The Body Guard

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Chapter 10-St. Mary's Hospital


We couldn’t get that appointment the day after. We had to make an appointment for the week after and here we are nervously waiting in the lobby where there are others just like JJ here. Some even showing their pregnancy belly.

“Have you told Ryan yet?” I was nervous and scared, makes me wonder what JJ is feeling right now as her legs twitches up and down.

“No.” She quietly answered. “Not until I hear it from the doctor.”

One by one we watch as these woman gets called in. I know we shouldn’t have come early but I, no we just wanted to get it over with.

I had a hard time convincing Maurice to let me hang with JJ for the day. Though he thought me getting close to JJ was a very good thing he also didn’t want me to be too far away from him. I was still his bodyguard so I made sure Gerad and a few other men kept watch over him.

Not after a few days ago when Maurice was almost shot. Thank goodness one of Jack’s men had protected him.

Right now he is out delivering cargo. I know I’m suppose to be there but JJ was scared to be by herself. And I couldn’t help but feel the need to be there for her.

It’s the only chance I get to hang out with friends. My other friends Alexis and Ivy have been busy with their clients to even give me a call, not that I mind.

“Juliana Saunders.” A nurse finally calls her name.

JJ stood up looking back at me. “Did you want me to go with you?”

“Please JR.” Not only did I follow her here but I have to also go with her in there.

Nodding my head I gripped her hand tight letting her know everything will be okay and it will, I know it.


“Brad, did you get the location?”

“Sir, yes, she’s at St. Mary’s Hospital?”

I was sitting at my desk when Brad was able to give me that piece of information. Hospital? What the hell is she doing there?

This past week I have notice JJ being a little distant and close off and I have seen her hanging with that bodyguard of Maurice once in a while.

So curiosity got the best of me and I had Brad follow her letting me know of her schedule. It seems her and that boy seemed close enough. I just hope he keeps his distance from JJ otherwise I wouldn’t mind adding another body in my personal cemetery.

Picking up my phone I dialed her number only to be met with her voice mail. “Fuck!” I cursed. What the hell is she doing in a god damn hospital? Is she sick?

Worry starts to seep in of my little sister being sick. If she is sick I would get her the best doctor out there. No way in hell am I going to loose her. She is the only family that I have left.

“Brad, prepare the car.”

Making sure my files are securely kept I made my way down to the garage where my driver was already waiting for me.

Brad was sitting in the front while I was sitting in the back until my phone rang.

The caller ID read ‘Maurice.’ I internally groaned debating if I should answer which I reluctantly did, “What?”

“Mr. Saunders,”

“There better be a good reason to why you are calling.” I interrupted and grew more irritated. I wasn’t angry at the fact that he called me, no, I was frustrated at the fact JJ was spending time with Maurice’s body guard. Isn’t he suppose to guard Maurice? So what the hell is he doing with my sister?

“Maurice, before you say anything let me remind you to keep tabs on that body guard of yours.”

The only sound that I could hear is the labored breathing of Maurice on my line. “Mr. Saunders I wasn’t calling you about him...”

“Him...” I scoffed, “That him is escorting my little sister and I am not overly fond of that right now.”

Before Maurice could even utter a word as to why he called me in the first place he uttered a goodbye before hanging up.

Entering the hospital which smelled of hand sanitizer and rubber gloves I made my way to the second floor where I was told JJ was at with Brad at my side.

I don’t know what kind of sickness JJ has but she will damn will tell me.

Just up ahead I halted witnessing the two very person I was searching for, JJ and that boy.

JJ looked at me in shock before looking at him, her hand placed in front of her stomach while her other clung onto his arm.

Both looking extremely terrified as they should be.

Before I can even approach them a doctor came out handing them a photo of which I couldn’t hear what the doctor was saying. But from the look of it, the picture looked like a sonogram.

And then in click, she wasn’t sick. Not even the slightest bit. My fist was clenching as I glared only for them to quickly turn around and run down the stairs.

If I hadn’t known any better JJ wasn’t even going to tell me and that boy well he better say his prayers because he will be dead once I get my hands on him.

Picking up my pace Brad and I followed more like ran after the two looking like they would elope.

We had finally caught up to them outside the parking lot when I grabbed JJ’s arm.

“Jack.” She muttered. “What are you doing here?”

“Are you with him?” I gestured towards the boy who remained quiet. Glancing at JJ, the picture she was holding shook in her hands, I grabbed it observing it. “This better be some kind of fucking joke.” I snarled before turning towards the boy, “Did you get my sister pregnant?”

“Mr. Saunders.” But before he could answered a man had interrupted us, Maurice. “Fancy meeting you here, I came to bring JR home.” How the hell did he know where we were?

