The Body Guard

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"What happened to I love you? If you were going to marry her you should at least told me." He looked surprise that I knew. "How did you know?" When did life become so hard...It's been ages since I had last smile, not since their deaths. I admit, if I hadn't gotten to know her or if she wasn't the one who approached me then maybe they'd still be alive and I would be just as it was before...happy. I could only wish, now all I want is to make the pain go away. The pain in my heart which seems never ending. Women, don't even cut it nowadays, drugs just only is good for that short amount of time. I need something permanent, not something that needed fixing. Is that what it comes to these days, something that needs to be fixed. But then again would I want to give all this up, women, booze, and drugs...only time will tell

Romance / Thriller
Kahna Kahn
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Chapter 1-Him

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, well the way to one’s fear is a bullet through their god damn skull.

I could almost smell the stench coming off in waves, their stench of fear, towards the barrel of my gun.

The man who sat in front of me quivered in his shoes crying, whimpering, begging to be set free.

“P...” the man’s dry lips puckered itself unable to form any more sentences as his teeth gushed out in his own blood. “Wa...”

“Get the man some water.” I ordered. Sure I may have stained my hands with blood or have watch their eyes disappear from my sight but I wouldn’t deny a man’s last dying wish. If he wanted water then I would be obliged to give it to him.

With one of my own dressed in black nodded his head meekly bowing to me not once making eye contact. They know the rules. And no one will ever dare disrespect more importantly betray me. Sure I may have gone over the deep end with this one but tonight is his last night he shall ever see the sun rise if he makes it out that far.

This man, this disgusting piece of shit dare to cross me, dare to take what was mine to begin with.

When he came to me the other day asking to leave me, to leave this organization, I could only think of one thing, that there is only one way out and that is my way. No other way will cut it. It is either through my bullet through the head or a bullet from them through their mouth. Either way, you will leave in a body bag.

He must’ve been an idiot when he was begging to leave, begging to move on with his life. He must have think friendship is a good reason to get out, well he is dead wrong.

“Boss.” The man, my man who I had ordered for a glass of water handed me that before returning back to his position.

Five men had occupied this very room. Was it for my protection! Hell no. I can very well protect my own. If I had it my way they’d be shitting god knows what. They are here as a witness. A witness of what happens if they not only wanting to leave but double crossing me too.

“Here.” Handing him the water, the man drank it greedily quenching his thirst. Good now maybe I can get some answers.

“Than...” He proceeded to speak but my fist made in contact with his nose. He grunted in pain. “Pl...”

“Shut the fuck up.” I growled not wanting to hear this pathetic excuse of a man plead. I didn’t need no beggar. Fuck no. What I needed was answers. Damn answers and he will give it to me or he will wish he was dead.

“I trusted you.” I spat, glowering at him. His head was bent down and he was heaving. That was the only thing I could hear. The rest of my men who stood around the room stood still not showing no sign of emotions, weakness. That is all there is to it. Emotions they are a sign of weakness except for that one emotion that blinded me. That turned me into a fool. It made me weak.

“Albert, where the fuck is she?” This time my voice hushed itself trying to contain my anger of wanting to gauge his eye balls out for even thinking he could just glance at her.

Unfortunately for me he did more than just glance. He did more.

“I...I don’t know.” He mumbled more to himself.

Standing straight back up with my hand in my pocket I fumbled with my keys wanting to keep my hands occupied while my other hand was waving a gun around like some kind of tennis racket.

“You don’t know.” My head slightly titled wanting to laugh but I didn’t. I would never show him that emotion ever again. Not to this man, this man I had once called my friend.

“I don’t.” He very slowly raised his eyes up at me.

“Do you honestly think I would believe you friend?” I emphasized the word friend and almost, like I could see the guilt in his eyes but it was once again replace with fear.

“Just kill me already.” He pleaded.

Running my hands through my hair in frustration, “That easy eh.” My face plastered a grin, “Fuck just tell me where the hell is she!” I yelled tossing a chair across the room making every one here flinch.

