The Body Guard

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Chapter 13-Kidnapped


Fuck! Where the hell are the pain meds? In this big house there isn’t any more pain meds.

“Child what in sam hill are you doing?” My head quickly turned towards a frantic Glenda.

“Glenda.” I teared.

“Young lady get into bed. You shouldn’t be up on your legs.”

“It hurts.” I sobbed as Glenda helped me back in my bed. My leg has been throbbing ever since the meds from the doctor wore off.

Glenda looked at me in pity while making sure I was comfortable.

Feeling Glenda sooth me, I watch her leave then return with a glass of water and pills. Pills! That’s what I need to make the pain go away.

“Take this.” She handed me both and I gladly took it. “Feel better?”

Not really I thought. The pain was still there but I nodded my head anyway to ensure she wouldn’t worry.

“Good get some rest and I’ll come see you in the morning.”

After she had left I tried to get some sleep but my leg was still bothering me. And Maurice refuses to send me back to the doctor.

Not once have I even used the wheel chair. He got me crutches so that I can guard him on his days.

At first the pain was tolerable but the longer I stay on my feet the more harder it got.

Flipping and turning I sat back up. Sweat coated my back as I stood on my crutches leaving my room. It was dark, the halls were dark and everyone was of course asleep.

Silently I headed down the hall towards Maurice’s bathroom hoping he would have something stronger for the pain.

Turning on the light I opened his medicine cabinet and was met with a few pain killers. But I wanted something stronger. If Maurice was going to have me continue to guard him in my condition I had to make sure I don’t start feeling it.

My eyes widen as I came across a bottle of pills that I am sure would help ease it, Vicodin. I know this should be taken in small doses but hell, I just want it to go away. Popping in two pills I start to feel a little light headed but the pain was almost gone. As if it had work instantly.

Taking the bottle of pills with me I headed towards my room where I am sure I could sleep peacefully.

I’m sure Maurice won’t notice his pills have gone missing.

Bang! And another Bang! “Where the fuck is she!”

Loud noises could be heard from outside my room. Slowly opening my eyes, I read the clock and it was almost ten. Holy shit! I over slept. Maurice is going to kill me.

“Bring her out now!” I don’t know who that voice belongs to but he sure does sound furious.

“Mr. Saunders please.” Maurice! He was begging. Holy shit and I am in here, in my room while he is out there.

Quickly putting on my clothes which I usually have a hard time putting on pants due to my cast I didn’t care about appearance right now. Or the fact my hair was all over the place. Hell never mind about brushing my teeth but I did fall a couple of times which brought out the pain that I had endured these past couple days.

Popping in a few more pills, it once again made the pain go away making me a bit light headed. Grabbing my crutches and hand gun I proceeded to slowly make my way out. Trying to figure out a way to calm a very angry Jack.

Peaking behind the wall, I had seen a every of Maurice’s body guard dead on the ground but sighed a relief when Gerad wasn’t one of them. He was shielding Maurice.

“Mr. Saunders please can we talk about this rationally?”

Jack pointed the gun towards him while his other man Brad pointed a gun towards Gerad.

How the hell did I over sleep? Slowly creeping towards Maurice with a gun in my hand I watch Jack’s eye’s slowly turned towards me. Upon seeing me rage had filled his face. I have never seen someone turned so red before.

Pulling Maurice behind me and standing next to Gerad while leaning on my crutches I pointed the gun towards Jack and singling Gerad to point his gun towards Brad.

If Jack was going to have his men come her start killing well I guess Gerad and I just have to even the playing field.

“Mr. Saunders I suggest you drop your weapon.” I said shakily but tried to stand firm.

Jack never once flinch. I guess I had a hard time intimidating people. “Glenda, take Maurice into his room.” Glenda who was watching from the side lines scurried off with Maurice. Jack never once took his eyes off my.

