The Body Guard

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Chapter 20-Devil Himself


He pushed me. He actually pushed me. I don’t know whether to slap him, run upstairs to my room or forcefully kiss him again.

“I don’t understand.” I mumbled. I could have sworn we were on the same page. Maybe I read it wrong. These past few days he was kind to me and I even think I saw him smile at me. That day when we had a nice conversation at breakfast, I could feel my heart beating. Even after I had kept my walls up, he had manage to tear it down.

“We can’t do this?” He answered nonchalantly.

“Can’t do what, kiss. It was just a kiss.” I replied trying to salvage my heart. Trying to bring those walls back up. Don’t cry Jordan. I reminded myself.

“Look Jordan you are a nice girl but...”

“Nice, nice! Dog’s are nice.” I fumed, “Jack, I think I like you maybe even lo...” I couldn’t even finish my sentence when his big rough hand clasps my mouth while his other hand was pressed firmly against my back making sure I don’t fall. I was literally trying to pour my heart out but from the looks of it, he didn’t want me to. He wouldn’t even let me finish my sentence.

“You don’t even know what that means. Sure I was nice to you once but it’s because I pity you.” He pity’s me. At that moment I didn’t know what to feel. Should I feel sad, rejected or just plain angry at him for even thinking he could pity me.

Releasing me, I Raised my hand and slapped him which had stung a bit. Okay a lot. “You pity me?” I teared. How dare him. I thought things were going great with him, with me, with us.

“Don’t tell me how to feel Jack.” I yelled. Okay so angry is what I feel. I wanted to pull out my own gun and shoot him in the chest. I was tempted believe me I was tempted.

“Jordan!” He looked at me menacingly. The same look he gave me when I accidentally killed his men. “You are just a child. You are nothing more than just a charity case.”

“I’m a charity case. Well if I was a problem to begin with why didn’t you just leave me with Maurice. So you wouldn’t have to worry.” I scoffed arguing back. I wasn’t going to cry but my eyes were already brimming with tears.

Here I am telling him how I feel and he is here to shatter my heart. He could at least just say he doesn’t feel the same way.

“It’s not like that.” His gaze had soften riddled with guilt but then it was mask once again by emptiness. “You know what I don’t have to explain myself.”

“You don’t have to explain anything. I understood clearly.” How did we ended up like this? Today was a good day. We were suppose to bid each other good night and that’s it. But I couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him. I just had to when your heart is beating one mile per second. “All I said was that I lo...” I wanted it to make it clear to him once more but once again he cut me off again.

“Well I don’t.” Just that one sentence literally had crushed my heart. He didn’t even bother to tell me why. Not like I needed to hear his excuse but hearing him say he doesn’t feel the same way broke me.

“Is it because of her?” I had taken a gamble remembering what JJ spoke of but something tells me I shouldn’t have said anything because at the next moment I watch his eyes grow dark with rage as he grabbed me by the neck.

“What the fuck did you say?” I was literally gagging for air. My feet barely touching the ground as I struggled to get out of his hold.

Realizing what he was doing he had dropped me, turned around and left slamming the door in the process.

Right there and then I bursts out into tears, afraid of that look he had shown me. Sure I know he can come across of the devil himself but I’m sure if the devil had seen him he would quiver in his own hell.

Coughing up and enjoying the much needed air as I dragged my feet into my room.

I lost count of the days when he didn’t come home. JJ didn’t even visit me once as I sat in this huge house by myself. My only companion is Odett but even she wasn’t much company.

She would throw harsh words like ‘Serves her right.’ Or ‘She should know her place.’ I guess word around here had gotten out that I tried to force myself on Jack. I was now know deemed as a slut among the staff here.

It was late in the evening when I awoke to a loud banging sound next door. Jolting up I knew he was home. I waited maybe to apologize for my actions. I shouldn’t have told him how I felt. And maybe bringing up her whoever she was is a sore topic.

I had a lot to think about and I concluded that it was my fault.

More loud banging was heard against my wall. It shook furiously and I wondered what he was doing considering his room is right next to mine.

Getting out of bed, I didn’t need my crutches seeing my legs were fully healing nicely but I made it out of my room where his room door was ajar and a slimmer of light was showing.

Small soft voices could be heard. Him and a woman? I froze in my spot. So he couldn’t kiss me but he brings a women home. I wanted to barge in there and give him a piece of my mind but something was stopping me. I was just too afraid.

But my feet had a mind of its own, slowly creeping towards his room I silently pushed it open only to gasp in shock and horror. It’s like I was falling to an endless bottomless pit as I witness a woman riding him. The look on his face shown pure ecstasy. And what is worth the women that was riding him was none other then Odett.

Betrayal is what I felt. But do I have a right to feel that way? Maybe they were an item. But if they were, why hadn’t he or she told me about it. I would have backed off if they both were together.

Through the corner of her eyes Odett smirked at me, “Oh babe put your hands on me.” She breathed as Jack had cupped his hands over her breast, his fingers pinching the tiny pink nubs as she continue to grind on him.

“Faster.” He moaned as he had notice me in the doorway yet he didn’t even try to stop. It’s like he wanted me to see this. To see this side of him. Not once had he looked away. “Fuck.” I watch him grabbed her ass slapping it in the process.

“If you’re just going to stand there,” Jack fully glanced my way before grabbing her waist and thrusting himself upwards, he didn’t even get to finish what he was saying when his breathing grew ragged. And I get the feeling he was close to having his release in front of me.

“Jack.” I whispered his name in hush tones.

“Jordan leave.” He panted while pulling the woman in front of him and giving her a sloppy kiss.

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