Just then a knock had sounded at the door, “Brother are you in there open up.”


“Fuck I know.” Shit, my annoying little sister. As much as I love her, she can be a handful sometimes.

Sometimes I don’t know how mom and dad had put up with her.

“I’m busy.”

My fist clamping down the gun, I aimed it at the man before me, his eyes begging for me to change my mind. Unbelievable not too long ago he was begging me to kill him but his eyes now had held a different story.

“Listen to me,”

“The time of listening is over,”

“NO, she,... argh.” He hissed as I pulled the trigger and shot one of his knee caps. “Fucking christ.” He cursed.

“What the hell was that?” My sister banged on the door.

“Boss...” Once again my men were torn between us siblings. As much as they are loyal to me, they were fond of my sister. They rather enjoy her company. She was the light in my darkest day. And my men including me would do anything to protect her.

That’s why her last boy friend is now buried six feet in my backyard, course I would never tell her that.

Her personality was always so perky and bubbly until our parents died along with our younger brother in a car accident now I could see the tears behind her smile. She was closer to our father and mother. Though she was the middle child, she was and always will be their baby girl.

This had sent me over the edge and because of a certain someone, she will pay dearly. How dare she make me look like a fool. Not again.

“You have three seconds before...” I cocked my gun once again until I felt a hand on my hand.

Who the hell dare touch me? “Brother what the hell are you doing?” I turned facing the eyes of my younger sister who look shock and scared.

Never once she had seen this side of me. Sure she knows what I am capable of or what I have done but I kept her out of everything. I didn’t want her innocence tainted. “He is your friend.” Her eyes held not fear of the situation but fear of what I was becoming.

Maybe if mom and dad were still alive then I would be different, the out come would be different. After all dad always knew what I would do before I would even do it. He was always there to tell me my wrong doings but now, well it didn’t matter now. Our parents have been dead for years along side our younger brother who just barely made it a teenager.

It wasn’t my fault to begin with. I was never like this until her. Until she came into my life and turned my world upside down. Now when I find her she will pay. Everything that had happened to my family, she will pay dearly for her life.

“Leave.” I glared at one of my men who decided it was wise to let her in to which he shrank in his place. He knew what that means and no I wasn’t going to kill him. If I kill him and start killing of my men then I would have no one. Perhaps a punishment that is just cause.

“No, are you going to kill your friend for that bitch?” I was surprise she swore. She never used those kind of words before. The little sister I know was innocent and care free. More importantly I am surprise she knew about her.

“Oh come on I’m twenty six I am allowed to use those kind of words, and of course I know about what happened now brother put the gun down.”

“You do not have any idea what we are dealing with, now get out before I punish you too.” I scolded and she had once again shown no fear. The only person who could tolerate my personality and the only person who I allowed to yell back at me. She is lucky she is my sister.

With her hands still on mine she argued, “I don’t care what he has done but this is not the way.”

“He fucking slept with her, now he must pay.” I blurted without thinking. Anger had gotten the best of me. It’s just I never said it out loud before. Just saying it made it all too real.

I had given her my heart only for her to stomp on it. She must think I was an idiot, a moron but not any more.

“I know but it takes two to tango.”

“That’s why when I get my hands on her I will show her the true meaning of fear.”

Raising my gun aimed at my once called best friend, my sister wasn’t fast enough to stop me, in the end I pulled the trigger watching my bullet pierce his skull. I saw his skin ripped open as blood splattered all over my suit. What do you expect when I was only a few inches away from him and the barrel of my gun was pressed against his head.

My sister turned towards me screaming, “What have you done?” Yes what have I done in deed. He was my friend since our diaper days and now he is just someone who thought they could just steal from me.

I paid no mind to my sister who was screaming her head off, “Look at me, why must it come to this?”

Still I ignored her until she forcefully took my face making me look at her in the eye, “This is not the way, please you are the only family I have left. We are family, me and you. Daughter and son of the famous Isabella and Dylan Saunders,” She paused, “Jack Saunders my one and only brother and living family.”

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