The Body Guard

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Chapter 21-Lone Tear


I actually pushed her. I don’t know what has come over me but when she was about to profess her love to me I just couldn’t. I couldn’t love anyone else. I am incapable of loving anyone else. The look on her face was sheer sorrow. It’s a like I promised myself I wouldn’t give her the pain she is feeling now when I had found out she was George’s little girl. I had respected George. He had saved my life more than once and here I am breaking his daughter’s heart. If only George was here I’m sure he would have thrown a bomb at me.

I must admit though that kiss was just how I imagine it, soft, delectable and sweet. I ache to feel them again but my inner self snapped me out of my delusion.

I could see it in her eyes that she has feelings for me but now this has to stop one way or another. So with harsh cruel words I gave her only for her to slap me across the face. If it was anybody else I would have killed them. She has guts to lay on hand on me.

She was now trying not to shed tears but failed miserable as a part of me wish to wipe them away. I don’t deserve her tears. I wanted to pull her in for a hug and tell her that I don’t mean it any of it but I couldn’t. It had to be done.

Then she had to mentioned HER. That HER. I don’t know where she has heard that from but speaking of HER is forbidden. Maybe JJ has told her something. Reminding myself to speak to JJ about it.

Something in me then snapped and without realizing it I had grabbed her by the neck hoisting her up.

At that moment I wanted to strangle her, beat the crap out of her. But once she was gagging for air as her face was literally turning blue I dropped her and left there quickly before I end up doing something I might regret.

I couldn’t go home now. Regret soon filled my heart. I debated in going home with some flowers and chocolates to apologize for my behavior but the more I thought about it, the more I was against it.

Instead I filled my nights at random bars doing it with random chicks and getting wasted. Business was put on hold because I wanted to get to know Jordan more. Now that I made a mess of things I couldn’t help but drink myself away.

Her words keep on repeating in my mine. She may have not said I love you to me because I had always cut her off but I imagined it.

I had to do something. She can’t love me. She can’t love something that is broken beyond repair. Taking another swig I watch the women do a pole dance.

Yes I was at a strip bar club trying to think of ways so she would despise me instead.

After thinking of ways there was only one way I could come up with.

Arriving home, I was met with Odett. I had called her to meet me at the entrance. I know for a fact Odett had a thing for me but I never acted on it. Not in my house but there are times that are called for desperate measure.

So we both found our selves in my bedroom naked. I made sure I was fucking Odett hard. And to my surprise it work when I notice she stood in the door way just gawking at us. Shock and despair evident on her face.

Once I had seen that I contemplated if this was such a good idea. But I couldn’t stop now.

“Faster.” I moaned making sure I make eye contact with her. I needed her to see this. To see me. This is what I am. A monster. She cannot love a monster. “Fuck.” Odett had slammed herself on top me, her voice filling up this entire room. I take it she is doing this on purpose.

“If you’re just going to stand there,” I groaned as I was soon feeling myself building. Shit if I don’t do something fast I’m about to blow and my hips were thrusting even harder.

That is until I heard my name coming from her lips, “Jack.”

Hesitating, I had paused for a split second before staring deeply into her eyes, “Jordan leave.” I ordered not wishing for her to stick around.

With a single sob I watch her vacate my room slamming her room door in the process.

“I’m close.” Odett trembled.

But once Jordan had retreated back to her room I quickly pushed her off.

“What the fuck?” She yelled falling off the bed. Soon after I had finished off myself cumming all over the sheets. Once I was through I turned towards a very pissed of Odett. I didn’t even get to let her finish.

“Watch your tone.” I’m still her boss, so even if she was in my bed that doesn’t give her the right to bark at me.

“I’m sorry Mr. Saunders but I was close...”

“Get dress and get the fuck out.” I yelled at her. “Oh and your fired.” She had a shocking look on her face. I didn’t care with what she thought let alone feel. She had done her job as well as mine yet why do I feel immense amount of pain.

“I’m fired.” She stuttered. Odett has been my maid for several years but the fact that once she found herself in my bed I couldn’t have her thinking she has some rights to me whatsoever. And on top it off I had heard the rumors she had spread about Jordan. Reminding myself to have a word with my staff.

“You know my rules in my house.”

“But...” She proceeded to say but stop herself. Doing as I say I watch her scramble for her things as she leaves my room.

I didn’t need to finish the job. I already accomplish what I needed. Putting on some pants I sat on my bed with my head in my hands, she’ll understand why I did it. She knows she can’t fall in love with me.

I am damage and she needs someone who is not me. Someone who can love her the way that I can’t. Standing up I walked towards the wall listening to the other side. I could hear faint sobs and almost picture her cradling her self.

A part of me wanted to go to her, pick her up and sooth her down. If I could I would love her the way she wanted me too but I just can’t.

Leaning my forehead against the wall I placed my palm as if I could almost feel her. She is just on the other side.

No one can see this, not even myself but it’s been a while since I last shed a tear. Not since my parents and little brother’s death but I did. A lone tear had cascaded down my face.

Pounding my fist on the wall till it hurt or at least bleed, “Fuck!” I cursed not minding the pain I was now in.

“Jordan.” Her name escaped my lips.

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