The Body Guard

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Chapter 17-Addict


Light beeping could be heard from a distant. And voices. One voice seemed irritated and the other voice seemed afraid.

But they were loud enough that it even woke me up from my slumber.

“So she is good?”

“We were able to pump the drugs out of her system but she still needs to be watch Mr. Saunders. After, even if it is use for pain relievers taking Vicodine in big doses is life threatening.”

Jack sighed not nothing what to do. I could feel his frustration. It was leaking out of him in volumes. “Thank you Doctor. When can she go home?”

“I would suggest she stay here for another day to make sure she doesn’t go through the stages of withdrawal.”

“Thank you doctor.” Jack’s voice was calm almost like he cared.

Listening to a set of foot steps disappear the other set nearing me as I could fell his intense gaze. “I know you’re awake.”

Fluttering my eyes open I was met with his hypnotizing gaze, “What the hell where you thinking?” He scolded.

“Why do you care?” I scoffed.

“Because you could have over dose on those.”

Over dose, me? I just needed the pain to go away. Once Jack had seen my shock expression his gaze on me had soften, “Is living in my home that bad?”

“Home you say. I am a prisoner.”

“No you are not.”

“Then why am I trap into a room.”

“Because you tried to escape.”

“Can you blame me. I need to go home.”

I watch him furrowed his brow, “You are home. And if you are talking about Maurice I already spoken to him and he agreed to let you stay with me.”

I was taken by his words. Maurice actually agreed? He would never agree. “Now answer my damn question, why were you taking pills that wasn’t yours.”

“I was at Maurice’s home and he didn’t get me pain medication when I left the hospital,” I could feel my tears burning my eyes, “So I just needed the pain to go away.”

“Pain?” He drawled out the word. And for a moment he looked guilty.

“Yes pain? It hurt so much my leg and it wouldn’t stop.” I was now sobbing.

His expression went from sorrow to anger in the span of a few seconds. “Mother fucking bastard.” He muttered but I clearly heard it. Was he angry at me?

Flinching at his words I watch him raise his hand as I was prepared for him to punch me again like before. With my eyes close shut instead I felt warm arms engulfing me as I was pulled into a hard chest.

Jack’s. His big hands had patted my back soothingly and for a split second it felt like I was being hugged by my dad. I missed his hugs when I was sad he would do what Jack is doing.

“If I let you roam free would you promise not to escape.”

Pulling away I gazed up at him, “Why? I did nothing for you, why would you have a stranger live in your home.”

He answered me with a sigh.

“Only on two conditions.”

“Name it?”

“I get to invite me friends.”

“No...” NO! “But I’ll have JJ come over to keep you company.”

I smiled. So he is keeping JJ away from me. “And the other condition?”

“Give me back my gun.”

“Fuck no.” He didn’t even hesitate to answer me. He just straight out.

“And why not?”

“Have your forgotten you killed one of my men.” He reminded me. Of course he did. How could I forget.

“With the type of business you are running don’t you think I should at least be able to defend myself.”

“That is what my men is for, anything else.”

“That gun was the last thing my dad gave me.” He look shock by my answer. Like he had a hard time hearing a father gifting his daughter with a gun.

“Fine but don’t use it unless you have to, not in my home and don’t kill any more of my men.”

I smiled. We were finally coming to an agreement. “Also I’ll have the doctor prescribe you some pain killers for your leg.”

Things were looking good so far. Maybe living with him won’t be so bad. I hope not.

Just then a knock on the door was heard, “Can I come in.” I smiled as I saw her enter the room.


“Hi JR. Long time no see. How are you doing?”

“How did...”

“I sent her a text.” I looked at Jack. Since when. My he works fast. “I’ll leave you two alone.”

Jack left and JJ pulled a seat next to me. “I would have come earlier but Jack kept you from me.”

“How are you JJ, how’s the baby.”

She put her hands on her belly. “The baby’s fine. And because of you we are fine. Thank you for saving our lives but you shouldn’t have. You almost got yourself killed.” Her voice was lace with concern and worry.

“JJ, I would have done it all over again if it meant you and your baby are safe.”

JJ giggled before giving me a knowing look, “So what’s up with you and my brother?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you are staying with him at his home and he protected you and it’s been a while since I had seen him smile.”

“Him, smile. When did he smile?”

“When he left?”

“Tsk tsk JJ. That wasn’t a smile. That was a smirk and evil smirk. I don’t think he is capable of smiling.”

“JR, my brother wasn’t always like this. He was sweet and kind until her.” JJ stared off until she was brought back changing the subject, “I think you are what my brother needs.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean, you are twenty four and he is twenty nine,” eyeing me her eyes had twinkle with an idea.

“What ever it is stop thinking it?” I knew what she was going at and I want no part of it. That man if you call him a man scares me half to death. I’m surprise that I don’t already have bullet holes in my body.

“None since. I just want him to forget her.” She mumbled the last part.

That’s the second time JJ mentioned a her. Who is this her? And how is this her related to Jack on who he is today. I wanted to know more but it’s not in my nature to pry into other people’s business. Unfortunately with my luck I would probably know who is she and is she the cause of how Jack is today?

A part of me feel like something big will happen and it will explode in my face.

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