The Body Guard

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Chapter 11-Ms. Jordan Richard


Jordan Richard he says. My heart was beating on a whole new level as Maurice tries not to make eye contact. His main focus right now is answering the nurses questions.

“Brother.” I was so deep in thought that I didn’t even realized JJ was calling me.


Before I knew it, my feet was marching towards the surgery room where that boy was being held at.

“Excuse me Sir, you can’t go in?” The nurse attempted to stop me but I wasn’t having that. I had to make sure my hunches are wrong. But I am never wrong or at least I don’t think I am wrong.

Swinging the door open to the surgery room, the doctor and his team who was operating on the boy looked at me with a wide eye expression.

“You can’t be in here.” The doctor’s voice was muffled through his mask. “Nurse!”

“I’m sorry Doctor he just burst in here.” I felt the nurse tug on my sleeve.

If I wasn’t so distracted right now I’d probably put a bullet in her for thinking she could touch me let alone force me out of this room.

Instead my main attention was towards the patient who was basically naked aside from being covered. But anyone could see the full outlines of his body. And I mean anyone.

“Sir.” The nurse tugged on my sleeve harder.

Hearing the doctor sigh I turned to the nurse while pulling back my arm and just as fast as I entered this room, I left briskly with my hands in my pocket until I was met with Maurice. The look on his face said it all.

Marching up to him, I grabbed him by the collar. Some of the staffs peaked out to see what was going on.

“Jack!” JJ gasped.

I was now drawing unwanted attention which I didn’t need. So I had pulled Maurice roughly around the corner followed by Brad.

“Maurice.” I growled his name like it was toxic.

“Mr. Saunders.” He stuttered.

“Who is that?” I lowered my eyes at home, as my grip only tightened around his neck. I so much wanted to strangle him.

“Th...that.” Trying to play coy doesn’t suit him. I don’t care who the hell he is. When I spoke no word he heaved, “Jordan.”

“Last name?”

“Richard.” He gulped. At the sound of the one name it makes me wonder, why the hell does he have his last name. Surely this bodyguard of his is not his child. They don’t even look a like.

“Sir,” Brad called.

Ignoring him I set Maurice down only for him to shake in his own shoes. This was just so stressful right now, damn I need a smoke.

“Why do you both have the same last name?” I coolly asked calmly hoping he could give me a straight answer.

My stare now burning into his. “She...” Gulping again, his eyes were wavering back and forth.

And it dinged on me. Like I said my hunches are never wrong.

“Is she, George’s little girl?”

Maurice gulped again.

Holy fuck! Picking him up, I should strangle him. “You put his little girl out there so she could what. Is this some sort of sick fantasy you got going on?” I thought about why he would want to dress George’s little girl up as a boy in the first place.

If I had known that it was George’s daughter with us I would never have had her with us especially during attacks. And oh god I had punched her in the face and this sick mother fucker here didn’t bother to even say anything.

Running my fingers through my hair I turned my attention to another voice that decided to interrupt, “Mr. Saunders.” The man spoke smugly.

“Officer Deleon.” Not to long ago I was fuming but now I was calm and collected. I had to be when I am facing him.

“I’m not surprise to see you here.” He spoke lighting himself a cigarette.

“Excuse me sir, but this is a hospital.” The same nurse from earlier came up to us and scolded him.

Deleon just smiled before putting it out.

“And what are you doing here?” I knew what he was doing here but it was funny when he is trying to catch something with no bait.

“What do you think? Not to long ago we were called in because of a shooting and just our luck it was like nothing but the air on my back.” He mocked.

I couldn’t help but smile smugly. Props to Brad for a job well done.

“Is that so?”

“Well it can’t be a coincidence that you are here as well.”

“For your information I am here because of my daughter’s friend who is seriously hurt.” We were both now at a staring contest, neither one backing down.

For years Officer Max Deleon had been trying to bring me down. He couldn’t however. I wouldn’t let him but it was sort of fun. The only fun thing there is. We are sort of like friends and yet we are not.

I had met him a few years back and a bar. At the time he was under cover and he did grow on me but when I found out of his other job well we just now tolerated each other.

“So you have nothing to do with us being called.” He looked at me before looking at Brad. He knew what we did but he had no evidence. He had no concrete evidence so he couldn’t bring me in.

I was careful. I just shrugged my shoulders. If it were any other day I would have entertained him but my mind was distracted by the fact that George’s only child was having a bullet removed.

“Then tell me Jack Saunders, Why is it that if there is something wrong, you are always there.”

“Just lucky I guess.”

“No matter, it is only a matter of time before you make a mistake and I’ll be there.” He swung his cuffs around like it made him cool before him and his fellow officers left quietly.

“Jack.” JJ nervously called.


“How did you manage to...”

“Brad.” I answered not letting her finish almost forgetting we were in a public place. Turning towards Maurice, “You will hand over Jordan to me.” I didn’t ask him, it was more like telling him what I wanted.

And I am sure if George was alive he wouldn’t want his daughter to get caught up in this mess. And seeing if Maurice wouldn’t protect her, I sure as well damn too. If who ever was out there purpose was to wipe out George’s entire family then Jordan isn’t safe especially with him who puts himself before her.

“No.” No! He says. Well someone grew balls.

“No? You think just because you are important that I wouldn’t pop your knee cap off.” I threatened lowly.

“I need him.”

“Him, find yourself another damn bodyguard because this one is off limits.”

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