Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 6

I followed him through the club, trying not to spill my drink as wild dancers continuously bumped into me. After the fourth time, I lost my temper, shoving the guy that jammed his elbow into my side. “Watch what you’re doing!” I yelled to his back.

He turned around glaring at me. “Shut up slut.” He went back to dancing with his partner, giving his back to me.

I gaped at him. How dare he? I balled my fist up intending to sock him in the back of his head. Strong arms wrapped around my midsection lifting me up, dragging me away from the guy. I grumbled as the bodyguard guy manhandled me to a flight of stairs. “You think you can walk up the steps without causing anymore problems?” He glared down at me.

For ten tense seconds I debated on throwing the rest of my drink in his face. After much calculation, I realized the odds of beating him weren’t in my favor if he were to retaliate. So I settled for my most fiercest glare. “Just take me to your boss.” He walked ahead of me mumbling something about not getting paid to babysit. I wonder who pissed in his cheerios today?

At the top of the stairs was a short hallway with four doors. I looked at my drink, frowning at the corner of fruity delight I had left.

I was so focused on my drink I hadn’t realized the bodyguard stopped at the third door, making me crash into his back. The glass slipped out of my hand, and that was the end of my drink. “Oh, come on!” He pushed the door open and not so gently shoved me in, slamming the door behind me. “Jerk.”

“And why is Bentley a jerk?” My eyes settled on Jax as he casually lounged on a purple sofa, a drink in his hand. I noticed a bar to the left of the room. Lucky bastard had his own bar. There were two other people in the room on the opposite couch to the right. A blonde female I didn’t know and a guy that looked fam-

“Trojan girl!” My face flushed realizing it was the guy that caught me ease dropping at the office. I awkwardly waved at him, going to take a seat next to Jax. “You’re looking good tonight, did you dress up for Jax?” He commented once I was seated.

I rolled my eyes at his assumption. Dress up for Jax? What an absurd thought. “As if,” I waved him off.

He gave a loud belly laugh, the woman next to him frowned at me. Like it was a crime to make him laugh. “I knew there was a reason I liked you.” He held his drink up to me in a sort of toast.

“And here I thought I was special,” Jax watched me from the corner of his eye, a slight smirk on his lips. I had to remember he was still my boss, so I bit my tongue holding back my next comment.

“I’m Damian, the better looking Albergo.” Albergo? Wait this was Jax’s brother? I studied him finally spotting some resemblance, that I didn’t notice before. It wasn’t much, but there was definitely some there. Like their perfect high cheekbones, and the slightly thick eyebrows. Wow.

“Only in your dreams,” Jax took a sip of his drink. I suddenly felt the loss of mine again. I must’ve been staring at his drink with a sad longing look on my face, cause next thing I know he’s holding the glass out to me. “You want some?” He winked at me. There was a sort of challenge in his eyes, like he knew I wouldn’t accept the drink from him.

Normally I wouldn’t drink after strangers, but I’m a very competitive person and never turn down a challenge. I smiled at him, taking the drink from his outstretched hand. “I thought you’d never ask.” I tipped the glass up to my mouth, trying not to flinch as the liquor burned its way down my throat. The hell did I just drink?

Jax cleared his throat next to me. I looked over to see him trying to hold in a laugh. “You know, some would say we just shared a kiss.” He winked at me. My face turned beet red, making him break his composure laughing loudly. Who was this guy? Apparently office Jax and club Jax were two completely different people. Club Jax clearly got a kick out of making me blush.

“If you two are done flirting, I believe we have matters to discuss brother.” Damian nodded his head towards the bar. Jax took the empty glass from my hand as they both got up walking over to it.

I sighed, leaning back against the couch. I wasn’t expecting the blonde to come and sit next to me. “So, how did you and Jax meet? I’m Cindy by the way, Damian’s girlfriend.” She sipped on a drink that looked much like a martini. She was gorgeous, I didn’t really pay much attention to her when I walked in but up close she screamed supermodel. Slim waist, perfectly straight hair, and a pageant winning smile. I felt like a potato sitting next to her. Not to mention she smelled like money. Now I see what Cardi B meant by ‘she’s a rich bitch and she smells like it’.

“We work together.” I finally answered, trying to minimize my gawking. What is it about beautiful people that makes it so hard to look away from them?

