Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 4


One week later and I now knew why Jax, or as he liked to be called Mr.Albergo didn’t have an assistant. Gone was the nice guy that I ran into at the diner, in his place was a bossy cold hearted pig. Fetching his coffee was only the beginning of many things I had to fetch or do. Organizing his papers, cleaning his office and he even made me brush the bear rug once. Although I’m sure he was just punishing me for accidentally spilling hot coffee on him that day. I no longer found him insanely attractive, now all I wanted to do was strangle him.

There was a knock on my office door as I sat at my computer putting the new client list in alphabetical order. “Come in.”

Elizabeth opened the door giving me the nastiest glare she could. “Boss wants you in his office.” She smacked her gum loudly as she waited for my reply.

“Ok, thank you.” I smiled at her. She rolled her eyes before slamming the door. You’d think after working with me for week she would’ve warmed up to me by now. I was not that lucky, even anything she’s more of a witch than when I first met her. Aly said she’s just jealous because I get to work closely with Jax a lot. Apparently she originally applied for the assistant position but he told her someone her age should be at a desk. See what I mean about him being a pig? She didn’t look a day over 30.

I sighed as I pushed my chair back getting up from my desk. My office wasn’t much, just a little room no larger than a closet located down the hall. It had a desk, my chair, and another chair was all the furniture that occupied it. Although it didn’t have a lot I liked how cozy it made me feel. Having your own little area anywhere was always great.

I took a finger through my messy hair as I made my way down the hall. When I reached his office door I could hear voices on the other side. I thought about ease dropping but unfortunately Elizabeth was currently staring daggers at me. I gave her a soft smile before pulling the door open and walking in. “You wanted to see me sir?” I asked sweetly as I stood next to the door. There was two guys dressed in suits in the room with him. Jax sat at his desk while one guy sat across from him and the other guy sat on the futon. Just like the last two guys I’d seen with him these guys were gorgeous too. Did he just surround himself with male models?

I heard Jax clear his throat. “Did you finish with that new list I sent you?”

Was he serious? “You mean the list of two hundred names that you just sent me thirty minutes ago?”

He raised an eyebrow at my tone. “That’s exactly the list I’m talking about.”

I had to bite my tongue for a second before I could reply. “Well then no sir, I haven’t.”

He leaned back in his chair, placing his arms behind his head. Regarding me silently. “Very well then put that on hold. We’ve been invited to a party tonight. I would like you to head home and prepare for it.”

I frowned at him. A party? Did he honestly think I was just going to go along with this? “Uh sir I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“How is that inappropriate? You’re my assistant are you not? I will need assistance at this party. It’s a business party not a social one.” He tone held no room for argument. Plus I didn’t want to get into a full blown argument with my boss while he had guest. Who I noticed was watching the whole interaction.

I bit my lip. “Ok sir.” I turned to leave when he called me back. “Yes?”

“Make sure to make yourself look presentable.” I clenched my hand into a fist.

“You got it sir.” I left the room trying not to slam the door on my way out. How dare he force me to a party! Does he think I have no life? Now I had to call and cancel my plans with Aly again. I still haven’t made it to movie night with her and Brad cause I’ve been busy with work all week. She’s going to be upset that I’m canceling on her again.

I sighed as I walked to my office to gather my stuff. Once I made it to my car I decided to call Aly. Might as well face the music now. It rang three times before she picked up.

“Hey boo, are you ready for tonight? Brad has been asking about you non-stop. I’m starting to think that maybe he’s the one with the secret crush.” She answered. The excitement in her voice made me feel worse about canceling. Not to mention I wouldn’t get to see dreamy Brad again.

“Yeah about that, Mr.Albergo wants me to go to this business party with him tonight.” I switched the phone to hands free mode as I pulled out of the lot.

“Wait back up, Jax asked you to go to a party with him?” She practically screamed in my ear.

“A business party.” I corrected her.

“oh my God I’m coming over.”

“There’s no - hello?” I sighed when I heard the dial tone. I can’t believe she hung up on me. She’s making a big deal out of nothing I didn’t need her to come over.

