up making my way to him. Tentatively, I laid a hand on his back. I yelped when he grabbed my wrist, pinning me against the wall. I stood there stunned as he stared. His eyes were hard and unfocused, like he wasn't fully there. It seemed like he was looking through me rather than at me. "Jax?" I brought a hand up to place on his cheek, his grip tightened.

"I should've gone after him." He hissed. I've never seen him react like this, like he cared. Did Jax care about me? More than he was letting on?

"No, you shouldn't have." My words went through one ear and out the other. He wasn't paying attention to me. I thought of something I could do to get his attention. It was wild and might back fire on me, but I had to try.

I took a deep breath, then leaned forward, crashing my lips to his.

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