She nodded her head, like I answered more than one question she had. “Well that makes sense, you’re not his usual type. So it’s just a business thing.” For some reason the way she worded it rubbed me the wrong way. ‘Just a business thing’ ‘Not his usual type’ I didn't need an umbrella, this lady was throwing enough shade to cover the both of us.

She looked at me expectantly. It’s obvious she wants me to feed into whatever she’s handing out. Fine, I’ll bite. “His usual type?”

She waved her hand through the air dramatically. “You know more upper class, maybe blonde. Not that there’s anything wrong with you honey, he must find you slightly attractive if he’s out with you tonight.” She patted me on the leg. Slightly attractive? I wasn’t a vain person but I knew I was more than ‘slightly attractive’. Also what does she mean by upper class? Who the hell does she think she is? Oprah? That’s it! I’m done playing nice.

“So you’re saying I should become a fake blonde like you? Get lipo injected into me until I die from it as well? Cause that seems like the road you’re heading down honey . Those fake boobs aren’t fooling anyone.” I gave her my most dazzling smile, flipping my natural brunette hair over my shoulder. She looked shocked at my words, mouth open and closing like a fish out of water. That’s right, you messed with the wrong one today.

“You ladies doing ok over here?” Jax was standing next to us, with two drinks in his hand. Thank god, I could use a drink. Cindy gave a small cry of outrage as she made her way back to Damian. Good riddance. He took a seat next to me, handing me one of the drinks. This time I took a sniff before drinking. “You really think she’s going to die from lipo injection?”

I coughed on my drink at his words. He patted me on the back, a lazy grin on his face. Once I got my coughing under control I tried to appear unaffected. “Oh, you heard that.”

He leaned back, bringing his drink up to his mouth, watching me over the rim. “Indeed I did, seems I need to get a muzzle for that mouth of yours.”

I glared at him. “She started it.”

“We’re going to head out. You two kids be safe, remember use protection. Although I’m sure you already know that Trojan girl.” He laughed as they both walked out the door. On the other side ‘Bentley’ shot me a glare before closing it. He can't still be mad about me running into him, right?

“He’s right you know.” I shivered as he whispered in my ear. When did he get that close? And why does he smell so good? I couldn’t help but notice we were once again in a small private space alone. God, if you’re trying to tell me something just let me know. This would be a perfect time to have a magic 8 ball. ‘Should I jump my boss bones?’ furiously shaking hoping it lands on ‘without a doubt’.

“About what?” The squeak in my voice portrayed how much his closeness was affecting me.

“We should use protection.” I felt his tongue slid halfway up the side of my face. Ewww, did he just lick my face?

I jumped up away from him, glaring. “You’re gross.” I wiped my hand down the side of my face.

He laughed, getting up as well. “Lets head out, can't say I feel safe alone in a room with you.” He walked pass me pulling the door open.

Not safe with me!? “You’re the one tasting people!” I shouted at his back in outrage. Bentley gave me a funny look as I passed him.

“I think you’ve had too much to drink.” Jax looked back frowning at me, amusement in his eyes. I decided to ignore him.

Even when we got into the limo I didn’t utter one word to him. “Really the silent treatment? You think this is punishment? If only you gave me the silent treatment at work.” He sighed wistfully. I stared daggers at the drink in my hand. I was certain the glass would melt from my glare. “How old are you again?” He asked. Wow doesn’t know his own employee age. Which makes sense since he also never told me his age. I found out from Aly who gave me his whole life story when she used to have a major crush on him. That I’m not sure if she still has or not. Maybe I should ask her.

She told me he took over the local Pear Inc. when he turned twenty-two. He’ll have control of all the companies once his father steps down.

The rest of the ride was quiet on the way to my apartment. It wasn’t until we stopped outside it that he spoke up again. “As much as your mouth annoys me, thanks for joining me tonight.” I looked over, hearing the sincerity in his voice.

“No problem.” The limo driver opened the door for me. Before I was fully out, I felt a warm hand land on top of mine.

I looked back at him. “Have a nice night Ms. Deblanco.” I tried not to cringe at the fake name. Although it did sound sexy the way he said it.

“You too Mr. Albergo.” I thanked the driver as he closed the door behind me. The limo didn’t drive off until I was safely inside my building.

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