Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 28

I slumped in my chair as we pulled up to the beautiful mansion. I didn't think I'd ever be back here, funny how life works. "Stay in the car." Jax orders, stepping out,"Don't open the door for anybody."

I rolled my eyes,"Ok dad." Damien laughs, getting out as well.

Surprisingly there were no workers standing outside life last time. Were they all inside because they knew we were coming? I watched Jax and Damien walk calmly up to the house, like their father didn't put a bounty on my head.

Sighing, I double checked that all the doors were locked. I'm not sure how much he trust his father but I wasn't taking any chances, especially with no witnesses around.

It wasn't long before he was walking down the steps, his mother and two huge bodyguards trailing behind him. I frowned at his mother, why the hell was she so happy? Then it clicked, she still believes I'm her daughter in law, oh joy.

He yanked on the handle when he reached the car, raising an eyebrow when I didn't open it right away. "Sophia." I hesitated, looking at the big men behind him.

Finally gaining enough courage I unlocked the door. He wasted no time pulling it open. Holding out a hand he helped me out of the back seat. In an instant warm arms wrapped around me, I stiffened. "Oh you're ok! I feared the worse."

"Mom, what did we discuss in the house?" She sniffed, squeezing me once before releasing me. She feared the worst? Did she more her husband had people trying to kill me?

"You must be starving, let's get you in quickly now." Her hand latched onto my arm, practically dragging me to the house. I looked back helplessly at Jax, who was trying to hide his laughter. He thinks it's funny that his mother is treating me like a ragdoll? "I'll have Stacy prepare you a sandwich." She announce once we're inside.

"Mother, she'll have to eat later, father wants a word with her." My eyes snapped to his face. No way in hell! Was I going to see his dad. Is he crazy? I thought only he was going to be talking to him.

She waved him off, "He can wait." He opened his mouth to say something but she was already walking away, pulling me with her. I did a silent whoop in my head. That was shortly lived the moment we walked into the kitchen.

"I figured you wouldn't listen to our son and try to feed the girl instead." His father was sitting at the table, staring smugly at his wife.

She narrowed her eyes at him, "She's eating, first you try to kill her and now you don't even have the decency to let her eat?" With how hard she was fighting for me to get a sandwich you would think I really was starving, even though I was fine. But I wasn't gonna tell her that.

"She can eat and talk," He nodded his head to a chair, "Now sit." I looked back at Jax who was leaning against the door, a glint of anger in his eyes. He shrugged when he caught me staring, composing himself.

Pulling out a chair I took a seat. "You want to talk to me though I'm not sure why, you know more than I know about everything. There's nothing new I can tell you."

He leaned forward in his seat, "You seem to have gotten my son into some trouble. Why he would jeopardize this family for someone like you, I don't know."

I frowned,"Someone like me?"

"A mafia princess that knows nothing about the mafia, a disgrace." His voice rose slightly.

Jax shifted behind me, "Watch it." His father looked at him, a look of disgust on his face.

"Maybe you should go find your brother."

"Maybe I should stay right here with my fiancé." His mother squealed in excitement at his words, placing a sandwich in front of me. I forgot she was here.

"Eat up dear." She demanded, ignoring all the tension in the room. I picked up the sandwich examining it, turkey and cheese.

"Your father is an asshole, now I see where you get it from." I folded my legs on the bed, watching him in the bathroom.

"That's why he won't be around long." He says, spitting out toothpaste. Since everyone here thinks we're engaged we had no choice but to share his old bedroom. Which by the way was still bigger than my apartment.


He walked out, grabbing a shirt off the dresser. "We don't need him, only the family. But until he steps down or die, the family will follow him. I'm next in line, so once he's gone the family automatically falls under my order."

I stared at him in horror, "So what are you saying?"

"I don't need to spell it out for you, do I?" He says, sitting next to me.

"Maybe if you're saying what I think you're saying."

He smirked, a mischievous look in his eyes. "I'm saying I'm going to kill him, is that what you were thinking?"

I gasped,"You can't just kill him!"

"I can, it's an old tradition. When one gets tired of waiting for the throne, they take it. Me and him will fight to the death." He pause,"There's just one slight problem."

I scoffed,"because killing your dad isn't a problem?"

"As my fiancé you'll have to fight too."

I jumped from the bed, "I'm not fighting your father! I'm not even your real fiancé!"

He rolled his eyes, relaxing on the bed. "Don't be silly of course you're not, you'll fight a female of his choosing."


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