“JR.” Though Jack looked cold and domineering I didn’t miss the subtlety in his voice and it was actually the first time he had said my name without that mocking tone. It almost had me melting at his deep alluring voice. That is until I remember all those taunts among other things.

“Mr. Saunders.” I held my gun firm in my hand while Gerad cocked his gun. Glancing at Gerad I made sure he knows not to fire otherwise we both be good as dead.

Jack had inched himself closer to me while lowering his gun like he wasn’t the least bit scared.

“Stop!” I yelled shakily.

“Mr. Saunders that is as far as you go?” Gerad gently pulled me aside.

Jack took one glance at Gerad, and I almost peed my paints at his stare. If looks could kill.

Standing face to face with Gerad they were both having their own stare contest. Each equal in height but if I had put my money on it, I’d say Jack could very well take on Gerad with both hands behind his back.

Nodding his head it was as if Gerad knew what Jack was saying that he had dropped his gun. “Gerad!” I don’t know what’s going on but the next thing I knew my crutches was swiped from me as I watch Jack breaking it in half before throwing it on the side.

“Glenda.” Gerad called and I watch Glenda wheeling out my wheel chair. What the hell is going on? And what is this silent conversation?

“Child, sit.” Glenda gently pushed me into the chair. I wasn’t angry which I should be, I was feeling rather confuse with this whole ordeal. Sitting down on the wheel chair Jack bent over until he was eye level with me smirking but not saying anything as I picked up my gun and aimed it for his head.

“Get the fuck out of my face.” I growled causing him to give me one of his smugly smile. I have never seen him smile before but frankly I’m scared.

“Did you brush your teeth?”
I don’t think I ever been so embarrassed before as I clammed my mouth shut.

Taking my gun he emptied out my chamber before wheeling me out.

“Stop.” Why the hell isn’t anyone doing anything? Gerad was just standing there and Glenda was smiling with tears in her eyes.

“Take care of my child.” Glenda sobbed.

Oh hell no. I am not going with him. Who knows what he will do to me? Probably sell me to prostitution.

“Enough.” No one was listening to me. Instead Jack was just wheeling me out pass the dead bodies that lay at the door.

“You killed my men!” I yelled. These innocent men. I had trained them and hand pick them only for him to kill them all.

He wasn’t going to answer me was he? Taking my good leg I let it hit the ground stopping him from pushing while I threw my hand back and clawed his hand that was on the handle of my wheel chair.

I listened to him hiss in pain while Brad silently chuckled.

Getting up from the chair I drag myself away from this monster who thinks he could just come and take me to god knows where.

Once Jack had recovered he glared at me, “Get in the chair.” He ordered. Who the hell does he think he is?

Taking the chair I threw it down the steps watching it tumble until the wheels were bent.

Jack looked at me like a child throwing a tantrum. God, I hate that smug look of his, makes me want to gauge out his eyes.

Taking slow stride step towards me, I was now trap between the wall in him. I could smell his after shave and see the green specs in his eyes. That’s how close he was.

Closing my eyes I flinched waiting for him to give me another harsh blow. I mean that is what he is good for anyway.

But nothing. Instead I felt his arms as he had lifted me up and my arms instantly flew around his neck.

“Put me down.” I jerk in his hold.

“Unless you want me to drop you, I suggest you stop squirming.”

I glared at him challenging him with my eyes.

“Or I could tie you up so you wouldn’t be able to.”

He wouldn’t, he would never do that. I’m not a pig. “If you do not put me down, I will put a god damn bullet in your head.” I reach for his gun but before I could cock it, but It was yanked out of my hold by him. How the hell did he do that? He is carrying me, does he have three hands.

“You want to play it the hard way.” He paused, “Brad.”

Then out of the corner of my eye I had seen Brad with a rope? Where the hell did they get that from.

“No, I’ll be good.”

“That’s a good girl.” He continued walking.

Wait a minute, girl? Did he just say girl. I stared at him he seemed to be having an internal joke of some kind. Then I looked at Brad and holy fuck!

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