Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 26

The couch was surprisingly more comfortable than when I fell asleep, and this blanket held a lot of warmth. Was it too early to wake up? I wanted to stay sleep, but my brain had other plans. I wasn't ready to meet the "family" yet. Maybe I can just pretend to be sleep for an unaturally long amount of time?

"I know you're up." Why did he sound so close? Almost directly behind me? I stiffened. I opened my eyes, peering over my shoulder, coming face to face with Jax. "Morning sunshine."

Turning back around I pulled the cover over my head. "Why am I in the bed!"

"What? Can't hear you while you're suffocating yourself." He chuckled, God I hate him.

I shot up flinging the covers off me. "Last I checked I fell asleep on the couch. So why am I in the bed? With you!?"

"I thought you liked being in bed? With me?" He winked. I felt a finger making a walking path up my thigh.

Slapping his hand away I glared. "I thought you cherished your balls! Stop touching me before I castrate you."

"I do cherish my balls, and other parts too if you must know." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I didn't need to know." Throwing the cover off me I moved to the edge of the bed.

"Seemed like you wanted to know." I turned around to glare at him.

A hard knock on the door made us both sober up. Damien walked in not waiting for an answer, or even caring if we were decent. "They prepared breakfast for us and want to speak to you right after." I wonder where he slept last night to get all this information.

"And if we refuse?" Jax raised an eyebrow. Why would we refuse when we're clearly the guests here?

Another voice answered. "Then you two will be escorted out and the princess will go alone." I leaned around Damien to view the new incomer. It was a female, a gorgeous female that could be a model.

"And who are you?" Jax questioned. I peeked at him to see him checking her out. A wave of annoyance over came me. He was in bed with me but still checked out another female?

She gave him a flirtatious smile, making me clench my hand into a fist. "It doesn't matter who I am, only what I have the power to do. Now get dressed before the food gets cold." Then she turned and left.

Damien gave a low whistle. "Damn, you going to let her talk to your man like that?" It took me a minute to realize he was addressing me.

I rolled my eyes. "He's not my man."

He smirked. "Then why were you trying to melt her with your eyes for looking at him?" I blushed, why was he so damn observant?

Jax shifted on the bed getting up. "It's no surprise she's possessive over me, especially after the night we spent together." My jaw dropped at his words.

"You're a real piece of work, you know that?" He winked.

Sighing I got up, following them to the door. Jax stayed in front of me while Damien was to my back. If I didn't know any better I'd say they are protecting me. "If you look at my ass I'm going to kick you in the face." I warned Damien.

He laughed,"I wasn't looking until you said something, you brought this on yourself."

Jax stopped in front of me, making me crash into him. "Move to the front Damien."

He snickered, walking around me. "Looks like you're not the only possessive one."

"Shut up." Jax demanded from my other side. I shook my head at them both. At this point I just wanted to get to breakfast.

Once we made it down the stairs I was met with the sounds of an argument.

"Touch me again and I'll kill you!" That voice was familiar.

"You weren't complaining last night." A smug voice replied. It was quiet, and then the sound of something crashing.

We turned the corner and I was shocked to see the girl from earlier straddling a dark haired guy, choking him. "Stupid prick." Damien sighed, he hooked his arm around her waist lifting her off him. "Mind your business cave man!" She yelled at him. Here I thought she was some type of mature model, she's more immature than me! Jax would never fall for her.

"What?" My head snapped to him standing next to me.

"What?" Oh God, did I say that out loud?

He smirked. "You're right, she's not my type." My cheeks heated up.

The dark haired guy got off the floor, staring at me with surprise. "Sophia?"

I blinked, he didn't look familiar. I had no idea who he was, but he knew me clearly. "Do I know you?"

He smiled sadly."I guess not."

"Who are you?" Jax asks, not so subtly putting me behind him. The guy glared at the action.

"I'm Lucas, her fiancé."

A choking sound came from me. "My what!?" Did he just say he's my fiancé? Was this man crazy!? I'm sure I would remember being purposed to. "You're lying."

"Sophia." I turned around, finding my mother in the doorway. She looked at me sadly. "I'm afraid he's telling the truth."

Jax wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me to him. "What the hell is going on here!?"

"First, I'd like it if you took your hands off my fiance." Lucas says.

Jax lips lifted into a sneer. "Make me."

My mom walked slowly towards me. "Calm down and we can discuss this after breakfast."

I ripped myself from his hold, grabbing my mother by the shoulders. "Discuss what!? I'm not marrying him! What's going on here?"

"Sophia!" She snapped, using the same tone she always used when I was in trouble. "I said we'll discuss this later, now sit down and eat." Eat? As if I wanted to eat now.

"No," Jax spoke, "We'll discuss this now. She's not getting married."

My mom focused on him. "I'm afraid there's no stopping this. What's done is done."

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