The Body Guard

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Chapter 2-Richard Estate

Last night at eight pm Mr. George Richard, his wife Vanessa Richard along with their estrange daughter were killed and shot in their own home of the Richard estate.

A witness has said that around seven thirty a group of armed men had entered and trespass killing off their guards and staff leaving no one alive.

Chief Edwards has stated that everyone was found dead but not before these armed men were found shot along with the George Richard and his family.

Sources say that guns and screams could be heard. Pending an investigation the police officers do not know what truly happened to cause such a tragic event.


“Haven’t you seen the news!”

“What are we going to do now? How the hell are we going to get our supplies?”

“Who actually had the courage to kill off one of our suppliers and supporters.”

I sat here listening to a bunch of grown man bicker over the death of one family. This wasn’t any family though, this was the family who runs an arms dealer. And right now we are short on supply.

When I had heard the news, I wish I could say this came of a bit of a shock. I couldn’t however. I knew being in this business could get you killed. We were surrounded and filled with enemies. Some even came from the closest of us.

It’s just sad that George Richard’s whole family was involve. He never let his wife attend any of our meetings or brought his kid along too. Hell I didn’t even know he had a daughter and the media kept quiet about his child.

Sure I may have killed lots of men in the few years that I have been here but not once have I ever harmed a woman let alone a kid. To do this is just cowardly unless that woman betrays you in the worse possible way.

“Boss, what are we going to do?”

“Yeah,” A unison of men responded with caution while I sat here just gritting my teeth. “We need to find another supplier.”

It was hard to concentrate when everyone was talking at the same time. How the hell can they understand each other.

“Boss someone is here to see you.” One of my man spoke, Brad Murry. He is someone who I can trust, someone who is very loyal to me. Though he may be an inch shorter than me and a bit on the thin side, he sure can pack a punch and is very handy with a gun.

“Tell whoever it is to go away.” Frankly I didn’t care who it was that decided to visit me at this time of night. Be it a cop or anyone else.

Nodding his head I watch his back exit my meeting room only to come back a few seconds later with two males at his back.

“Didn’t I tell you....”

“Before you saying anything let me introduce myself, I am Maurice Richard.” He smirk.

A Richard, does that mean he is someone related to George Richard. The entire room gasped at this man’s bold appearance. Good thing he had told us his last name or I would have shot him down for the lack of respect and manner.

“Yes I am the younger brother of George Richard.” I looked him up and down not believing what he just said. This short burly stubby man is the younger brother of George Richard. Now I know George, he was thick and tall so if this man before me hadn’t told me his relationship to George, I would not believe him.

“I didn’t know he had a brother.” I said dryly.

“Of course he doesn’t talk about me much.” Maurice squeaked. I could see why, he is nothing like George. Neither looks nor personality. George was confident and proud. This man is frankly quiet the opposite.

My gaze then turned to another gentleman, more like a boy, standing a few feet away from him. He was quite and keep his eyes on the floor.

“Oh him,” Maurice pointed towards this boy at his back, “This is my bodyguard.” He spoke proudly making the men in this room throw a laughing fit.

I would laugh too if I had that emotion. First you have Maurice who is short and stubby and then you have this other boy who is just a little taller than him, very skinny and thin who looks like he’s only twelve with short ragged hair. How the hell is he suppose to guard the stubby one here. Just by looking at him one tap could probably cause a bruise.

Lazily lifting up my eye brow Maurice had introduce him, “JR.” I watch the tiny boy bow in respect.

“I’m sorry but how is that little man suppose to guard you. From what I could see, you could swallow him whole.” One of my other men snickered causing others to throw another laughing fit.

“Oh don’t be fooled by his appearance. I can assure you he can do his job well.” Maurice defended.

Raising my hand to silence everyone, “Mr. Richard, what brings you here?”

Maurice walking to an empty seat sat himself down followed by the boy here who stood quickly at his back, “As you can see I am here to take over my brother’s business.” He smiled happily like his brother just didn’t die.

“How so.” I sat myself back down.

“He was an arms dealer and you need a supplier, I have the guns, I have the weapons.” He clarified.

I have trust issues to who I let into my den not after him, but he is right. George had always supplied us with the best weapon and since his death which was last night we cannot waste a single moment of re-supplying us with the weapons we need.

Besides I didn’t want Maurice to take his business elsewhere. “All ready down to business when your brother and his family hasn’t even had a proper funeral.”

“Don’t worry about that.” He spoke confidentially.

“And what makes you think we will just do business with you?”

“Because you and I both know George had given you authentic machinery and well I have the goods of which you want.” Again he smiled cheekily.

If only he wasn’t George’s brother I would have put a bullet throw his fucking head. I hated his attitude and his personality altogether. I could tell from his words he is not one bit sad about his brother’s passing.

George and I were good friends. We even hang out once or twice but we kept our personal lives separate. So I never met his wife let alone know he had daughter and now he has a younger brother who clearly I knew nothing off.

“Mr. Saunders, you are seriously not going to let some outsiders just sell us weapons?”

“It could be faulty.” Another spoke.

This was all too much to handle for one day.

Sitting here just watching, that skinny little boy bent over whispering something into Maurice’s ear for which he nodded.

“Sir.” He finally spoke and looked me in the eye not once breaking eye contact. Sir he says in a very high pitch voice. “Bathroom?”

Everyone once again gasps while looking at their own finger nails. No one dared looked me in the eyes before but here he was just full on staring. But the more I stared the more he showed a mixed of emotions that I can’t quiet define it just yet. Hell, does he even know who I am.

Nodding my head to Brad, I watch him escort junior here to our restroom just outside. As I said I don’t trust anybody so Brad knows what to do. He is to follow junior to do his business until he returns.

“So Maurice,” My attention turned towards him, “Your brother was an excellent business man. What makes you think you can do better?”

“I am not my brother but in the time of his death he had given me full ownership of his business.”

Full ownership? His words doesn’t sit well with me. Did George knew he was going to die. It wasn’t like he died from an internal disease. He died with several bullets.

Leaning forward, “Very well. You may be our supplier but let me remind you Maurice one foul move and I will send you and your bodyguard six feet under.”

I gazed at his expression until his bodyguard here once again stood behind him, his eyes looking at the floor instead of anywhere else, his hand overlapping each other in front of him and at that moment it made me want to stare into his eyes again for some strange reason and yet he finds the floor rather interesting instead of me.

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