Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 24



"We have a problem ." I watched Damian take a seat on the couch.

"We have lots of problem." One being the little vixen upstairs.

"They want her." I didn't have to ask the her he was referring to.


"Who do you think? Her family does."

"Her mom mentioned nothing about wanting her."

He sighed, "Her mafia family, they want the princess returned."

"Why? Why now all of a sudden?" They've been quiet all this time, and now they want her? Over my dead body.

"You know why." And I did, I've been trying to deny the truth.

"Our dad." He knows about her lineage, about the amount of power her dad held. "He wants to kill her." To make a statement, to prove he's the new king. They must've heard about the people trying to kill her, and they protect their own no matter what. They'll come out of hiding and go to war for her. A way they're sure to win.

He nodded "And that's why they want her back, to protect her." As much as I didn't like it, I knew she'd be safe with them. Safe until I found the people hunting her down. But sending her to them would be putting her in this war. "You know what you have to do Jax, it's time for her to go home."


I rushed away from the door as I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I was hoping to hear their conversation, but they went farther than I assumed.

Jax walked into the room, a look of gloom on his face. "What happened?"

He sighed,"You're going to meet up with your mom sooner rather than later."


"It's time you met your other family."

I frowned. "My other family?"

He nodded,"The kings family."


Jax stood in the doorway of my room while I packed. I insisted he waited in the living room, but he refused. "Can you at least sit on the bed?"

He looked over his shoulder at me. "Trying to get me in bed again already?" I blushed.

"Fine, stand there then."

"I will."

"Cool." I slammed my pants in the suitcase, frustrated at his behavior. Though it's my fault to think he'd suddenly have an attitude change just cause we slept together. My fingers shook slightly thinking back to that moment. How careful he was with me, worshipping my body like I really was a princess.

I pushed those memories to the back of my mind. Whatever happened last night, was a mistake. He made it very clear he wanted nothing to do with me.

"How much shit are you packing?" I jumped at the sound of his voice, too lost in my thoughts.

I added one last shirt before locking the suitcase close. "I'm done."

"Finally," He walked over snatching the suitcase off the bed. "Next time I'm packing for you."

I scoffed, following him out the door. "As if I'd let you touch my clean underwear."

"Babe, I've touched a lot more than that." Before he could react, I hooked my leg around his ankle.

The hallway filled with the sound of my laughter as he fell, a good amount of my clothes popping out of the suitcase.

I walked up squatting next to him, a smirk on my face. "Here's your chance to pack my clothes now, babe."

A growl left him, before he attacked. A high shrill left me the moment his arms wrapped around me waist. He pulled me down to the floor, maneuvering us so he landed on top. "Bad move,"

I squirmed underneath him. "Get off!"

He smirked,"Funny, the last time we was in this position you was telling me to go de-"

"And here I thought she was packing." We both looked over at the new voice. Damian stood there, arms crossed looking unimpressed. "If you guys are going to have sex, at least do it in the bedroom. "

"We're not having sex."

"She wants to."

"Can I join?" My eyes narrowed at the two of them. What was wrong with this family?

Giving him a hard shove, he still moved nowhere. Dammit. "Get off!"

He sighed,"Later then." I glared when he finally pulled himself up.

"My turn!" My eyes widened when another body landed on me.

"Oof," Unlike Jax, Damian chose to sit sideways on my stomach. "Oh God I can't breathe."

Damian frowned at me, and here I was thinking he was the mature one. Jax pushed him back, making him fall off me. I wasted no time getting off the ground. Just in case one of them decided to sit on me again.

"How," I took a deep breath, "Did your mother survive raising you two?"

"Easy," Damian answered, "She only raised me."

"But -"

"Enough, let's go." Jax said. The sudden change in the atmosphere didn't go unnoticed by me.

Two Hours Later....

"I can honestly say, I don't remember my mother living this far away." We've been in the car for days now. Ok just a few hours, but it feels like days. Especially with Damian in the car.

"We're not going to her house, we're not even going in that direction. When was the last time you went to visit your mother?"

I shrugged, even though he couldn't see me from the backseat. "It's been a while." Damian snickered from the passenger seat.

"World's best daughter." It was true I didn't visit my mom a lot, mainly because she came to me. When I went to her I just used the GPS.

"Whatever," Now that I think about it, I've never been on this highway before. "Where are we going? Where does this 'family' of mine live?"

"At the castle of course." Damian answered.

"You got to be kidding me? An actual castle!?" These people really thought highly of themselves. Did I even want to meet them?

"It's not a real castle, they just call it that. Considering they worshipped your dad like a king." Jax explained.

"So it's not big then?"

Damien, like the mature guy he is, laughed. "Don't you know?" He leaned over elbowing Jax, who looked at him unimpressed.

"Yes, it's big," Damian snickered. "Most of the family lives in it."

"How much longer until we're there?"

"Two more hours." Kill me now.

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