Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 25


The car wasn't moving. That's the first thing I noticed when I came to. Second thing, I was still in the car even though it wasn't moving.

I yawned sitting up, trying to get a peek at my surroundings. Unfortunately for me it was dark out, meaning I couldn't see a thing. How long have I been out here? And where was Jax?

A smack on the window had me screaming in surprise. There was a guy I've never seen before grinning on the other side. He pulled on the door handle but it was locked. Open the door he mouthed, I shook my head no. Rolling his eyes he stepped away, disappearing in the dark.

Who was that? And where the heck was Jax! I climbed to the front of the car getting into the driver seat. If Jax didn't show up soon, I was leaving.

Another smack sounded on the window. I looked over, Damien was standing there. Ok, Damien was someone I could trust right? I mean he did ride here with us. But what if there was some kind of ambush while I was out and Damien was apart of it? Fear made a person think of every possible scenario.

I decided to just take my chances. He stepped back as I opened the door getting out. "Where's Jax?"

He pointed to something in the distance. "He's inside waiting for you." I squinted my eyes trying to see in the dark. A little farther out I could see some lights.

"Why did you guys leave me in the car?" I ask, following him up a path.

"Jax didn't feel like carrying you." Of course the asshole didn't.

I stumbled over a rock. "Why not just wake me up then?"

He sighed, like my questions were annoying him. Well I wouldn't have any questions if they didn't leave me in the car! "He said you'd ask too many questions, like you are now." I hope he could feel my glare.

"There was a guy trying to get in, do you know him?" If he didn't then I'd have to be a little more cautious walking in the dark at the moment. Considering the amount of trees on either side of us, anyone can just jump out.

"You'll meet him soon enough." We finally reached a round about driveway. There was tons of expensive cars parked out front. No wonder we parked so far away.

Damien walked through the front door without even knocking, making his way to a set of grand steps. I had no time to gawk at the interior of the house because he was walking fast.

We stopped on the third floor walking to a room far in the book. Once again he didn't bother knocking, just walked in. "Special delivery." He says in a cheery voice.

I walked in to Jax lounging on a large bed, reading a magazine. "Well if it isn't sleeping beauty." I walked over snatching the pillow from under him, then proceeded to smack him with it.

"That's for leaving me alone in a car!"

He laughed, tossing the pillow to the side. "Aww, you wanted me to stay with you? Have bonding time in the dark?" He winked.

"You're impossible."

Damien pushed himself from the wall, where he had been watching us. "They arranged the meeting for tomorrow afternoon, gives us time to settle in. They'll bring food up later for you both." He opened the door getting ready to leave. "Remember you two aren't the only ones on this floor, that means no sex!" He rushed out slamming the door behind him.

"He's saying that like I don't have ways to keep you quiet."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You're saying that like you're getting some tonight."

He pouted."Are you saying I'm not? I thought we were pass playing hard to get. Especially after last night." I blushed at his words. Was he really expecting us to have sex again? And tonight? Did I want to have sex with him again? I mean it- I cut myself off seeing the look on his face.

"Ah, you were joking. Of course, I knew that." My blush intensified. I should've known, he clearly thinks last night was a mistake. So why would I expect him to want to do it again?

"Your face is so red, I wonder what you were thinking about." He smirked.

"Nothing," I answered quickly, lookin around the room to distract myself. It was huge, my whole apartment could fit in here. But I did notice one problem. "Where do I sleep? There's only one bed."

"We share." The look on my face must've been one of horror because he laughed. "It wouldn't be the first time we've slept together." He points out. I raked my brain trying to remember a time we slept together. Sexually I remember, non sexual I do not.

"No we haven't."

His face scrunched up in thought. "Well I'll be damned." Then he patted a space next to him. "There's a first time for everything."

"I don't want to share, I'll just take the couch or something." There was a nice plush couch pushed up against one of the walls.

"Shit yourself." Getting more relaxed, he turned on the tv flipping through channels.

I settled on the couch, happy it wasn't lumpy. Something I could actually sleep on. Now I just needed a blanket. "Do you know if there's any extra blankets in here?"

Letting out a dramatic sigh, he tossed an extra one off the bed. "So needy."

"Thanks." I yawned getting comfortable. Surprisingly I was tired, even though I haven't been up long. I guess talking to Jax does that to a person.

It wasn't long before my eyes closed and my body relaxed.

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