Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 23

He didn't respond at first, obviously shocked by me making the first move. Embarrassed I started to pull away, when I felt pressure on my lips.

One large hand cupped my neck as he brought my face closer. Reaching up I wrapped my hands around his neck. He didn't need to coax my mouth open, I willingly allowed him to explore my mouth. Our tongues danced together, making me moan.

He pulled away as I tried to catch my breath. His hands on either side of my head he just stared. The corner of his mouth lifted slighty. "You have bubble gum lips right now, not attractive at all."

I growled, shoving him hard away from me. He laughed when I stomped off. Why did I ever kiss that jerk?

I yelped when arms went around my waist, tossing me over a shoulder. "What are you doing? Put me down!" He ignored me, carrying me up the steps. "I'm serious Jax! Or I'll attack you with my bubble gum lips."

"Promise?" I glared at his backside, balling my fist I brought it down against his butt.

"Ow!" I squeaked when I felt a smack on mine.

"Just returning the favor, didn't know you were into foreplay." His cocky reply.

I looked over my shoulder to see us heading into a room. He put me down once we got in. "Keep your-" I was cut off by his lips.

Roughly pressing me into the wall, his hands gripped my hips. My fingers gripped the front of his shirt, desperately kissing him back.

In one strong movement he lifted me up with no warning. Securing my legs around his waist, I gasped at the hardness pressing against me. Jax took that moment to place wet kisses along my neck. His fingers held my chin lightly tilting it to the side, to give himself better access.

I moaned when he started to suck on a sensitive spot, causing me to shamelessly grind myself against him. He groaned. "Sophia," the warmth of his breath caused my body to tingle.

I felt weightless as he carried me to the bed. My heart was beating a mile a minute. Was I really making out with Jax? In his bedroom? Alone?

I was brought out of my mini panic when I felt my back sink into something soft. Jax hovered above me as I laid sprawled out in front of him. He smirked. "I enjoy seeing you like this."

I frowned,"Like wha-" He brought his mouth down to mine once again. I jumped when the hands on my hip slipped up the bottom of my shirt. His hands were hot against my skin. They continued traveling up further and further, until they brushed my bra. Jax let out a sound of disappointment. I almost laughed, did he assume I wasn't wearing one?

"Fucking titty blockers." He mumbled against my lips. I broke the kiss to let out a laugh. He took that opportunity to tug my shirt over my head. Before I could lay back down, he reached around me unsnapping my bra. My cheeks heated up when my breast spilled out. "Much better." I felt awkward being half undressed in front of him. This was my boss for Christ sake, no matter what we've been through I still work for him.

"Jax, I think we should-" A moan escaped my mouth. His wet tongue circled my nipple, causing me to arch up against him. Fucking shit. Using his teeth he tugged on it, making me cry out. His other hand massaged my other breast causing just as much pleasure. "Jax," I moaned. I could feel my orgasm building up. I was embarrassed that such simple things was filling me with excitement.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, he released by breast, kissing down my stomach. I was breathing hard as I watched him.

He sat up, hands going to the buttons of my jeans. I bit my lip, watching him as he started to tug them down. My jeans were discarded, and his lips were back on mine.

I didn't pay much attention to the hand resting on my hip, until I felt it slip into my panties. "Ahh," He watched me as he worked his finger in and out of me. I moaned, bucking my hips to get more of his finger in. "Shit, Jax," My eyes closed on their own from pleasure.

"Look at me." He demanded. They snapped open, landing on him. His eyes were full of lust and want. He wanted me and wasn't trying to hide it.

Slipping another finger in, I struggled to keep my eyes open. All I wanted to do was throw my head back and scream. My orgasm was coming, and it was coming fast. He picked up his pace, staring into my eyes.

The intensity of his gaze and the feel of his fingers, had my walls clenching around him. My body shuddered the moment my orgasm hit. "Jax!" Two more thrust and he removed his fingers. I blushed when he brought them up to his mouth, glistening in my juices. He didn't pause as he sucked my orgasm off. My mouth opened in awe.

He got off the bed, pulling his jeans off. Since it was still broad daylight outside, I didn't miss the huge bulge in his boxers. Nor did I miss the size of his cock when he took his boxers off. Holy shit. My mouth watered at the sight.

He climbed back up on the bed. Moving until his hips were right in front of me, and I was eye level with his cock. He pushed it against my lips, coaxing me to open my mouth. I happily took him in, moaning at the fullness he caused. He grunted, wrapping his hand in my hair. Thrusting his hips forward, he guided my mouth up and down his shaft. "Fuck." His head was thrown back as he fucked my mouth. I tried not to gag when he pushed himself too far in. I wanted to pleasure him like he had done to me.

All too soon he jerked himself out of my mouth. He maneuvered himself between my legs, pushing them open more. My nerves came back as I waited. This was about to happen, there was no stopping it now. He took a hold of himself, rubbing his tip up and down between my folds.

I growled out in frustration. "Jax fuck-" in one solid movement he pushed himself fully in. My eyes watered at how big he was. I wasn't a Virgin or anything, he was just fucking huge.

He watched me for a few seconds, letting me adjust to his size. "Ready?" I nodded. He pulled all the way out, then pushed back in, much slower this time. "Shit." I was caught off guard when he suddenly flipped us over. I was not expecting to be on top. "I need you to be on top for a minute. I'm going to fucking bust if I keep seeing you under me like that."

I blushed at his words. My hands laid flat against his chest. Rolling my hips forward, I moaned at the feeling of him moving inside me. It still felt like he was splitting me open, but it felt good. He grabbed my hips, sticking to the rhythm I had created as I rode him..

I leaned forward, letting him slip halfway out of me, before lowering myself again. I repeated this over and over, moaning out his name. I've never said his name so much in my life.

I was so close. He thrust his hips up hard, burying himself in me, and that's when I lost. My walls clenched around him, just as his bedroom door was thrown open.

I let out a scream, not from shock, but from my orgasm. Jax flipped us, trying to use his body to cover me.

"Oh shit," A voice said in amusement. I peeked over Jax shoulder to see Damian standing in the doorway. Sadly, even the sight of him couldn't stop my orgasm.

"Get the fuck out!" My nails dug into his back, as I moaned softly. Jax looked down at me, eyebrow raised. He could feel my juices leaking out around him. I blushed, dammit Sophia why didn't you stop yourself!

The door finally closed, and I wanted to die from embarrassment. I can't believe I came in front of his brother!

Suddenly Jax thrust himself deep with a groan, and I felt the warmth of his sperm hitting my walls. He let himself lay against me for a few seconds, before pulling himself up. "Get dressed." He ordered, slipping out of me and getting off the bed. I pouted at the sudden emptiness I felt.

I grabbed the sheet pulling it over my body. "I can't go out there!"

He looked at me in amusement. I was sad when he pulled his jeans on. I had been hoping for a round two, but Damian ruined that. "Why not?"

"I- He-, I just can't!"

He laughed,"Relax Sophia, he's not dumb enough to say anything inappropriate to you." I rolled my eyes, yeah right.

Sighing I looked around the floor for my clothes. I slipped them on under the cover as Jax waited patiently for me. There was no reason to try and fix my hair, Damian already caught us in the act. "How did he even get in?"

"He has a key." He held the door open letting me go out first. I barely made it two steps when his arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me to a stop. "Where's your bra?" Now he notices I'm not wearing one?

"Would've taken too long to put on."

He shook his head. "You're staying in here." I was surprised by his change of attitude, but didn't argue. I didn't want to go out there anyways.

I shrugged, walking back over to his bed. Pulling out my phone I decided to just read until he was done.

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