I pulled up to my apartment quickly making my way upstairs. I was hoping to have a light snack and take a shower before Aly came over. I skipped into my kitchen pulling the fridge open looking over my options. Hmm bologna sandwich it is. I grabbed the bologna and mustard slamming the door with my foot. I grabbed the loaf of bread digging for two pieces while also trying not to touch what I call the Booty bread. You know the pieces of bread that make up the top and bottom? Yeah no one wants those pieces.

Once my sandwich was compete and devoured I made my way to my room for a quick shower. I dug around in my dresser for matching bra and panties. I decided to go with black for tonight. I grabbed my towel making my way to the bathroom. I grabbed my shampoo off the sink on my way into the shower. Might as well wash my hair while I’m here.

Minutes later once the shower decided to spray cold water down on me, I stepped out wrapping my towel around me. Just as I opened the bathroom door I heard knocking coming from the front door. “I’m coming!” I swiftly made my way to the door wrapping the towel tighter around me. Once I reached the door I hesitated. “Who is it?” Better safe than sorry.

“It’s me!” Aly called from the other side. I left out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I opened the door and froze at the big large male taking up residence in my hallway. “You don’t mind I brought Brad with me do you?” Are you freaking kidding me. “You should probably put on some clothes, you have guests.” She smirked at me as she walked by.

Brad stopped in front of me, giving me a dazzling smile. “I think she looks fine in what she’s in.” He winked at me.

“Hi.” I squeaked out, cheeks flaming as I turned to make an escape to my room. “Aly get in here!”

“Jeez why all the screaming?” She came into my room closing the door behind her.

I turned on her. “Why didn’t you tell me you were bringing Brad!” I hissed.

She held her hands up in defense. “How was I supposed to know you were prancing around naked? Lucky for him though right? Talk about good timing.” She giggled. I threw the closest thing to me at her.

I walked into my bathroom changing into my bra and panties before coming back out. “I’m glad you’re here though. I have no idea what to wear. Have you ever been to a business party?” I asked her.

She walked over to my closet shifting through my clothes. “Honey there’s no such thing as a business party. It’s obvious he’s just trying to get you alone for some fun time.”

“First of all it’s a party, we’re not going to be alone. Second of all, he’s way too professional to try and have ‘fun’ time with one of his employees.”

“If you say so honey.” She called out going deeper into my closet. “Ah here it is.” She came out holding a small red strapless dress.

“No way, I’m not wearing that.” I shook my head at her. Why was she trying to make me look like a stripper?

She tossed the dress at me as she bent down to look at my shoes. “Yes you are, everyone will be dressed similar trust me.”

I sighed holding up the dress to me. Slipping it on I cringed at how short it was, stopping mid thigh. “I look so cheap.” I frowned as I looked myself over in the full length body mirror.

Aly laughed as she handed me a pair of black heels. “Don’t be so dramatic, you look great. Now let’s get some makeup on that plain face of yours.” I glared at her back as she walked into my bathroom.

An hour later my face was beat to perfection. She decided to go with a smokey eye effect and some dark red lipstick. Simple but elegant. “What would I do without you?” I asked her as I continued admiring myself.

“Crash and burn, most likely end up on the streets asking for spare change.” She gave me a kiss on my cheeks before skipping out the bathroom. I followed her seconds later to check my phone. I had a text from Jax telling me he’d be here in twenty minutes. The text was received ten minutes ago. How does he even know my address? He must’ve stolen it off my paperwork.

“Well he’s almost here,let’s head out to the living room.” I walked out taking my fingers through my hair once again. I didn’t really have time to do much to it so I just let it down in its natural black waves.

“Wow.” I heard a breathless voice come from the couch. I blushed as Brad stared at me with lust in his eyes from the couch. “He’s one lucky guy.” He commented.

“Actually he’s just my boss.” I rolled my eyes.

“So I still have a chance then?” He smiled at me.

Before I could embarrass myself with whatever answer I was going to give him, my phone chirped with a text. Jax telling me that he was outside. “Ok guys I have to go. Lock up behind you Aly!” I called out rushing towards the door, trying not to trip in my heels.

“Bye babe! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” She called back. Just as I was closing the door I heard Brad tell her there’s nothing she wouldn’t do. I laughed making my way down the hall. Time for a night with the beast.

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