The Body Guard

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Chapter 14-Childish


“You are not going out!” I stood there in shock as the man before me raises his voice. Who the fuck does he think he is?

“You can’t keep me here!” I yelled back not caring if the neighbors could hear our feud.

“You are fifteen years old...”

“So, I am old enough to make my own decisions dad.”

“You are not going out and that’s final.”

“Dear.” A woman looked at both of us in shock at her two boys arguing over something that shouldn’t even be discussed.

“You can’t keep me here. If I am going, I am going?”

“And where is that and with whom? To her?” He dared not say her name as if it brought a curse to this family.

“I love her dad!”

“Love, son you are fifteen, a child. And she is fifteen years older than you. What would she want with a kid?”

I was furious with him. Just because I was younger doesn’t mean I know what love is.

“Jack.” I felt a small hand on my back, “Why are you yelling?” I soften my gaze at my baby brother. Sure he is no longer a baby but to me he will always be my baby brother and he looks up to me.

“Jed sweetie go to your room. Jack and your father are just having a discussion.” Mother calmly said as I watch Jed retreated to his room quietly.

“Are you even listening?” Father ran his fingers through his hair a sign of sheer frustration.

“I’m going, she needs me.” I debated whether to actually not follow his rules. This is actually a first that we have fought hard. Sure we may have had disagreements in the past but never this serious.

“You are not going and that’s final.”

“You are not my dad!” Once the word had immediately left my mouth, I regretted it. The shock look on my dad’s face had brought me guilt. I knew he wasn’t my dad but he had treated me like his son.

“Jack.” Mother gasps. “What is the matter with you? Do not talk to your dad that way.”

“All my life I have listened to him and be a good son and...” shut up Jack, I mentally scolded myself, “but I am never good enough for him,” Jack just shut that damn mouth, “He’s just being a dick because I found someone...”

“That’s enough.” Dad shouted, rage probably building inside. I knew I should have stop but I couldn’t. I was angry, hell I was furious. He can’t tell me who I can’t be with. “Go to your room.” He spoke with finality leaving no room for arguments.

And like a petulant child I stormed upstairs but not before I heard my mom soothing him, “Dylan sweet heart, he didn’t mean it. He loves you. He is just angry right now.”

I don’t think I am wrong but why does it feel like I am. Regret seeps in my heart, still I pushed it down slamming my door in the process.

“Mr. Saunders, the surgery was a success.” Hearing the doctor I smiled.

After I had removed her from that household I immediately had her sent to the hospital. My hospital where she could get treated for her legs.

When the doctor had ran some x-rays and test I was burning with rage. Her leg was swollen and she was in pain but I wouldn’t even know it because she had hid it all too well.

It seems she had fractured her leg tibial and is under bone stress. I honestly don’t know what caused that because when she was shot, she was shot in the hips.

“Doctor question?”

The doctor raised his eyes at me. “How did she fracture her leg?”

Holding up her charts, “It seems her leg had sustained a previous injury months ago and what is called a bone stress. If not treated right away, the amount of strenuous activities such as running can tire out the muscles that support the skeletal system.” I listened to her intently as she speaks. “When the muscles are fatigued, bones experience more stress which can cause tiny breaks. This breaks are sometimes called stress or hairline fractures. Too much force can cause a break if it exceeds the strength of the bone.”

Looking back at me, the doctor looked away. She must have sense the anger in my eyes. How dare Maurice let her continue that facade. He had put George’s little girl in harms way. And what is worse his own niece.

“Thank you.” I bid my good bye heading towards her room where she resides. She has been with me for about a month now and not once had she open her damn mouth. She was playing the ignoring game but eventually she would give in.

“Here you go boss.” Brad handed me a plate of food. I had told him to grab me and the girl some lunch. Because hospital food is just too bland. I thought since she hasn’t been eating well and not talking I could bribe her with food.

If only George had told me about his daughter and how stubborn she was.

Entering her room, she sat there looking better than before. At least she was getting some vitamins from her IV bag. Maybe I should request one for home when she gets discharge.

Placing the food next to her, “Eat.”

Not once had she looked at me. Instead she turned her head towards the window. Pulling up a chair I sat beside her and prepared her food. Maybe the scent of the food will change her mind. Once the food was nicely set I felt her twitch then heard her stomach growl. She may not show it but she was in deed hungry. “I said eat.” I commanded lowly.

She pushed the plate away, “I’m not hungry.”

I was now getting irritated by her childish attitude. I don’t care if I have to shove the food down her throat. She will eat.

“Unless you want me to feed you I suggest you pick up the god damn fork and eat.” My voice was now lace with irritation.

“And I said I’m not hungry.” Though she was talking back, I admire her determination.

“Would it help if I left the room?” I stood up sighing not knowing what to do, “Or should I call JJ for you.” I thought maybe if I called JJ she would eat with a friend. After all they hung out a lot. Still she made no eye contact.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” My voice had boomed making her flinch.

Turning towards me I stared into her deep brown eyes. No one had dared to challenged me. Leaning closer so we were now inches apart, “You will eat or...” I paused.

A slight memory flash in my mind.

“Are you an item?” I asked calmly hoping my own sister wasn’t a lesbian. Not that I mind because then I wouldn’t have to worry about her dating boys.

“Jack are you insane...” JJ mouth dropped.

“Then who the hell are you?” I glared.

“J..Jordan.” She stuttered afraid of what I might do. “Now could you stop staring.” I was baffled by her new found confidence. Looking her up and down she did have a nice body underneath her towel but I have seen better.

“Why, there is nothing to see. Not my type really, flat as a bored.” I smirked and observed her expression. ‘Cute’ I thought. She really is though, cute, but I prefer one whose not so innocent.

Just then it dawned on me, “You’re the one from the bathroom in the bath towel.”

She had finally met my eyes in shock. A slight blush crept upon on her face. And I was right, she is cute.

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