Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 3

“Elizabeth! How very nice to see you again.” Aly so rudely interrupted their obvious flirting as she made her way to the desk. I shuffled behind her, avoiding eye contact with the receptionist.

“Aly,” she plastered on the fakest smile ever. “Nice to see you as well, what brings you to my side of the building?” I didn’t like the way she referred to it as her side of the building. There was obviously a double meaning to that, if Aly caught on to it she sure didn’t show it.

“It seems there may be a problem with your system, I emailed you earlier this week that Mr.Albergo had an interview scheduled for today.” I had to give my friend props, she was good at keeping her cool when it came to business. Much different from the mad woman that was yanking on my door handle moments ago. Also what’s up with the Mr.Albergo? That couldn’t seriously be his last name right? Sounds like a weird type of burger.

Elizabeth looked around her noticing me again. “Let me check my emails.” She smiled sweetly at Aly before typing away on her computer. “Oh here it is, somehow it ended up in the junk folder.” Somehow my ass. “I’ll just phone Mr.Albergo right now, have a seat over there please.” She pointed to the chair next to the bodyguard as she picked up her phone.

Aly and I walked over and I took a seat on the surprisingly comfortable chair. “Well now that that’s taken care of I must get back to work, we’ll meet for coffee later?” She asked me as I grabbed a magazine off the nearby table.

I nodded. “Sounds like a plan.” Once she left the waiting room it was kind of quiet, except for the flirting once again taking place. Since there was nothing else to do I decided to strain my ears and listen in on the conversion while pretending to read the magazine.

“So who’s the new chick?” He asked her.

From the corner of my eye I could see her roll her eyes as she looked over at me.“Seems like another groupie just trying to get the bosses attention, I doubt she’s even qualified for this position.”

“Well she is pretty hot, I can think of a few positions she’s qualified for.” Ew what a pig. I guess Elizabeth agreed with me since she smacked him in the back of the head.

“You know it’s rude to ease drop.” The guy next to me leaned over to whisper in my ear.

I looked over to see him smirking at me. “It’s also rude to invade people personal space when they’re trying to read.”

He let out a weak chuckle. “I just couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been staring at a Trojan ad for the last five minutes. Either you have big plans tonight, or you’re ease dropping.”

I blushed as I looked down at the magazine, it was indeed on an ad for Trojan condoms. But still, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing I was ease dropping. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I do have Big plans tonight.” I winked at him. He gave a loud belly laugh just as the door to the office opened up.

“Damian has your mother ever taught you to use your inside voice?” A seductive voice asked. I’m sure he didn’t mean for it to sound seductive but to my ears it was like hearing sex. I looked up noticing the guy from the diner, just as he noticed me. “Ah mustard girl.” It’s safe to say that he remembers me. I blushed furiously at the nickname. “I take it you’re here for the interview?" I nodded, "let’s get this going then shall way?” He made a swooping gesture towards the door with his hand.

I got up swiping invisible dust off my skirt as I placed the magazine back on the table. I walked over to him and shivered as he placed his hand on the small of my back, guiding me in. “Good luck Trojan girl!” I heard the guy call out just before the door closed. Great another nickname.

I watched as Mr.Albergo walked towards a huge Burgundy desk taking a seat on the other side. There was a small chair seated in front of it which I assumed was meant for me. He confirmed this when he pointed to it telling me to have a seat.

I walked over sitting in the chair as I glanced around the office. It was huge. The whole room was painted in this dark brown while the furniture was black. There was a black futon sat against a wall in the far corner. There was random paintings but classic art scattered around the walls. The most shocking thing in the room though was the giant dead bear laying in a heap on the floor. It was mostly fur but at the top rest the whole head. “That doesn’t make you squirmy does it?”

I took my focus off the bear once again facing the sex God. That’s really the only words that could be used to describe him. He was basically meal on wheels, a five star restaurant couldn’t compete with the delicious snack sitting in front of me. “I’m sorry, what was the question?” He smirked at me, making me to blush once again. Almost like he knew what I was thinking.

“Never mind, let’s begin with the interview shall we? First question: What made you apply for this position?” He was all business now. It was now time to match his energy. Technically I didn’t apply for this job, I’m not even sure how Aly got this interview.

I thought about giving the most cliche answer ever but from the look on his face it’s clear he wanted nothing but honesty. “Well I recently got laid off from my other job and living in an apartment with no job is kind of hard to do when you have bills. My friend who currently works here informed me she got me an interview and I’d be dumb to pass up such an opportunity.”

He nodded. “How do you think Pear Inc. would benefit by hiring you? What special qualities will you bring to this company?”

I thought about his question for a second. I truly didn’t have a answer for him? What was so special about me that made me stand out from the other people being interviewed? I didn’t have an answer for that. “Well there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by hiring me.” He raised an eyebrow at me and I knew I was seconds from getting kicked out on my ass.

“Not the answer I was excepting to be honest, but it’s always nice to not know everything am I right Ms?” He looked down at a paper in his hand that I just realized he was holding. “Ms Deblanco.” I frowned at the name. Deblanco? Why would he call me that? Did the receptionist misspell my name or something? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did it on purpose.

“Actually it’s -.” My phone chirped in my pocket. From the look he gave me it was clear he didn’t tolerate interruptions.“I’ll just silence that, one second.” I pulled my phone out to see a text from Aly.

“As I’m sure you know Ms.Deblanco this is a rare opportunity you’re in and you should treat it as such.” You could hear the slight anger in his voice as he spoke. I quickly read the text before silencing my phone and sliding it back in my pocket.

Message from Aly:
Whatever you do, don’t give him your last name. I’ll explain later.

“I apologize Mr.Albergo it was just a text from my ill mother. ” I tried to give him my best puppy dog eyes.

He rolled his eyes at me. “You can call me Jax since we’re alone and you’re not my employee yet.”

My ears perked up. “Yet? As in I have the job?” You could feel the excitement coming off me in waves.

He got up from the chair coming around to stand next to me. I watched as his muscles flexed when he leaned against the desk crossing his arms. “Just let me know when you’re done checking me out.”

My eyes shot to his as he raised an amused eyebrow up at me. “I’m done.” I smiled at him.

He seemed thrown off by my cocky attitude, before regaining his composure. “As I was saying, I like your honesty. I’ll be honored to have you as my assistant. Welcome aboard Ms.Deblanco.” He held out his hand for me to shake. I locked mine with his, amazed by how soft his was. Someone moisturizes. “Now fetch me a coffee.”

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