The Body Guard

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Chapter 15-Scratch and Itch


I need to leave this place. How dare he just take me out of my home and act like he didn’t do anything wrong.

Taking glances at him, he sat in a chair reading a book for hours. He just sat there not saying a word. Not once he had even looked up from his book. And every once in a while he would get a phone call, leave to answer, then come back and go back to reading a book. Makes me wonder, doesn’t he have any where else he needs to be?

Instead he has been sitting there for hours. Who knew he could even read let alone know more than fifty words. I laughed to myself inwardly at my own corny joke.

I should feel awkward just sitting here in this hospital room with a man who chose to ignore my presence but instead it was a comfortable kind of silent. In fact I wouldn’t mind falling asleep knowing he was just sitting there. Then again I don’t want to wake up with a gun in my face for snoring.

When he pulled me out of that house I was shock to know he knew who I was. Was even more shock that he had remembered when he insulted me in the bathroom.

I could feel my face burning red at the memory.

Shaking all thoughts I took another glance at him. His hair was messy, he was using a reading glass and he had a little scruff which made him more...snap out of it JR. This man is the devil. I don’t know where he crawled out from but he will be a devil if not, his son.

“Send me home.” I blurted.

Lowering his book he looked up at me with a blank expression. Is he angry? I can’t tell. He looks angry well he always looks angry. “Does the princess speaks now?” He replied in a mocking tone.

“I want to go home?” I made sure to keep my guard up.

Not a single word he has spoken for a few minutes. It was like he was having a mini conversation with himself. “After the doctor gives you the all clear, I’ll have one of my maid prepare your room.” He leaned himself back in the chair, back to reading that damn book.

Is this man serious? Who said anything about staying with him. I rather get my fingers cut off then stay with him. Besides I needed to go home. I may not like how Maurice has treated me but he is after all my uncle. The only family I have left.

After my parents died, Maurice came to my door claiming to be the brother of my father. It is sad to say honestly I never knew dad had a younger brother. He never speaks about him.

Then Maurice came up with all these rules that I had to abide by. Sure it was hard at first. After all my life went from partying and hanging out with friends to guns and chaos.

Truth be told though I had wondered where Maurice was during birthdays, and holidays. And I found it odd that he only appeared now after father and mother’s passing.

Doesn’t matter, because I have to go back to Maurice. If whoever had killed mother and father, they might go after Maurice or... I stopped to think about my situation. It’s like some damn horror film.

“No, I mean back to Maurice’s home.” I mumbled hoping he had heard me and yet not hear me at all.

To my luck he heard me when I heard him growl. Who the hell growls?

“To him. The man who abuses you.”

“He is my uncle, he is my family besides why do you care?” I huffed in annoyance.

Looking away from him, I could feel his stare burning a whole at the side of my face. Who needs a gun when you have laser heat vision.

“You are not going and that’s final.”

“You cannot tell me what to do. One I am not a child and two you are not my father.” Turning my head to him he looked at me in shock. Like he was reliving a past memory.

Leaning forward his hand grabbed the railings, “Thank god you are not because I will have no qualms about spanking you.” He smirked leaving my mouth ajar.

“Hate to burst your bubbles Mr. Saunders but if you don’t leave me be, I will charged you with kidnapping.” I threatened but instead of feeling scared he chuckled. And it wasn’t the cute kind of chuckle. This chuckle seemed dark almost devious.

“And I will charge you for murder on killing one of my men.” He whispered in my ears menacingly.

I could feel my face hot. For one he was right. I did kill one of his men and not a day goes by where his face flashed in my mind. And questions kept on haunting me. Did he have a wife, a child, and family?

Sitting back down, he leaned against the chair crossing his arms like he had won a prize. Prize my ass.

“Please Mr. Saunders I need to get home.” This time I had taken a different approach. Maybe demanding from him doesn’t work.

When my parent’s were alive I had always used the puppy eyes, pouty lips, the child facade to get what I want and it had always worked. Maybe with him it could work too.

So I had stuck out my lips and looked at him with big watery eyes.

“Stick that lip back in. It may have worked on your parents but it sure as hell won’t work on me.” As if reading my thoughts he scoffed.

Damn man. Wiggling my legs was hard because of this cast but what is worse I couldn’t even scratch it.

“Stop squirming and go to sleep now.” That is all I have been doing is sleeping and now that I am awake he wants me to go back to bed.

Still wiggling he got up from his chair, “What’s wrong?” He looked at me with almost a concerned expression. If I didn’t know him, he could have fooled me.

“This cast is uncomfortable and itchy.” Placing his big hands on my cast he smiled before sitting down.

“The least you could do is try and scratch my leg for me.”

Looking at me, he picked up his book and went back to reading.

I was appalled by his childish behavior. Then in the midst of trying to scratch an itch, he made it known as he scratch his own leg, the same spot where my leg was itchy before giving me that smug smile of his.

“Jerk.” I muttered under my breath.

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