Both him and the boy turned away from me however no one turns their back on me. Grabbing the boy I hoisted him up by his collar, “Answer me boy are you the father?” He looked scared and frightened. He was light that he had almost flipped over my shoulder. How can a body guard be this light.

“Jack put him down. He is not the father?” JJ’s voice echoed as I sat JR down watching him fall to his knees.

“Come along JR.” Maurice grabbed JR and they began walking.

“Then who is the father?” I yelled. “JJ, how could you be so stupid to get pregnant.”

“I’m sorry.” She cried.

I was beyond pissed. Who wouldn’t be if they found out their little sister is knocked up.

“You’re sorry. Don’t you fucking say you are sore. Where the hell is that fucker who dared touch you.” I gritted my teeth.

“That’s your problem Jack. Why would I tell you? I’m a big girl and I can make my own damn choices.” She raised her voice at me.

She never raises her voice before but here she is, her face turning red.

“Don’t talk to me that way.” I don’t care if she is my sister she will damn well respect me.

“No, you don’t get to do this.” Stomping her feet I watch her marched away from me angrily.

As a loud popping sound and the screeching of tires were booming through the parking lot. “JJ.” I felt Brad pulling me down as we both pulled out our guns.

Loud banging pops could be heard as I couldn’t get to JJ in time.

“JJ!” The boy, that body guard had ran towards her pulling her down but not before he made sure Maurice was safely hidden.

Bullet’s were flying as Brad and I took cover behind cars. We were firing as well and I couldn’t get to where JJ was. Luckily for her that boy was shielding her body with his. Surprisingly he was able to cover her seeing he was skinny too.

Taking out his gun he began to fire. Not like the time I had seen him shoot a gun. But his accuracy was spot on. He almost looked like a totally different person.

The cars came to a halt as men in suits leaped out of their car firing away. “Jack!” JJ screamed as one of the man had cornered her.

“JJ.” Fuck. Standing up I was pulled back down by Brad.

“Boss I’ll get her.”

Neither Brad or I couldn’t get to JJ fast enough. We didn’t have enough man power.

A few grunts were heard as we peaked over the hood to see a few men dead at JJ’s feet. I refrained from shooting anyone near JJ, for fear of hurting her but luckily for her Brad was able to get a good couple shots.

My gazed shifted to the boy who was caught in a head luck struggling to get free that his face was turning blue. JJ screamed witnessing the site.

Attempting to fire JJ yelled, “JR.” She was tiredless beating on the man as he had pushed her roughly.

Seeing this the boy elbowed the guy, stomped on his feet and kicked him in the groin. I watch the man bent over as the boy rushed around him breaking his knee cap and giving him a high elbow towards his back causing the man to cripple.

At that moment I didn’t know what to feel.

“JR.” JJ called out smiling while she stands up until one man who was already wounded and down pulled his trigger aiming it at JJ.

“JJ!” I yelled. But I didn’t make it in time for the man to fire a bullet.

“JJ!” Using his tiny body the boy grabbed JJ as he grunted while Brad shot the man in the head.

“JR!” JJ yelled.

“Ah mother fucker!” The boy groaned.

“JJ let’s go!” I ordered grabbing her away from the boy who was bleeding all over her.

“NO, JR got shot. Aren’t you even grateful he saved my life brother.” I hate it when she is right.

Just then Maurice made his appearance. Where the hell has he been? “And where the hell were you when all this was happening?”

“I was using the restroom.” He gulped.

“Boss.” Sirens could be heard from the distance.

“Quick, get rid of the bodies.” Brad not only guards me well but he also cleans up the messes.

Watching Maurice grab hold of his body guard I threw his other arm around me. Thankfully we were already in a hospital so we didn’t have to go very far. And if it was just me, I’m sure I could carry him all on my own. That is how light he is.

“Do you ever feed him?”

“He eats plenty.”

With JJ following us sobbing the boy was lead into the ER where he went directly to surgery.

“Boss everything is taken care off.” Brad met me up stairs.

“JJ let’s go.”

“No, not until JR is fine.”

“He is not your concern...”

“Jack he is my friend. Please Jack.” I watch her beg. I guess its fine as long as those two aren’t an item.

“Brad stay with JJ.” Nodding my head I took one last look at Maurice before heading out.

But I stopped when the nurse came out.

“Sir, are you a relative of the patient?” The nurse calmly asked Maurice.

“I need his name.”

“JR.” Maurice mumbled almost like it was a secret.

“Full name.”

Looking around he whispered a name that had me almost falling where I stand, “Jordan, Jordan Richard.”

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