The Body Guard

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Chapter 16-Escape


You would think after being discharge from the hospital I would be ecstatic. I would be if I wasn’t stuck in this god forsaken home he calls a mansion.

Two weeks we no human physical interaction. And a few months with this cast on. I also got a new upgraded crutches.

After my surgery the doctor had told me that I would be stuck in this cast for at least a couple months before my leg fully heals. Unfortunately for me considering I had been walking on broken bones for months even when my leg is fully healed I might not be able to run as fast or carry any heavy objects. As I recall he said it is possible to gain full use of my legs but that is all up to me and the amount of physical exercise I put into.

But how can I get exercise when I am stuck in this damn room. Every once in a while Jack’s personal maid Odett would bring me my food but wouldn’t stay with me for more than five minutes.

I begged her to talk to me but she just glared at me like I stole her shoes. What the hell is her problem? All I asked was for adult conversation.

And not once had Jack even visited me, not even JJ. Does she not care? I saved her live damn it.

Opening my door I leaned on my crutches as I see the same two men standing in front. It was hard to make it past them. Sure it is possible to take them out but that stupid man had taken my gun and refuse to give it back to me.

When I had first gotten here he did give me access to anywhere in the house. I guess me being trap here is sort of my fault when I tried to escape twice and failed terribly. Who knew he had men just lurking around.

Now I am not even allowed to step foot outside of this very room.

Sighing in defeat I retreated further inside my room and sat on my bed. Good thing he stocked this room up with books otherwise with nothing to do I would die of sheer boredom.

But I couldn’t just stand here and do nothing. Once again I opened the door and cleared my throat to get the men their attention.

They said nothing only gestured me to go back inside. “Ba...bathroom.”

Looking at me, both men nodded their head as I had followed them once again. One in front and one behind. Once I made me way in, I shut the door. They never followed me in the bathroom which was a relief.

After doing my business I contemplated on how to get out of this house hold. This is like a prison for me. Turning around there was a small narrow window. I can fit.

“Are you done in there?” I heard one of the men deep voice.

“I have a stomach ache so it will be a while.”

Standing on the toilet bowl trying not to lean on my weaken leg, I used my crutches to release the lock on the window. It had taken a while but I was able to do it.

Finally it popped open and I slide it across. Now all I had to do was reach and hoist myself up which I did effortlessly. Sitting in the window sill I look down. It was night so I had to be quiet and the fact that I was two stories high. Thankfully there was a small roof which I wiggled myself onto that roof top and shimmy down the pole. Sounds easy right. Sure it was if you didn’t have a cast and you are spider man, highly unlikely when I fell. And I fell hard. Thankfully it was on a small shrub.

I wonder how long it will take them to find out that I am now out of here.

Running, more like limping I made my way out and I don’t know how long I had walked but my feet and my leg was hurting like hell. And I mean it was burning.

Digging in my pocket I pulled out the Vicodin I swiped from Maurice’s home and popped a couple of them into my mouth. I have been taken them sometimes in big doses. I know I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop. It just made everything seem better. It just made all my problems seem like a dream. My parent’s passing, my estrange uncle, killings, and the devil himself.

I may not show it but it felt like I was drowning and no one is there to pull me back up. I miss my mom and my dad. Day’s like these makes me wish I had done more with them instead of partying with my friends.

But taking Vicodin had relax me a bit. It calmed me down. I was however running low and I needed to get more.

Now reaching a pay phone I heard a car stop next to me and blinking lights flash. “Shit.” I cursed silently hoping it is not who I think it is.

“Get in the fucking car Jordan!” A voice as harsh as it sounds called me from afar. I refuse to turn around.

But flinch when I heard the slamming of a car door and soon he was in front of me angry as hell.

“Hello.” I smiled back, not once shaking in my own shoes but rather I felt like I could fly and not even him could bring me down.

“What’s the matter with you?” He questioned.

“Nothing.” I place my hands in the pocket of my jacket as he grabbed his cell phone and turned on the flashlight holding it up to my face.

I squinted not liking where this is going. With his cold hands he touched my eyes looking at me intently, “Are you fucking high?” His face was once again in front of me as I chuckled and shook my head no.

He didn’t believe me. I am not high. I don’t do drugs so why in hell would he think so? Not saying anything he observe me as I was holding the pill bottle in my hand. Shaking it, listening to the pills rattle had sooth me just a tiny bit until he grabbed my arm out of my pocket and roughly taking the bottle out of my hand.

His eyes widen in shock as he read the label. “Did you take these?” He spoke lowly as I remained quiet.

“Answer me Jordan,” without answering he knew, he just new, “How many did you take?” He growled.

Holding up my hand I was now giggling, “This many.”

Suddenly I felt light. Like everything seemed a bit hazy. Holding up my head or at least try to until it felt heavy and dropped.

“Fuck.” Jack had cursed as he lifted me up into his arms that my body had grown slack. My crutches fell from my hands and it was like I could feel my heart slowly beating.

What came next I don’t know until nothing but darkness surrounded me.

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