Tricks Of Passion

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Chapter 7

I had just walked into my apartment when Aly attacked me. “Tell me all about it! Did you guys get drunk and make-out!?” She grabbed my hand, pulling me to the couch. I didn’t see Brad around so he must’ve gone home. He probably didn’t care to stick around and gossip about my non-date at one in the morning, unlike Aly.

Placing both of my hands on her shoulders I stopped her excited bouncing. “Did you get into my coffee cabinet again?”

She rolled her eyes, smacking my hands off her. “I only had one cup, but that’s besides the point. How was the ‘business’ date with your hot single boss?”

I sighed, she wasn’t going to stop unless I gave her something. “You were right, it wasn’t a business date. We actually went to this new club.” I prepared myself for the loud squeal I knew was coming. One, two, and -

“Oh my gosh! I knew it was a date! He’s totally into you.” She was once again bouncing in excitement.

I laughed at her statement, “Into me? No, I’m pretty sure he just brought me along as eye candy.”

She rolled her eyes, like I was missing the big picture. Which in her case, I guess I was. “That means he thinks you’re hot. Which means he spends his free time checking you out.”

She did have a point, but I’d never tell her that. Next thing I know she'll be planning our wedding. “He’s my boss Aly, you know how professional he is. I doubt he spends his free time checking me out.”

She wagged her finger at me. “You never know. Who knows, one day he may even ask you out, and I’ll be there to tell you I told you so when it happens.”

I grabbed her finger holding it in a tight grip, she struggled to get it back. “It’ll never happen. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to sleep.” I stretched raising up from the couch. I can’t wait to get out this dress.

Aly got up too, grabbing her purse and keys. “See you at work slut!” She called out, slamming my door. I locked it behind her making my way to my room.

Soon as I walked through the door I slipped the dress over my head. Digging around in my pajama draw I settled for my Minnie Mouse dress. What? They were nice and comfortable. I wiped all the makeup off my face before climbing into bed.


My eyes snapped open, hearing a loud bang outside my bedroom door. I sat up just as it flung open, revealing Jax. I screamed.

“For God’s sake will you shut up?” He glared at me. I couldn’t help but notice how hot he looked standing in my doorway. He was wearing an all black suit with his hair sitting messily on top of his head. “Eye raping me is the only way to get you quiet huh?” I blushed.

“What the hell are you doing in my house!? At,” I looked over at my bed side alarm clock, six am. “Six in the morning! How did you even get in here? No one mentioned you liked breaking into houses.”

“It’s one of my many hobbies,” He smirked at me.“And to answer your question, I keep a spare key to all my employees living quarters.” His eyes wondered around my room, no doubt noticing all the posters of Shawn Mendes on my walls. “Cute, although I expected to see a few of me. Since you like staring so much.”

I threw my pillow at him. “Why are you here? I don’t work for another two hours.”

He sighed, as if the next words pained him to say. “I had breakfast plans but they canceled at the last minute, and I’m hungry.”

I crossed my arms watching him, “How is that my problem?”

He took a step closer to my bed, placing his hands on the end. “As my employee you’re obligated to accompany me, or get fired.”

I gaped at his words, “I’m petty sure that’s sexual harassment.” Was the only thing I could think of to say. Was he indirectly asking me out on a date? Take a deep breath Sophia, I doubt that’s what's going on here.

He straightened back up, fixing his tie. “Call it what you want, I expect you downstairs in ten minutes.” Stopping at the door he looked back, smirking at me. “Nice pajamas by the way,” He ducked out just in time to avoid another flying pillow. What a jerk.

I took my sweet time as I showered, did my makeup and got dressed. I put on a nice blouse and pencil skirt for work today. I didn’t feel like fighting with my hair so I pulled it into a tight ponytail. Once I was done I checked my clock. Awesome, took me twenty five minutes. Serves him right. I slipped on some flats grabbing my phone and purse before rushing out the door. I believed thirty minutes was really pushing my luck.

Finally stepping outside, I was confused when I didn’t see his limo. A black Mustang across the street honked loudly as I stood there. That must be him. I rushed over slipping into the passenger seat, making sure to slam the door. “Just know if you break any part of my car it’s coming out of your paycheck.” He commented, putting the car in reverse. I stared as the muscles in his arms flexed. I’ve never seen such huge arms in my life.

“I wouldn’t dream of damaging your car.” I smiled innocently at him. He rolled his eyes. “So where are we going?”

“To hell if we don’t pray.” I glared at him. Guess I wasn’t getting a real answer. I looked out the window as we passed several familiar streets, until the neighbor hood became foreign to me. In other words, we were on the rich side of town, just great.

The car was silent most of the ride so I decided to turn on the radio. I reached my hand out, only for it to get smacked away. “Hey!”

“Don’t touch the radio.”

“I’m tired of sitting in silence, either turn on the radio or I’ll sing for us.” I reached for the dial again, this time he let me. Khalid ‘Love Lies’ came flowing out the radio.

“Happy now?” He muttered next to me.

“Why yes I am, thanks for asking.” I leaned back in my seat getting comfortable. His knuckles tightened on the steering wheel. He suddenly jerked the car to the left, making the side of my head hit the glass window. “We’re here,” He chuckled.

I got out the car making sure to slam his door again. Pretty sure I saw the window shake a bit. He didn’t wait for me, I had to fast walk to catch up to him. We were at a breakfast restaurant I’ve never been to, or even heard of. “I have a reservation for Mr.Albergo.” He told the worker once we made it up front.

This place screamed money. There was a huge fish tank stretching halfway across the wall to the left of us. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you there were actual sharks in it. “Ok sir, right this way.” The guy showing us to our table was close to my age, maybe a bit younger. He was definitely pleasant to look at. But I was already distracted staring at Jax butt as he walked ahead. If he was to turn around right now I’d be caught red handed ogling his ass.

“So great of you to finally join us, and look you brought Trojan girl with you!” I looked around Jax to see Damian and Cindy seated at a table, with two unoccupied chairs. You have got to be kidding me!

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