Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 27

I calmly took a deep breath, before exploding! "What the hell is going?"

She sighed, sitting on a couch. "First, watch your mouth." After dropping the bomb on me that I was engaged, she pulled me off to the side in a private room to talk. Mostly she wanted to get me away from Jax, who was refusing to leave my side until she agreed just her and I would talk. Only us and not my 'fiancé'.

"Mother! My language is the last thing you should be worrying about right now. I am not marrying that man!" She just stared, waiting for me to calm down. After several minutes of the silent treatment, my shoulders finally sagged in defeat, yelling was getting me nowhere. "How could you do this to me?"

I saw a hint of regret in her eyes before she looked away. "I didn't do this, your father did."

My anger spiked once again, it was an effort to bring it back down so I could speak calmly. "My father has been dead for years, don't blame this on him."

She gave a humorless laugh. "You think this is something recently planned? Your father agreed to this when you were ten! I've been trying to keep you hidden since he died to avoid this. But somehow you still found your way back."

"Why? Why would he do that?"

"There was a war, with your father and another man. Many people were killed on both sides, but somehow they came to Comprise. You and Lucas was the answer, combine the families to become stronger and bigger. Together you two will be unstoppable." Getting up from the couch she walked to stand in front of me. "I wish I could stop this, but I can't," She reached out, laying a warm hand on my shoulder. "Stopping this would start another war that we can't afford. There's not much of our family left Sophia."

Taking a step back I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My mother wanted me to marry a man I never met to protect people I don't even know! "I don't care about this family! This isn't my family, and I'm starting to think you aren't either." With a final glare I left the room, bumping into Jax.

He grabbed me, holding my shaking body. "Sophia?"

"I want to leave, now."

He nodded, glaring over my head at my mother. I followed him as he started to lead me through the house.

"She can't leave Jax, you more than anyone knows that." His hand tightened at her words. "You can't keep her forever."

Stopping he faced her, a smirk on his face. I noticed she was now standing next to Lucas. She was choosing his side over her own daughter? "Do you know why she can't marry him?" He asks smugly. Oh God, he was about to make things much worse. "Because she's married to me."

Shocked whispers surrounded us, making me realize we had a bit of an audience. Four other people besides Damien now stood in the living room we're in. Lucas glared down at my mother. "If that's true, then this engagement is over."

She looked back and forth between us. "This isn't true, is it? Sophia?"

I looked at Jax, only for him to avoid eye contact with me. His hand squeezed mine lightly, he wanted me to agree. "Yes."

A sound of outrage left Lucas, he turned on my mother. "If you hadn't hid her from me none of this would've happened!" I gasped when his hand made contact with her face. She fell to the floor, holding her cheek.

Breaking out of Jax grip I rushed over, pushing Lucas, hard. "How dare you touch her!"

He turned to me, eyes blazing. "Keep your hands off me whore." I pushed him harder, making him stumble. Straightening he balled his fist to punch me. I flinched when he raised his hand, and a gun shot went off. I watched him clutch his chest in shock, blood seeping through his fingers, before falling against the wall.

Chuckling came from behind me. Jax passed me laughing, tucking a gun back into his pants. He crouched next to Lucas. "Your first mistake was insulting her." He reached his hands out, grabbing his head. "And your second, was even thinking about hitting her." With a hard jerk of his hands, Lucas body stilled. I stared at the scene in horror. He just snapped his neck.

"What have you done!?" A voice shrieked. My mother was now standing, her face matching mines. "They're going to kill her!"

Jax stood, holding a hand out to me. All I could do was stare. He raised an eyebrow when I didn't move. "As my wife she is under my protection, no one is going to harm her. Now get over here Sophia." With shaky legs I made my way over.

He wrapped his arms around me, burying my face into his chest. "Cry later." He whispers in my ear. I hadn't even realized my eyes were watering, but he was right. Why was I crying? I didn't even know the guy. "You're in shock." He pressed me more into his chest, and I wiped my eyes on his shirt.

"She's under our protection too, as our princess." Twisting my head I was shocked to see the girl from earlier was the one to say that.

Pulling out of Jax arms I faced the people in the room. Damien and two other guys stood around watching. I needed to make things clear to these people, I was no princess. "I'm not your pri-" I flinched, feeling a pinch on my butt.

"She thanks you for your commitment to her, you're making her father proud." I rolled my eyes at his words. That was the opposite of what I was going to say.

From the corner of the room my mother was shaking her head. "I hope you know what you're doing boy, you've started something, and you better be prepared to finish it."

"Who is his family?" He killed the man and doesn't know who his family was?

She laughed, almost hysterically. I've never seen my mother behave like this, she's always so collected. "Red death."

Damien stepped forward, "impossible, our father wiped them out years ago. Our father killed their leader himself.

She shook her head,"Yet you just killed one of his sons, maybe you don't know everything."

A low growl left Jax. "Are you saying our father lied to us?"

She glared at him. "I'm saying maybe he doesn't know who he killed. Red death is tricky and absolutely lethal, they're not easy to kill." Then her eyes went to me, saddening. "Your father tried."

"Damien." Jax says, pulling me to the door. I guess we're leaving.

"I'm on it." He held the door open for us, pulling out his cellphone.

"Jax, we can't just leave my mother." He stopped, hesitating. It was obvious he wanted very much to leave her.

"I'll be fine her Sophia, you'll be back sooner than you think." She says, smiling sadly.

Back in the car Damien and Jax talked in hush whispers up front. "I thought I was safe here, why are we leaving?"

Damien turned in the passenger seat, giving me a creepy smile. " If what your mother said is true, nowhere is safe, Ow!" Jax elbowed him in the side. "I mean we're taking you somewhere even safer."

"Where?" I decided to ignore the whole elbow thing.

He smirked. "To our father."

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