The Body Guard

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Chapter 19-Beating Hearts


“Is that what you are wearing?” Coming down from the stairs in crutches she was wearing her usual outfit when I had first met her.

“What is wrong with what I wear?”

“I don’t know. Don’t you own any girly clothes?”

Shrugging her shoulders, “It was mostly donated at the time of my death and parents.” I had almost forgotten she was deemed dead. I was going to clarify it with the police namely with officer Deleon but I think it works better this way.

Arriving at the mall I had notice she instantly look bored. “Why do I get the feeling you would rather be anywhere else but here?”

“I hate shopping it makes my legs hurt.” Well that’s a first. I don’t know any girls who don’t like shopping. Take JJ for instance, she would come home with truck loads of things. Even if she doesn’t need it, she always says she might use it someday which meant never. They are just probably collecting dust.

I made it a point to get to know this girl. “Let’s eat first shall with.”

Ordering our food at a small restaurant we sat down at a secluded area in comfortable silence. It has been a while since I had breakfast with someone who is not packing heavy. “So tell me why do you not like shopping?” I started.

“My dad always gets me things, whatever I needed so there was no point going shopping where I could be doing other things.”

Other things? “Such as?”

“Going bar hopping, clubbing, you name it.”

“So you are a party heiress?”

“I guess. But you were my age once, didn’t you go party and drinking.”

I thought about her question. When I was her age I was more into drugs, women, and guns. Now it’s just women. I don’t do the hardcore anymore. I had quit a few years ago after JJ almost gotten killed. Actually after I almost killed her. That was a wake up call for me.

“Mr. Saunders...”

I growled when she said my name, “I mean Jack. I was thinking. Since I have been staying with your for a little over a month now I was wonder if I could be your bodyguard.” She fluttered her eyes at me which almost had me choking on my food.


“Because I have my reasons.”

“So you want to be my bodyguard?” I stifled a laughter in.

“I’m actually good at what I do, just ask Maurice.”

“Right? Have you forgotten you killed one of my men.”

“How could I forget if you keep reminding me. I told you that was an accident.” She squealed.

“That was your first kill right?” I whispered. “What about the next time? Do you think you are brave enough to kill besides I don’t think your dad would be happy knowing his daughter is out there with a gun in her hands.”

She froze in her place, “My dad is the one who taught me how to use a gun and the gun that I have it was a gift from him, but I can’t not do nothing.” I get the feeling no matter what I say she will just do the opposite.

“I tell you what, once your leg is fully healed you can help cook maybe even clean the house.”

“Like a maid, like Odett.” I know it’s not what she is use to but even after her legs heals she might not be able to run fully and I can’t have her be a burden in my business.

“You know,” I proceeded to change the subject, “You’re different when I first met you.”

“How so?” She sipped her drink.

“You’re eyes held nothing it was devoid of emotions.”

“Well I can say the same about you. I thought you were probably, still are a heartless jerk.” She flinch regretting what she just said but all I did was chuckle at her astute observation.

After our breakfast I had taken her towards where the clothes were. “Go pick something out. I’ll wait here.”

Watching her retreat I sat on one of the seats where Brad who of course accompany both of us take the seat across from me.

Pulling out my phone I began to read my mails. It’s business as usual. And it was the same with Maurice he continues to beg and negotiate my hold on Jordan. Why though? Why is she so important to him. It’s not like he is actually using her as his personal body guard.

“Done.” I stood up seeing her hold up a bunch of clothes and for a split second I wanted to smack my self, then her.

“Aren’t those men’s clothes.”

“Yup and they’re on sale too.” She yelp excitedly. If that wasn’t cute I don’t know what is.

“Brad help her choose.” Standing up Brad eyed me up and down reluctant to do as he was told but I sure as hell wasn’t going to the woman’s clothing section.

With his head hung low I watch as Brad escorted JR picking out random outfits. Maybe I should have JJ accompany her instead.

Throughout the week I had taken JR outside of the house doing random things. I just let her drag me all over the place. I made sure we were well guarded though seeing it was out in the open.

I must admit it was nice hanging out with her. I could feel my heart thumping at every expression she makes. Snap out of it Jack. I scolded myself.

I can’t be thinking about her other than the daughter of my friend. She is not like any women out there, more importantly she is not her. My sub-conscience reminded me. True Jordan was different. But all women seem nice at first until they get what they want then their true colors start to show.

But I can’t help feeling like she is not one of them. “Jack.”

“Jordan, slow down.” I scolded as she tries to run with her cast but fails.

“Stupid cast.” She whined. “I can’t wait to get rid of this thing.”

I chuckled at her childish acts.

Finally the day was coming to an end and I was beat. I rather be out dealing with grown men then going around with her. Who knew she had this much energy.

“I’m tired.” She complained plopping herself on the couch.

“You’re tired? You’re the one that dragged me all over the place.”

“But you enjoyed it. Admit it.” She was now toe to toe with me as I stared her in the eyes looking down.

“You’re short.” I commented.

“Nah, you’re just a giant.” She licked her lips and for a split second I wondered what those lips would taste like.

I could hear her breath as we were now chest to chest. Her breast pressed up against mine. A part of me really wanted to claim those lips but the other half knew I couldn’t. Not again. I had told myself that women are just for pleasure and fun.

Automatically as if my hands had a mind of its own I placed it on her hips. Pull away Jack. I was having an internal battle with myself.

And without a mental warning Jordan had done the unexpected. On her tip toe she crashed her lips on mine asking for entrance with her tongue.

I’m the guy, so it was my job to do just that but instead I had pushed her away. Her eyes held shock and rejection.

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