The Body Guard

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Chapter 12-Pain Meds


“Can you hurry up!”

“Hold on, don’t rush me!”

Hush voices could be heard surrounding me. It was like these two were trying to make a quick getaway.

“Just put it down and let’s leave already before he comes back.”

“Wait let me just quickly fix it.”

“No time. That man will kill us for sure if he comes back.”

“Ugh, such a waste.” The other spoke while clicking her tongue. “How can someone so hot look like that.”

“I bet he had to work hard on that look.” She chuckled to herself.

Who the hell are the two talking about?

“Come on before...”

Groaning, “Can’t you both be quiet, I’m trying to sleep.” Slowly opening my eyes I came face to face with two someones who I had least expected it to be.

“JR you’re awake!”

“Alexis you are so loud.”

“Flowers and a fruit basket, we both bought it for you.” Ivy gestured towards the table.

“Um...thank you but what are you doing here not that I am happy to see you both here.”

“We just came to see how you were doing?” Ivy fluffed my pillow.

I had woken up last night and at first I was disoriented from all the pain meds that was pumping through my veins. The doctor and nurses tended to me and explained that I was in an accident and that I was out for three days.

Three whole fucking days. While Maurice was out there, I was stuck in here.

“How’d you know I was here anyway?”

“JJ.” Alexis answered.

Both Ivy and her however looked antsy wanting to leave but I could tell Alexis wanted to stay and chat.

“Alex we have to go now.” Ivy frantically began to pull on Alexis.

“Leaving. You guys are leaving, you just got here.” I admit I miss my friends.

“We love to stay JR but we have to go.” Ivy panicked looking towards the exit.

“Who are you?” A voice then had entered the room causing my dearest friend to startled. But once they saw who it was they had relax.

“We are just visiting but we are leaving.” Ivy nodded towards Maurice who then turned towards me, “Feel better.” I wanted Ivy and Alexis to stay but with Maurice here I couldn’t very well have them ask questions.

“Sir.” Maurice walked towards my fruit basket that Alexis and Ivy had given me. taking an apple and began to chomp on it.

“You have cost me a lot of trouble.” Maurice spat at me. “Because of you I am in deep shit with that asshole.”

Though he didn’t put a name I knew who he was talking about. “Quick we are leaving right now.”

My eyes widen. “But the doctor’s didn’t discharge me.”

“Fuck the doctors. You are my damn body guard. You are suppose to guard me, not be in some damn hospital.” Grabbing me by the arm he harshly pulled me up.

I was in pain and this man before me could care less.

“But sir where is Gerad?”

“He is outside, now come put on some clothes we are leaving before...” He trailed off and hoisting me out of bed causing me to fall.

“Sir what are you doing with the patient?” A nurse barreled into the room upon hearing the noise that I had created as I fell.

“Can’t you see she is leaving and that is final?”

“But you can’t not without the doctor’s approval.” The nurse tried to reason with him but failed so she came back not a second longer with reinforcement one being was the doctor.

“Sir you can’t just take a patient out of my care.” Still on the ground some of the nurses helped me back on bed.

I was weak, my legs were weak and I don’t know if it was the pain medicine or the anesthesia but I could hardly feel any sensation coursing through my legs.

“She is my responsibility and if I want her out of this damn hospital then I want her out.” Maurice was now yelling.

“We have to run some test on her before she can be discharge making sure there is no more swelling or internal bleeding. And to top it off you can’t remove my patient without their consent. She is no longer a minor. Besides we have to report every gun shot wound to the police.”

Even though the doctor was trying to persuade Maurice he only glared at me.

“That is out of the question. She can’t talk to no fucking cop.” Maurice argued back.

“That is protocol sir.” The doctor reason but when he had seen Maurice not giving up he continued, “At least let me do some tests on her.”

“Actually doctor could you make it quick please. There are things to be done at home.” The doctor was taken back by my response. Maurice was right though. I couldn’t talk to no cop. How I was to explain what had happened to me without me being charge with assault and battery.

I wasn’t scared about my injuries. What I was more scared of being punish if I disobeyed him. As long as I’m not paralyzed then that’s good.

Sighing in resignation, “Very well give us an hour to do some test.” The doctor knew he couldn’t hold a patient here if he or she doesn’t want to be here. All they can do is wish for the best.

While I was brought to certain rooms with special equipment I just let them do what needed to be done.

After a few test here I was brought back to my room where Maurice was waiting impatiently. “Finally.” He threw his hands in the air.

“Good news is you still have the use of your legs.” The doctor exclaimed. “The bad news is you have to undergo physical therapy and that may take a while.”

“Well we don’t have all day. She could do that at home.” Maurice hauled me up once again.

“Sir, you have to take it easy on her. Her stitches might open up. And she has to use a wheel chair for the time being until she regains the strength in her legs.”

“Can’t you just give her steroids or something.” Maurice was never known for his patience.

Seconds later a nurse wheels in a wheel chair. “Here you go.” She looks at me with pity.

“What the hell is that?” Once again Maurice loud voice was deafening.

“What does it look like?” The doctor sarcastically mock. I could tell he hated Maurice for undermining him but what could he do. He was here to help patients who are willing to be helped.

“That won’t do.”

“It has to.”

“Her leg is in a cast, it’s not fully broken so she can walk on one leg if she has too.”

“Sir I am a doctor and since you are removing a patient from my care I have to try at least make it comfortable for her.”

Not wanting to argue, “Fine, but quick let’s go. We’ll pick up some crutches on the way.” He mumbled to himself.

With the nurses help they had gently put me in the chair while the doctor writes me up a prescription for the pain and telling me what to do.

He didn’t even get to finish when Maurice was already wheeling me away.

We were now at the exit with Gerad at our side, “Sir, what about the medicines.”

“Do you honestly think I would waste money on those medicine. I already have to pay for your hospital bill and the time that you have wasted.”

I guess I don’t need the medicine but they were for the pain. Well the doctor said everything went smoothly so how bad can the pain get. If anything I can just take Tylenol. How bad can the pain be anyway?

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