The Body Guard

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Chapter 18-One Step Closer


Jack kept his words. I was allowed more freedom if I just stay in the house. I haven’t explored everything yet but JJ keeps me company from time to time.

I feel that if I do good and listen to him without arguing then just maybe he would let me outside. I had to see what Maurice’s was up to and since the last time I saw him was when I was taken from my home.

So not hearing of him or about him had me worried. Something was up and for whatever reason I needed to find out. It is not like him for Maurice to keep quiet about this.

After my parents died, Maurice was adamament for me to come live with him. I however didn’t need him. I was old enough to take care of myself but he told me he is only there to protect me. He kept reminding me that my parent’s killers are out there.

And when I had heard the news that I was also dead I was shock because as you can see I am very much alive.

Maurice however had told me to keep quiet about me being alive. For whatever reason he says it is for my own protection so I went along with it. The only other person who knew that I was alive was his lawyer.

Though if he wanted to protect me why did he make me go with him to do some of his works. Things just doesn’t add up.

Brushing my hair out in front of the mirror I was getting ready for bed until I heard a clutter down stairs.

Now I may not do any more dangerous mission but that doesn’t mean I will not sit back while this house was under attack.

Grabbing my gun from my drawer I wondered the dark halls only in my PJ’s. More clatter and groans was heard from down stairs while I made my way trying not to fall.

Where are the guards that Jack usually keeps around this time of night I wonder.

As I made my way down I came across a dark figure who seemed to be slowly creeping. Now I don’t kill normally, unless you considered that one time when I shot one of Jack’s men. But like I said that was an accident.

With the butt of my gun I aimed it for the man’s head hoping to just knock him out enough to cause him pain. It would have work if the man hadn’t grabbed me by the arm, once again he groaned.

Now being near that voice had sounded familiar as I reach for the light switch only to stare at the owner of this house, Jack. Only he was covered in blood from head to toe.

“Oh my god.” Instantly I dropped my arm trying to make sense of what just happened. “Mr. Saunders!”

Groaning he limped towards the stairs possibly heading for his room. And without warning from me I helped him up the stairs towards his room.

“First aid.” He pointed with his head as I grabbed the kit while he removed his black suit and his white shirt that was stained with blood throwing it in the waste basket.

I had the urged to look away but my eyes were focus on his toned abs and chiseled biceps. Holy fuck! Who knew this devil had the body of a Greek god. You could hardly tell with the suit he wears but he was damn hot that I could almost feel my panties drenched.

Hearing him groan he took a sit on his bed straightening his back. My eyes were instantly roaming around his body. There were a few scratches here and there and also a bullet wound.

Grabbing a clean cloth and a basin for of water I began to wipe his arms and his body. Never minding about his wounds, when his body is hard as fuck.

Jack however didn’t say anything as his eyes were close probably trying to relax himself.

He had hiss when I cleaned around the bullet wound carefully. Lightly grabbing my hand, he places it over his wound wanting me to clean and probably disinfect the area. “You need stitches.” I proceed to take out the tools prepping it as he didn’t say anything.

With the tweezers I began to pry the bullet out from him. I had received a few grunts from him but nothing he can’t handle.

Then proceeded to stitch him up. “Where did you learn to do this?”

I looked up at him confused. “Oh, um. My dad use to come home just like you and I would watch my mom stitch him up.”

“So this is your first?” You would think he would be scared seeing this is my first.

“I tried stitching up my dad once but I couldn’t stomach the idea of poking him with a needle.” I continue to weave the thread.

“Really. You seemed like a natural.” He commented which I could almost see the smile on his face. Almost.

“I tried once though on...myself.”

He breathed in deeply pressing a finger on my upper arm where I was once shot. I remember Glenda had to stitch me up.

“You stitch yourself up?”

“No, I tried to but I couldn’t even remove the bullet. Glenda, Maurice’s maid had to pry the bullet from me.”

For a minute he didn’t say anything. Perhaps it was guilt that was no consuming him or anger. I don’t know but he was giving off a strange vibe and I didn’t like it one bit.

Finishing up, “There all done.” He looked at the stitch I made. I admit it is not done nicely but it is still done.

“Not bad.”

After grabbing himself a clean coat he had put it on smoothly before sitting on the chair that was in his room trying to get comfortable while I clean the mess that he, that we both made.

“Why do you call Maurice by his name and not uncle?” He questioned.

“Because he prefer’s it that way.” I wasn’t going to go into detail as Maurice had his reasons and so did I but Jack knew something was up yet he didn’t dive further into it.

“I see.”

Standing up he stood up too towering over me while I felt small under his calculating gaze. He was observing and at this moment I felt self conscience. “What!”

“Those are too big on you.” He was referring to my PJ’s.

“Odett said it belong to her brother.” True I had no clothes that I had owned here. Sure JJ came bringing me clothes of her own but definitely not my style.

“Tomorrow we leave at 8.”


“Yes, it’s time to take you clothes shopping.”

Clothes shopping like really clothes shopping. I know I said I hated shopping before considering everything was already bought and paid for but I needed clothes and supplies. I needed to stock up on woman necessities.

“Only if you promise to behave.” Well now that he had mentioned it I was just going to see if I could sneak in a phone call to Maurice but seeing he is somewhat showing me his kindness I guess I could be on my best behavior.

“Thank you very much Mr. Saunders.”

I turned on my heels with a big smile on my face about to leave his room when I heard his voice again, “Jack.”

“Huh.” I slightly turned to him.

“Just Jack.”

I giggled feeling my cheeks burn bright red, “Jack. Goodnight Jack.”

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